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X-Mercs Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Stop the Alien Invasion

X-Mercs is an iOS game that was just released about a week ago, and some of the top mobile gaming publications have nothing but praise for the title. Critical acclaim aside, this tactical, turn-based strategy game from Game Insight lets you to take command of a military corporation, forming a team of mercenaries (or mercs), building your own base, stealing resources from your opponents in player-vs-player raids, and destroying the alien threat once and for all.

Turn-based strategy games are usually more complex than the average mobile title. Now, if this particular game is giving you some trouble, or if you haven’t even started playing it yet, don’t fret. Our list of X-Mercs tips, tricks and strategies for beginners are just what you need to get started in running your military corporation, building your first team, and heading out to your first battle.

1. Take Cover

Surprisingly, this is probably the most essential thing you need to learn in this game. If your squad is vulnerable, right out in the open where everyone can see them, they’ll likely be easy prey for aliens, which you certainly wouldn’t want to happen. Instead of exposing them to the enemy, have them go behind something whenever possible. But also remember that cover can be blown – literally, that is. Don’t stick to one place when trying to stay safe, and be on the move often, moving between medium-sized walls so you can be as safe as possible.

2. Only Fire When You’ve Got A 60 Percent Chance Or Better

The game will help you out in choosing the right time to fire at the enemy. Always check the odds of your shot hitting its target, and if you see that the odds are at less than 60 percent, you might want to move around a bit to see if you can get a better aim from elsewhere.

It’s also worth mentioning that different weapons have different areas of specialization depending on the range. Your shotgun, of course, is the best weapon for close-contact attacks. The machine gun works best from midrange. And for those long shots, you’ll want to use your sniper rifle.

3. How To Build / Upgrade Buildings Faster

The best time to start building, or to upgrade something you already have, is right before bedtime. You naturally won’t be playing the game while you’re sleeping, so you can set it up in such a way that the wait time takes place while you’re asleep.

4. How To Spend Your Money Wisely

While X-Mercs gives you a solid amount of currency when you start out the game, the temptation is always there to splurge on this item and that item. Avoid that temptation as much as possible, but spend if it’s absolutely necessary. For example, you can spend some money to heal your soldiers faster after they’ve been wounded severely in a mission. You can also spend to buy new soldiers, which should allow you to have some people in backup in case your main soldiers get injured and sent to the hospital. Just make sure to build more barracks to keep up with your growing army of soldiers.

Now, if you want some more advanced tips and hints for X-Mercs then be sure to check out our strategy guide for advanced players.