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War of Crown Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

War of Crown is a turn-based strategy RPGe where you need to save the world from the God of Destruction. It features an in-depth elemental triangle along with weapon enhancements and customization. The game is set in a time where the last great war has left the world scarred. A new force is threatening to put an end to the peace. You will be playing as Eshirite, The Child of Destiny. Your adventure as Eshirite will shape the world. The fate of all living creatures is in your hands. Don’t worry because our War of Crown strategy guide is here to help you in this arduous quest.

1. Mind Your Gear

Be very careful of what you equip. Try to look at the equipment and its stats first because once you equip something it will be there for good. It will only be removed once you replace it or forcefully remove it. Replacing a gear will destroy it so make sure you have considered everything before equipping new gear. You will need crystals if you want to unequip something. Crystals are earned when you pawn off heroes. The amount of crystals needed for equipment will vary depending on rarity. You won’t need to worry too much about this in the beginning since you will mostly have one-star equipment. The problem will come later one when you the equipment you have will cost you more.

2. Remember The Elemental Triangle

The game will be a lot easier if you manage to master to elemental triangle. This will be your bread and butter here. Before you start combat, you will be able to see the enemies and the objectives. Take a look at that first, then scan the elemental affinities of your opponents. Build your team around that and it will be a piece of cake. The key to victory is to always have an elemental advantage.

3. Use The Terrain To Your Advantage

The game also introduces a height mechanic. Best way to abuse this is to have your range heroes go up to the higher areas and have your tanky melee units block off the path to them. This way, your opponents will have to work their way up while they are fighting your melee units. Your ranged units will be peeling them off one by one without breaking a sweat. They will have increased damage too thanks to the height difference.

4. Save Your Garnets

The premium currency of the game is called garnets. One hero costs 30 garnets but you get an extra hero if you spend 300 garnets at once. That is why you should hold on to your garnets first until you have 300 for summoning. There are a lot of ways to earn them but the most common way is to complete Arendel missions. The number varies but you can earn up to a hundred garnets from the Arendel missions. Playing the story and adventure modes will also reward you with garnets. Just keep on farming those garnets because they will be a major factor in determining how strong you can get.

Save the world and form the ultimate team against all your opponents with the help of our War of Crown hints! For an extended list of tips and tricks, please head over to our detailed War of Crown strategy guide!