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War of Crown (iOS) Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks Every Player Should Remember

It seems like ages since we last covered a tactical, turn-based strategy RPG, but we’ve got one for you in the form of War of Crown, from Gamevil. This is an anime/manga-style title for iOS and Android devices with a backdrop that suggests a vastly reshaped world following the last Great War. With the God of Destruction sending his dark forces out into the world, it was up to mankind and the sacrifice of a Hero-King named Arwyn to drive away the dark forces, but with fighting breaking out once again, this time over Arwyn’s crown, and a new dark threat moving closer, it’s your job to stop those threats in their tracks, all while playing different game modes and creating the ultimate Battle Party to drive the darkness away.

The world has changed quite a lot, and these evil forces will be a handful to stop, but the onus is on you, whether you like it or not. As lead character and “Child of Destiny” Eshrite, you’ve got to come up with your team and come up with the right strategies to emerge victorious. But that’s going to be a tall order for you at the end of the day, and we’re here to help make it all easier for you, especially if you’re a beginner, with this War of Crown strategy guide. Take note, however, that not all of the tips are in here are for newbies, so you can use this as well if you’ve been playing for a bit!

1. Scout The Enemy Beforehand

Before heading out into a battle, or should we say, before you make the first move, you should have a good idea of what you’ll be up against. One of the easiest ways to do this is to target the enemy, look at the arrow located above their heads. A green arrow means you’ve got an advantage in terms of elemental alignment or position. An orange arrow means you’re evenly matched. A red arrow is, well, a red flag, as that means they’ve got the advantage over you.

2. A New Take On The Hit-And-Run

Hit-and-run tactics are a staple of games such as this, but the hit-and-run we’ll be teaching you here is a bit different. Let’s assume that you’re up against an enemy, but don’t stand a chance of doing a lot of damage. In such a case, you can tap on the cross and step back from the action, allowing your teammates to take their best shot at the enemy. This is especially helpful if your teammates are the ones who have the advantage over your foes, while you don’t.

3. You Need To Have A Balanced Team

ARPG and SRPG players alike probably don’t need us to explain this any further in brief. But since different RPGs have different mechanics where the team composition in one game may not be successful in another, we’re going to explain it nonetheless, and do so in as much detail as possible.

As we mentioned above, the game has an elemental system. As usual, this means heroes of one element may be strong or weak against enemies of a different element. Always look at the bonus objectives and monster types before starting a level – you’ll see each enemy’s elemental affinities, as well as their levels, and you’ll have to take that information and use it to your advantage when building your team. Elemental advantages, of course, mean you inflict more damage and receive less.

Having a balanced team also means having a good mix of ranged and melee attackers, so keep that in mind as well. You might even want to have the tank category covered in War of Crown, in case you’re the type of player who likes having a low-offense, high-health character up front “taking one for the team” by soaking up damage.

4. Once Gear Is Equipped, There’s Hardly Any Turning Back

It’s very important to keep in mind that you should be careful when equipping gear. What we mean here is that when you equip a specific piece of equipment on a hero, the gear is stuck there until you replace it, or “force-unequip” it. And when you replace a piece of gear, the old one gets destroyed, with no chance of getting it back, or redeeming it in exchange for gold or any other useful item in the game.

As for the second, more “forceful” way of replacing gear, you’ll need to use Crystals for that, and the only way you can earn this currency is to sell heroes you no longer need or want in your party. Rarer pieces of equipment need more crystals to force-unequip, though you need not worry if you’re still in the early stages of the game. Once there, you won’t have to spend a lot of crystals, as you’ll mostly be stuck with one-star, or common gear. But once you start getting higher star rarity equipment, you’ll need to have a plan of sorts, and make sure everyone gets the right piece of gear.

5. Check Your Mailbox For Rewards And Check Your Quests

You might end up neglecting this as you continue playing War of Crown, but it’s also important that you regularly check your mailbox. Who knows, you may have some rewards waiting for you that you weren’t aware of. If you see you’ve been gifted with some rewards, go ahead and redeem them whenever possible. Once the game’s difficulty ramps up, those rewards just might come in handy.

Quests and achievements also have the potential to get neglected if you’re focusing too much on other facets of the game. Be on the lookout for icons that appear next to the symbols on the home page, as that means you may have unwittingly completed a quest or achievement, and have some rewards ready for you to redeem.

6. In This Game, Defense Is King

It almost seems as if we preach this ad nauseam when covering different games, but the best offense is a good defense. All-out attacks are seldom ever a good idea anyway, and being on the defensive oftentimes ends up buying you some extra time. In War of Crown, the best way to play defense is to let the enemies attack you, instead of you coming to them, while positioning your ranged attackers on the safest and highest ground on the map – height does matter in this game, after all!

Protect these squishy ranged heroes with melee heroes, and use these melee characters to deal with any monsters that try to cross your path. With the monsters kept busy, your ranged heroes can then go to work, safely firing away and doing more damage due to the height effect in the game.

7. Level Up Your Characters

Naturally, you need to be competitive in this game, and the best way to ensure this is to have your characters leveled up as much as possible. You may get some tiny, curious-looking characters as rewards, and while it might sound like a peculiar way to level your heroes up, they’re actually what you need so that you can improve your stats, combining them with gold and sharpening your heroes for the tougher battles ahead.

8. Don’t Rush When Bringing Friends To Battle

Looking for some social in this game? It’s not evident from the get-go when looking at Gamevil’s description on the Apple Store and Play Store, but you do have an option to bring friends with you to battle. Always look as thoroughly as possible when looking through your list of friends; the first available option is not always the best! In other words, don’t go for the seemingly obvious choice. Scroll down if you have to, and you might find someone much more capable in battle.

9. Always Check The Damage Details

We won’t really delve too deeply into the strategy aspect of this game, but if you need some basic strategy tips, we would suggest that you gamble on a more powerful move if you’re 100 percent sure that it could take out an enemy. Keep in mind that your moves have cool down times, so you shouldn’t launch them willy-nilly, or launch them if they’re not absolutely necessary to take out a dying enemy. The bottom right corner contains all the information you need on the damage enemies have taken, so consult this area so you can make more informed decisions in battle.

10. How To Get More Garnets

Garnets are the premium currency in the game – not Crystals, which we brought up previously – and you can use them to summon more heroes. But since you need 300 of them to summon 11 heroes, it may be worth saving them up and not wasting them on anything that doesn’t seem worth a premium currency purchase.

The three main ways to get more garnets include completing missions in Story Mode, which is the most basic way to collect more of this currency. Story modes may often be dragging compared to other game features, but they’re worth completing, due to the rewards you can potentially receive. But don’t underestimate this mode, as different missions have different objectives, and your strategy in one level may not work when using it to complete another level. You can also complete the Bonus Missions in adventure level, though you’ll only get a small amount of garnets, typically about two. But these could add up to a solid total if you complete enough of these optional missions.

Lastly, there are some Arendel Missions, where you can win as few as five Garnets, which isn’t too bad, but not too good either. But if you complete some of the tougher ones, you could win a whopping 100 Garnets, and that’s definitely something you want to shoot for when trying to load up on the premium stuff.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our detailed War of Crown strategy guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section!