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Pictionary (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Win All Games

Everyone’s favorite board game comes to iOS and Android devices with Etermax’s version of Pictionary. Prepare your creativity and whip out your artistic side if you want to dominate! The rules of the game are simple. You choose different cards and these will tell you what to draw. The other player will then have to guess what the drawing is. Don’t worry about you drawing skills. You can easily win any match if you use our Pictionary strategy guide!

1. Use A Stylus To Create Accurate Drawings

In this game, it is better to use a stylus to create a more accurate drawing than using your fingers. The stylus will also be able to provide you a smooth feel to what you are drawing, and helps you feel like you are using a pen. Since you will be holding it like a pen you will have a good control at what you want to draw and its size. You don’t need excellent drawing skills but every bit of help in improving your drawing can go a long way.

2. Always Claim Your Rewards

As you play the game, you will be awarded with chests. The contents of chests vary but you will need to wait a bit before you can claim them. Every chest that will be given has a timer before you can open it. It would be best if you open the chest as soon as the timer ends. This allows you to set the timer for the next chest right away. There is a faster way to open chests, though. You can use gems to open them immediately. You can either choose to open them or wait for them. Just wait for the timer you aren’t in a hurry. It would be best to hold on to your gems for better purchases.

3. Use The Right Tool For The Job

The game provides you with different tools. You can use tools like pencils, pens, and many more. Choose wisely on which one to use for a more favorable outcome. Each tool has a different mark and use. For example, pencils are best for thinner lines, while pens can be used to make thicker ones. Pick any color you want, and use the eraser when you make a mistake.

4. Play With Others

The game has an online multiplayer option. You can play against other players, and may the best artist win. You start out by choosing a theme for your match then you can draw whatever comes to mind. There will be no time limit so just focus on your drawing, and submit it. Wait for the verdict on who won. Even if you lose don’t take it too seriously. It is okay to lose. You can always practice and try again. This game is intended to be a fun activity for multiple players anyway. You would be playing it the wrong way if you’re not having any fun.

Show off your artistic prowess, and win all your matches with the help of the Pictionary strategy guide we gave you! Do you know other tips or tricks for the game? Or just want to share you thoughts? Feel free to use the comment section below!


Tuesday 11th of May 2021

what about the real life version


Tuesday 27th of June 2017

This game is allll about drawing and using your imagination. So, do your best to portray your "word" by drawing - not writing in answers or word hints. The great thing is with your imagination, you don't have to be a good artist to express what you have to say, but this is also a good way to practice your drawing skills!