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Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster Guide: 11 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Master the Game

Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster is another exciting game coming from Tiny Lab Productions. This time you’ll experience exhilarating rides on a proper rollercoaster; huge speed, awesome tracks, pleasing visuals, Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster has it all.

During your journeys through the funniest park of them all, you’ll fight giant monsters, see some impressive vistas, and will be taken for a ride of your life. The game doesn’t seem too hard, and you probably won’t have lots of troubles while playing it. But, by following advice from our guide Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster will be even better. So stay with us and find out how to become a Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster master.

1. Just Hold The Gas Button

Unlike most other racing games coming from Tiny Lab Productions, Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster seats you behind the wheels of a rollercoaster, so you won’t have to worry about traveling too fast. In fact, constantly holding down the gas button can only get you faster to the finish line. So remember, your finger should always be firmly pressed on the gas button, except if you want to be even faster!

2. Quickly Tapping The Gas Button Will Make You Travel Even Faster

Yes, by quickly tapping the gas button your rollercoaster will travel even faster, especially when you climb to the top of the track. So, if you want to be the fastest of them all just tap the gas button as fast as you can!

By doing this you’ll climb faster and finish levels very, very quickly. Do note that by tapping the gas button won’t drive the rollercoaster faster than its max speed, you’ll only ascend faster than by simply holding the gas button.

3. You Can’t Fall Off The Tracks

Another thing Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster does differently is that the game won’t punish you for going too fast by driving your rollercoaster off tracks. So don’t worry about crashing and tap the gas button as fast as you can.

Please note that we did fell off the tracks on level 10, so if you accidentally fall off the tracks while riding on level 10 and fail the said level, try slowing down the next time. One full-proof solution is to tap the gas button only while ascending the tracks.

4. Don’t Worry About Not Getting A Three-Star Rating

In Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster three-star rating is practically guaranteed. No matter how slow we rode, we always managed to secure a three-star rating. So, if you want to enjoy the colorful scenery (and believe us, the game has some really beautiful levels filled with awesome scenes) instead of trying to beat levels as quick as you can, no worries. Even if you end up as the slowest engine driver in history, a three-star rating will be yours, on each and every level.

5. There Are No Hidden Paths

Don’t try looking out for hidden paths that contain tons of coins. Your rollercoaster can ride only on top of the main tracks. Yes, it isn’t really exciting but at least you won’t have to constantly look out for paths that are tricky to find.

Also, you won’t be able to collect coins while riding through levels because Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster does not offer coins that can be gathered on levels. You’ll be only be given coin prizes for completing levels.

6. Locomotives Differ Only In Design

While the carts are all the same, you can ride different locomotives. The problem is that new locomotives cost lots of coins and you’ll only be given like a half a dozen coins after successfully completing a level. So, it is better to save up for one locomotive that looks the coolest instead buying the first one you come across. Remember, you won’t go any faster with a new locomotive, the only difference is the design.

7. You’ll Be Occasionally Gifted With A New Locomotive

The good news for all of you who can’t look at the same rollercoaster through ought the whole game is that the game will gift you with a new locomotive from time to time. This way you’ll be able to switch them and to see some new cars while at the same time saving up money for buying the one you really desire. And if you’re lucky, the game will gift you just the one you wanted!

8. Watch Ads, Double The Coins

Although coin prizes are very humble, you can double them by watching ads. Ads aren’t too long so if you want to buy a new train, just watch ads and see how your coin prizes double in size!

9. Collect The Daily Prizes

Daily prizes are in fact the best way to pick up lots of coins. You don’t even have to play the game; just launch it, pick up your daily prize and then you can freely exit the game. Daily prizes will give you lots of coins, so in about three days you’ll collect enough coins needed to buy that one locomotive you really want to drive.

10. Just Hold The Gas Button During The Battle With The Giant Monster

On one level (we won’t tell you which one, don’t worry) your rollercoaster will have to battle the giant and pretty scary monster. While the game will ask you to tap on the on-screen button you don’t actually have to do that! Just hold (or tap) the gas button and your rollercoaster will throw projectiles at the monster all by itself! Pretty neat if you ask us.

Okay, people, that was all. We hope our guide helped you, we really tried to make this guide helpful to all Fun Kid Racing RollerCoaster fans. Thanks for reading and, as always, happy gaming!