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The Game of Life (iOS) Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

The Game of Life is a new iOS and Android title from Marmalade, which is based on a board game that was famous a very long time ago. You can relive the joy of the game once more in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you want with just a few taps. In this game, you will be taking turns in spinning, to allow your character to go through the stages in life. You will be going through school, employment, and having a family through spins. Enjoy the game with your friends and use our The Game of Life tips and tricks to make sure you win in every spin!

1. Just Relax And Play

When playing, people tend to fret too much or overthink things. Just play the game like you usually do and don’t worry too much. Keep yourself calm and play the game. All the progress will only last for the current game so the next one will be different so there’s no pressure. You can make as many approaches as you want. Make decisions on what you feel and just stick to it.

2. Try The Different Game Modes

The game has two game modes. One is local and online multiplayer. In local, you can play on your own or you can play with 3 AIs. You can play with you friends in this mode, too. In online multiplayer, you get to play with 3 other players from around the world. These are real people so try to win every time. Take turns in spinning and try to get two or three steps ahead of your opponents.

3. Luck Is Also A Skill

Luck plays a huge part in this game. Part of it is when you are presented with random cards and you will need to choose between those cards. It may sound confusing but there really isn’t anything to it other than luck. You won’t really have any control over what you will get unless you’re psychic so just hope for the best.

4. Choose A Path For Yourself

The game will ask you to choose a path after spinning. The paths are similar to what you do in real life. You can compare them to your life choices. Perform poorly and you will regret it incredibly. Luck also plays a part in this which can make things really tough. That’s what the game is all about, though. Depending on your luck, the path that you will take will be either a really good and fast one, or it can be a painfully long one. Everything depends on the spins and choices you make. Sometimes even on bad paths you can get lucky and end up winning the game. The key point here is to keep a positive attitude and play the game.

The Game of Life may be giving you a practice run on life so why not play and enjoy it? Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to get an advantage by following the tips and tricks we listed above!