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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Get a High Score

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is the latest SEGA game featuring the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog, and the sequel to the company’s previous endless runner, Sonic Dash. Aside from Sonic, you will also get to play as his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks (the latter being a new character), and you can also race with a maximum three other characters in all-new Team Play mode. Sonic’s got some new powers to unleash, new bad guys to fight off, and “more on the way.” SEGA isn’t saying, but this recently-released iOS game has the potential to offer a far more complete and exciting experience than Sonic Dash ever did.

So how can you succeed in this new Sonic game? Are the tips from the old one still valid in this new title? Read on, check our list of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom tips, cheats and strategy guide, and join us as we help you get a high score in this game.

1. Make Use Of Your Dash

This tip carries over from the Sonic Dash days, and it’s all about using your Dash. Fill up the Dash Bar by collecting the Blue Orbs you see on the track, and when the bar is full, you can begin your Dash by double-tapping on your iPhone or iPad’s display. When dashing, Sonic will be impervious to damage and would leap automatically over any kind of gap. As such, you may want to save the Dash for hairy situations, and not use it the moment your Dash Bar is full.

2. Collect Those Gold Rings Too

And we’ve got yet another similarity to Sonic Dash, and that’s the ability to, and advantages of collecting rings. Gold Rings will keep you alive if you bump into an enemy or hit a mine or a spike. Red Star Rings, on the other hand, are limited to a few per day, but collect them and you’ll have a form of currency for buying new Characters, Sprites, and Revives, or upgrading existing Characters and Sprites.

3. Want More Points? String Together Combos

The best way, by far, to quickly add to your score is to launch combos. You can string them together by hitting a sequence of moves within a certain period of time. These moves include, but are not limited to killing enemies, having a close shave with the obstacles by dodging them at the last second, jumping on springs, and running through hoops.

4. Use Advanced Controls To Get Out Of A Jam

The basic moves in Sonic Dash 2 are easy enough to pull off, but when you’ve gotten those mastered, you should then try the advanced, unconventional moves. For example, you can swipe down several times for a long charge, or swiping down in the middle of your leap to abort the jump and end it early.

5. What Do The Sprites Do?

If RPGs have “pets,” Sonic Dash 2 has Sprites, who are companions you can collect, then equip each time you go on a run. They can offer you a whole lot when you’ve got them equipped – stuff like longer Dash times, extra Rings, additional power-ups, and additional Revives can be expected from your Sprites. However, you should also be aware of the different types of Sprites.

One-Use Sprites, for starters, can only be used once, as their name implies. Equip them only when you absolutely need them. Forever Sprites are the ones you should have, as they’re the ones you can use as often as you please. Upgrade your Forever Sprites, as higher-level ones can often be the difference between winning and losing. Your first equip slot for Sprites is free, but you can unlock another two so you can benefit more from their assistance.

6. Upgrade Your Characters Regularly

You can upgrade Sonic and his friends, as each of them have score multipliers that could have an impact on your three main metrics in the game, namely the distance of your run, the enemies you’ve killed, and the combos you’ve strung together. Character multipliers are summed up for the length of a run, and upgrading the characters/multipliers only means one thing – more points. Also choose a lineup that meshes with your play style, as team selection has bearing on your final score too.

7. Don’t Forget To Level Up

While we’re still on the topic of points, you should also remember to level up when possible. Doing that increases your Global Score Multiplier which, as a result, gives you a more impressive final score. You can also get experience points from the Prize Boxes you can win for a successful Mission or Event completed.

8. Benefits Of Junctions

If you see a large arrow at the side of the track, that means you’ve come upon a junction. Why should you take one, and what makes them so special? The first benefit is the ability to bank your rings; banking them means that the rings will be added to your total once your run is complete. You also earn bonus rings for going through additional junctions. Another main benefit is changing characters in the middle of a run so you can make use of a Character’s special skills.

9. Take Part In The Events

While it’s all well and good to complete missions, you may consider taking part in events if you want some great prizes. Go to the Main Menu to access your Events and hitting the button of the same name; that will pull up a list of live events you can take part in. These events tend to have leaderboards, so if you rank really high against other players, you could be assured of some high-level prizes.

10. Play Once A Day For Daily Freebies

SEGA was very generous when making this game, and that’s because of the rewards you can get for logging in often. You can win new Sprites many times in a day, and also get more Red Star Rings during your runs – those are just two of the possible rewards for playing at least once a day, even if it isn’t for long.