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X-Mercs Cheats, Tips & Strategies for Advanced Players

We’ve already covered X-Mercs in detail for new players, but what about those who have been playing it for several days now? Since its release earlier this month on iOS, X-Mercs has been quite a popular new game for iPhone and iPad owners, a tactical strategy game with turn-based mechanics. The game lets you put together your own team of “battle-hardened specialist mercs,” build up your base, and fight other human players in PvP mode to grab some loot. The storyline here is that you and your mercs are fighting off an alien invasion, and while you do that, you’ll be training your soldiers and researching/deploying weapons based on alien technology.

Those are just some of this game’s main features, but we wouldn’t bore you with the details if you’ve been playing for some time. So with that said, let’s move on to our list of X-Mercs cheats, tips and strategies that are designed specifically with intermediate to advanced players in mind.

1. How Do You Make Your Move The Right Way?

Probably the best way to treat X-Mercs is like a board game. You have to be absolutely sure you’re making the right move, because any misstep you make may be just the opening the enemy needs to gain the upper hand.

Remember that each move costs you action points, of which you only have a limited number of. You’ll find this information on the left side of your character profile. Likewise, you’ll see health on the right side of your character screen. As for actually moving, moves to green cells cost a point, while moves to white cells are worth two. It’s the white cells that will allow you to cover more ground, but you’ll often have to sacrifice one other action for that.

Attacking also results in a few action points being spent, with the number of APs depending on the type of attack you launch. So how can you relate this to your game? Snipers, for instance, can spend extra APs to use a trained shot for greater accuracy. You can also activate sentry mode so that your mercs can focus on enemies as they move into range. That’s going to cost you 15 percent accuracy, but you’ll still have the chance to gradually work your way against the enemy.

2. Follow The Quests And Missions

This tip is also important even if you’ve been playing this game for some time. If you’re lost as far as the general progression is concerned, you can get right back on track by following the missions, some of which may ask you to create new buildings or explore new facets of the game. These can also be fighting missions that move the story forward. So if you’re not quite sure what to do, let those missions get you back on track.

3. Make Sure Everyone Is Playing The Proper Role

There are three main types of mercs in X-Mercs, starting with your Scouts, who lead the way and specialize in close- to midrange offense. Your Heavies are the tanks of the unit. They aren’t the best in dealing damage, but rather soak up most of the damage, mainly on behalf of the Scouts. Lastly, the Snipers are the ones who fire at enemies from afar. Don’t get lost in the flow of the game and have a sniper at close range from an enemy, or a heavy being forced to handle most of your offense.

4. Partial Cover Works If You Can’t Fully Take Cover

In our set of beginner X-Mercs tips and tricks, we stressed the importance of taking cover whenever you could. But if that’s not an option, you can take partial cover and reduce damage by 30 percent, as to the 50 percent reduction for full cover. A little cover, as this shows, is better than none at all.

5. Use Defensive Stance If It’s Impossible To Take Cover

Now, if you’re out in the open with no hope of taking cover anywhere close, your consolation is that you can use defensive stance. Again, this is better than nothing at all; by using this stance, you’re essentially increasing your threshold for damage, turning yourself into a “tank,” as they call them in RPG and strategy parlance. It’s not really what you want to do to avoid as much damage as possible, but it’s the best thing to do when completely vulnerable.

6. Use The Special Moves Smartly

Your troops will eventually learn some special moves, which would cost the same amount of action points as normal ones, but be capable of dealing more damage. Still, you’ll want to use these moves only when needed, or if you see a good opening. If your heavy has a special move that pushes an enemy away from cover, then use it so that your sniper can get a clear look at him.

7. Put Yourself On Overwatch

You can put yourself on Overwatch if you’re unable to find a good opening for a shot, or if there aren’t any more enemies on your screen. That allows you to immediately fire at enemies who show up in the next turn. It wouldn’t be a good shot in most cases, but at least you’re prepared for the bad guys making their next move.

8. Make The Most Out Of Super Soldiers’ Time

Super soldiers, as they’re called, are truly powerful mercs that, unfortunately, are more mercenary than the average merc. Their contracts are only good for 12 hours, so you’ll want to use them, and use them often. They cost a lot, but hiring them is completely worth it; don’t let your investment go to waste by treating them like afterthoughts.

9. Take Your Time

Last, but not least, it’s always best to take things nice and easy in X-Mercs, and not to rush any of your decisions. Going back to what we said in the first tip, treat this game like a board game where every move counts. Choose the best possible route, always keep your guard up, and avoid those kneejerk decisions.