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Undecember Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Best Rune Hunter

Undecember is a hack & slash Action RPG developed by Needs Games. If you have played titles such as Diablo Immortal and Torchlight Infinite, you’ll easily breeze through this game because of the similarities the following have to this game. However, the game brings more to the table than those stated earlier. What is set by Undecember allows total player freedom, as well as a player’s expression of the game as a whole.

undecember intro

What is different, however, is how daunting Undecember is with its help. Even if the game litters you with many help, tutorials, and tooltips, the game has a lot more nuance than it shows. Because of that, this guide for Undecember is the best way for you to acclimate to the game’s environment and easily become one of the best Rune Hunters it can offer.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s delve right into the cold, cruel world of Undecember.

A General Overview of Undecember

undecember overview

Before we get started, let’s talk about a few things this game has to offer first before we butt heads in our discourse on tips and strategies.

Undecember runs on three features: Zodiac, Rune, and Gear. With these three, it allows players to freely customize their characters, given that they follow the set rules provided by these three features altogether. After all, even if a player is free to equip something doesn’t necessarily mean they can use all the skills available without the required weapon.

And because it is an action RPG, there’s more to the table than just theory crafting for builds. However, we’ll be keeping it simple for the sake of this beginner’s guide in order to orient yourself in the right direction. Think of this guide as nothing more but a bike with learning wheels attached to it, having to detach it as soon as you experience more of the game.

With that out of the way, let’s get right into the gist!


undecember zodiac overview

In Torchlight, stats are the quantitative (or numerical) measure of a character’s abilities. The same goes for other RPGs out there. However, the Zodiac in Undecember is different in its structure. While it does have character stats and skills, they are melded together into one system, which is, of course, called the aforementioned Zodiac.

A way to consider this Zodiac system is that it acts similarly to that of Genshin Impact’s Constellation system. However, the similarities end there completely with how the system is structured.

The Zodiac system has two axes: the central axis and the outer axes.

undecember overview zodiac stats

The central axis is the player character’s base stats, which compose of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Each level up gives you 5 points towards this axis.

The following list details what happens when you increase these stats:

You may be wondering where the damage increase would be, but that’s for the Gear section of the overview. At any rate, let’s move on to the next axis.

undecember overview zodiac traits

The outer axes are the second of the axes, composed of numerous constellations that can be activated with Trait Points. As opposed to the 5 points for the central axis per level up, you will only get 1 to spend on. There are also more nuances in spending your Trait Points as opposed to the previous.

In order to unlock other constellations, you must invest Trait Points to other specified constellation levels. This doesn’t, however, change what you want to get, as you still have the liberty to pick the traits that you want. That is until you reach constellations that limit the Trait Points you can give to it, as well as ones that stop you from allocating points should you choose a different specialization.

undecember overview zodiac reset

For all of this talk, however, you can still reset your stat and trait points. If you haven’t completed Episode 2 yet, you can freely reset the Zodiac at any given time, a quality of life that not even Torchlight has (or its previous iterations). However, as soon as you finish said episode, you will have to spend gold or Stardust of Oblivion. The former increases the number of points allocated (which means more levels means more cost). The latter lets you reset the item freely for every 6 hours of use.

With an idea as to how the Zodiac system works, let’s decipher the meaning of Runes.


undecember overview runes demo

Whenever you think of skills, you think of acquiring or allocating skill points in order to use them. That would also mean giving up points in order to strengthen them. However, Undecember ditches that notion with a more unique and interesting way of solving that dilemma: Runes.

Runes are what skills are to a Rune Hunter in Undecember, as well as enhancers for skills. In order to understand the process better, let’s start with the Rune Cast.

undecember overview runes

The Rune Cast is where you place your runes. The empty hexagonal slots are where you insert these runes, allowing for better coverage for the following runes that you’d have to link it with. And before we go through that topic, let’s discuss the different runes that you will have to go through with: the Skill Rune, the Link Rune, and the Runestone.

undecember overview skill runes
Those highlighted with yellow hexagons are Skill Runes.

The Skill Rune is a rune that gives you a skill once you place it in the cast. While they can be placed, they require specific weapons in order to function when checking their descriptions. When checking the descriptions, the dot at the bottom left of the Rune describes the stats that it derives from. The following list specifies which stats these colors draw strength from.

undecember overview link runes
Those highlighted with yellow hexagons are Link Runes.

As for the colors that you see in the Skill Rune’s hexagonal sides, that’s where Link Runes come in. Depending on the specifications of the Skill Rune as well as the color of the side, you can enhance the power of a Skill Rune with its effects. This does, however, come at the cost of increasing the mana cost of a skill, so keep in mind the combinations in the Rune Cast.

Going back to the Rune Cast, it can also be expanded for up to 14 slots. It does, however, require gold and Traum’s Crystal. Runes can also be upgraded or enchanted via the Rune Shop.


undecember overview gear

And finally, the last feature of Undecember: Gear. Unlike other games that restrict their gear solely to the player character’s class, Undecember allows you to equip any gear as long as you reach the certain requirements specified by the equipment. These requirements are only character stat requirements such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Level.

Gear is also divided into categories like weapons, armor, and accessories. Weapons and armor require stat and level requirements, whereas accessories only require levels. Gear can also be upgraded through enchanting via the Gear Shop in town.

The following are also categorized with grades, acting as the rarity system of the game. The following is what you’d get for the rarity of an item:

  • : No options, only carries base stats.
  • : Up to 3 additional options as well as it’s base stats.
  • : Up to 6 additional options as well as it’s base stats.
  • : Each unique item has a set option.
  • : Up to 8 options (6 enchanted options + 2 Legendary exclusive options)as well as it’s base stats. Options can’t be changed.
undecember overview gear 2

Armor also has different defense stats depending on their stat requirements. The following is an armor gives based on what stat they require from the player:

  • : Armor
  • : Dodge Rate
  • : Barrier
  • : Armor + Dodge Rate
  • : Armor + Barrier
  • : Dodge Rate + Barrier

That’s all there is for the three mechanics of the game. These three mesh well together with one another, allowing for otherworldly builds to come up from other players. You can either play as a minimax player or end up just being a wizard using a sword for the thrill of it. The possibilities are endless in Undecember, and its freedom allows you to do much more than just whatever is stated.

Now that we’ve discussed the following let’s hop on to the Strategies section!


undecember strategies intro

Undecember is a game with the depth of an RPG. There are a lot of combinations already to choose from due to its three main features. There is a lot more to cover about everything, but we’re going to be delving only into specifics that will ensure that your gameplay is as smooth as it can get. Even if you will play with a crazy build, a crazy build means nothing if you die easily because of it.

undecember strategies intro 2

In this section, we’ll focus more on how you can survive and thrive instead of fooling around. If you do wish to fool around more, do so with another character that you create in the menu. Otherwise, this section provides you with the necessary details on how to survive as well as how to play the game as efficiently as possible. Even if you do go through this route, it’s still a fun option when you challenge yourself fully.

Let’s start first with something simple: picking your weapon.

Picking Your Starter Weapon

undecember starting weapon

At the beginning of the game, you have the option to choose which weapons and skills you can use. Each weapon has its own skills that complement one another. While you may have the idea that because there is freedom in the game, you can do whatever you want with what you have.

Sadly, this game has to stick with its set rules. You have to follow the details of the Skill Runes to use them, and the damage from any of the Skill Runes depends on your current equipment. During the magic Skill, Runes allows all players to use it at any given moment; its reliance on the Intelligence stat removes any play for combining other builds unless you have to sacrifice one stat for the other.

undecember swords

Using swords early on in the game allows you to have better DPS with the cost of having to face enemies head-on. While you have defensive options (which will be discussed later in Stutter Stepping), these defensive options are only limited to either jumping out of danger or having to kite out of an enemy’s attack. Even so, Undecember still registers the attack of an enemy just as its attack animation starts. This is more prominent on melee attacks, as a swing already deals damage.

undecember bow

Using the bow is a beginner-friendly option that you can take. As the majority of the opponents are but melee attackers in the beginning, you can dance around the area and put them out of their misery before they can do anything else to you. While it may lack the DPS needed (for now, at least), being able to get out of harm’s way while still damaging opponents is a better option than most.

undecember staff

Finally, using the staff. Instead of an in-between to both previous weapons, the staff deals more damage with the spells that you cast it with. You will already get a damaging fireball spell at the start, one that completely wipes the field completely of filth and monsters. The added ability to have either dodging or rolling makes this another beginner-friendly option. Of course, the major problem has stemmed from having to spam skills to succeed, thus draining your mana more at best.

If you like a no-thoughts-head-empty strategy, the sword is your go-to weapon. If you’d like to survive and laugh at your enemy’s downfall from afar, the bow and the staff are your best bet. In the end, these weapons are just what you start with, and you’ll unlock more options later on in the game that will allow you to pick better options.

The Zodiac and You

undecember zodiac strategies

Being one of the forefront mechanics of the game, the Zodiac allows you to specify the build that you want as long as it is within the game’s rules. What you will do in the future starts here. Once you get to this point, you already know the nuances of the Zodiac system. If you don’t know the intricacies or have forgotten a few things, scroll back up to the Zodiac section of the Overview.

Now, let’s delve into what you should do in your Zodiac.

Stat Distribution

undecember stat distribution intro

Before we delve into the next sections, we’ll go through how you’ll be distributing your stats. The Distribution of these stats depends on your current build, which is Strength for melee weapons, Dexterity for ranged weapons, and Intelligence for magical weapons. The same goes for Skill Runes, but not all of them truly benefit from having that much from stats.

Let’s go through how you can distribute them properly.

3-1-1 Distribution

undecember stat distribution 3-1-1

This type of stat distribution aims at giving your main attribute the highest amount possible without putting your other stats behind. This is to ensure that you can still get gear and protection out of anything else.

2-2-1 Distribution

undecember stat distribution 2-2-1

This type of stat distribution is aimed toward builds that use hybrid stats. Use the 2s on the two stats and leave the 1 on the other stat.

4-0-1 Distribution

undecember stat distribution 4-0-1

This type of stat distribution is one of the riskiest ones you can get. While it gives you much to the main attribute (and 1, too), it also leaves less for the other ones. This may seem strong for those with the Strength attribute, but the game focuses on a rock-paper-scissor that may leave you vulnerable to ranged or magical attacks.

While we can discuss having a 5-0-0 distribution, that kind of Distribution completely destroys your chances of survival by ensuring you can only get the benefits of your main attribute. This can work in some ways, but in general cases, you’d be left in a glass cannon in situations.

That’s all there is to stat distributions. Now, let’s move on to what traits you should get.

Fighting Smarter

undecember fighting smart

Brutally mauling your opponents is an option in Undecember. There’s no shame in having a higher level in the dungeon that you’re in. However, fighting smarter allows you to take full advantage of any situation you’re put in and come out on top no matter what. However, the problem is that fighting smarter is somewhat vague. What does count as the term itself implies?

The following subsections do. From using the environment, knowing when to dodge, and stutter stepping, you’ll become a better player once you understand these three topics.

Let’s start with how you can use your environment to your advantage.

Using the Environment To Your Advantage

undecember environment

In Undecember, you’re bound to fight in different environments. From strict, narrow caves to the high-rising walls of a castle, you can use the size of an arena as well as its height to attack and evade at the same time. Fighting smarter, in this case, means using your skills in conjunction with the environment, allowing you to score easy kills in a stylish way.

In order to understand this concept, we’ll use two examples. The first example uses tight narrow to funnel opponents. The second example uses the difference in height between two floors to engage and disengage in fights. Let’s go through the first example now.

Example 1: Funneling

undecember funneling

In games, there is a concept called ‘grouping’ or ‘herding.’ This is a common strategy in order to horde up monsters, weak or strong, into an area. After that, the next thing to do is to nuke the hell out of these grouped-up monsters using area-of-effect attacks (or explosions). Undecember also allows you to use this concept in full against opponents.

undecember funneling 2

This is best observed in the following area. You are in a catacomb-like dungeon with narrow hallways and even narrower doorways. Because of the tightness of the area, we can clump up enemies and then fire area-of-effect spells to wipe them out in a single cycle. Of course, how you clump them up is up to you. You can strafe around, dodging attacks… or just run away and find the next group to slaughter these monsters with.

Remember, use this whenever you are in a tight area or hallways to use it. As skills don’t damage you, you can use skills around you without any hesitation or fear of dying from them.

Example 2: Teleporting To Your Advantage

undecember teleport

If you ask a professional gamer the worst skill a character can have, it can be two things. A hitscan attack that deals massive damage on long ranges. Or a mobility option that completely changes how you engage your opponents. Whether this is an oversight from the developers or not, the Teleport skill in Undecember is exactly the latter of said skills.

One of the three mobility options in the game, the Teleport skill, is completely broken, as are its other variants in different games. The moment you cast the spell, you teleport to where you are pointing. You can dodge attacks either away or toward them, allowing you to change the way that you fight certain opponents in the game. But that’s not the only way you can abuse this spell.

undecember teleport extra

Out of all the three mobility options, you can completely ignore terrain height differences with it or bypass areas in the game as long as you have the vision and the range to do so. A good example of this is with the high-rise castle walls section of the game, as well as some parts of the introductory sequence that has height elevation.

undecember teleport extra 2

If you are swarmed by opponents, you can immediately teleport from a ledge to a lower floor or area. In this way, you can gain your bearings while your enemies have to loop around staircases or so in order to catch up. This also works with teleporting on sections with walls or barriers.

You can also experiment and check if there are areas where enemies just can’t enter them. The following screenshot shows an example of it.

Animation Cancelling / Stutter Step

undecember stutter

Animation canceling has been a massive staple in games; Undecember is no exception to the rule. In order to understand how it works, let’s go through a list of how this cycle works:

That’s how to stutter stepping works. Quite an easy strategy, but the DPS increase that it gives to you is astronomical. Using skills and alternating them without it gives you an open window where you are vulnerable for a moment, which is unacceptable when playing games like Undecember. While your mana usage will increase, that does not say what stutter stepping can do.

undecember stutter 2

Use stutter stepping like it’s the air that you breathe. Not only do you get more damage out of it, but you can also reposition yourself ever so slightly until you are also out of harm’s reach. This aspect also makes ranged builds deadly and effective, as they can still move away from chasing opponents while making sure they never get the chance to injure anyone else.

Keeping Your Potion Stocks Full ft. Alchemy

undecember alchemy

Finally, as you progress through the game, you’ll have to make sure that you have the best items and equipment. You can just grab any of the rare items that mix and match with your current gear build and call it a day. However, potions are a different story.

While gears require too many things in order for them to be effective, potions can be reused for better ones in the game. Once you unlock the alchemy mechanic, it allows you to use low-quality healing potions to be combined with newer, stronger high, quality ones. This way, you can effectively keep the potions you’ve gotten in your journey and use them later on in the higher stages of the game.

Tips and Tricks

undecember tips and tricks

Now that we’ve discussed going through the finer details in the strategies section, let’s go over a few tidbits that we can share in the tips and tricks section. There is not much to talk about, but there is a lot that you can learn from these tips. Once you learn what you need from here, expect your gaming experience in Undecember to be far better than before.

1. Set Auto HP Potion to be used at 20% HP or lower

undecember tip 1

Even when you’re able to dodge blows, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re able to get away all the time. As the game progresses, you’ll be having more trouble than ever trying to reassess and adapt to your surroundings. You can get better, but you can’t just do it easily. After all, playing the game without potions is a considerable handicap in action RPGs such as this.

That’s why Auto Potion is a good option when fighting in prolonged battles. But how come the tip stated is different that it should only be used at 10% HP?

undecember tip 1-1

The reasoning is simple: using an HP potion immediately after getting hit only wastes the healing potential it has. Compared to other games, your options for healing are far limited, and potions can only heal in an allotted amount of time. It’s not a burst of healing but rather your character avatar being bandaged over time. With that example in mind, what would happen if our character has 100% HP and the HP Potion is still in effect.

A total waste of what could’ve been a few more HP to use in any other situation. Tanking opponents and properly using potions is a key factor in a game where bosses can take a chunk out of your health when you are unaware. This is much so in that what could’ve been said is that a few more HP could be used for buffering damage in the way of temporary HP, and so on.

2. Don’t use Auto Potions for Any Potions

undecember tip 2

While this tip may have been merged with the previous one, there is a lot more going on for the other potions. Auto Potion is a godsend of a mechanic in this game as it is a powerful quality of life never seen much in hardcore genres such as action RPGs. However, using Auto Potions may also have side-effects and misuses that would lead to items that you well spent on being used automatically by the system.

And as stated in the tip’s title, the inverse of that is using the auto potion mechanic if and only if you are using it for HP Potions. Any other options, like Mana Potions and buffing potions, become immediately ruined when the system picks for them to be used. You’re never going to run out of mana (if you followed the strategies above) or ever be in a situation that demands its use.

That’s why you shouldn’t use Auto Potions. After all, you don’t want to use your speedup version against Mooks now, don’t we?

3. Play through the Main Campaign

undecember tip 3

The story of Undecember is one wracked with constant tragedy and greed. The town of Bellatus is one born from infamy, done in by a petty war to take a bit of land from its surrounding areas. Ten years later, the town still is held as a deadly lighthouse that attracts Rune Hunters from around the world to its deathly demise.

Lore flavor aside, finishing the story of Undecember is a great way of testing your skill and exploring the grim dark world that it has to offer. It is a constant mandatory quest (until you reach the new act, of course) that you have to fulfill to learn more about the story. It is also the only way to unlock more content and features that it puts behind the walls of levels.

Not only that, progressing through the campaign allows you to fight more monsters, which means more possibilities to grind out your level. While you can log in and out and grind at the same area over and over, you’ll waste your time as the experience you need is an exponential line—meaning you’ll have to fight out stronger monsters regardless.

undecember tip 3-1

You’ll also get better rewards in turn when finishing quests. Playing through the story allows you to direct yourself in the right direction. After all, for every area that you unlock, you will be able to challenge yourself more.

And getting better rewards also means rewards that you get from the Scenario Compendium found in the Journal section. The Scenario Compendium keeps track of what you have accomplished so far, and each entry for each act has its own rewards to reap. Not only just the items that you’ll get but also the interesting story behind the characters that you will meet or face.

4. Do Side Quests

undecember tip 4

Side quests are a staple in most action RPG Games, and Undecember is no exception to the rule. Side quests act as a change of pace from the fast, grueling tempo of the story and allow you to have room to breathe. Unlike other games, however, Undecember’s side quests don’t span multiple areas, allowing you to quickly finish it as soon as you receive the quest.

These side quests also give you rewards such as Skill and Link Runes, allowing you to obtain freebies. As shops tend to overprice these runes, side quests are one of the more reliable ways to obtain these runes. After all, getting one for free is ten times better than having to spend 5000 hold on a shop. It makes a lot more sense when you notice that you only obtain a little gold from killing monsters.

undecember 4-1

And before going to the next tip, side quests are also tracked in the Scenario Compendium. More lore, more rewards, no problem.

5. Go to Already Visited Areas for Farm More EXP

undecember tip 5

In order to allow replayability, Undecember allows the players to complete areas to farm more EXP, as well as any other items. What completed areas means are levels that the player has already explored at their fullest during the course of the game. As the game respawns enemies when you haven’t visited the area for a long time, or you have logged out and entered the area, you can use this to your advantage.

The best way to do this is by visiting the last 2 or 3 high-leveled areas before the current one that you have. In this way, it allows you to gain experience in a timely manner. This is a better option as compared to having to complete every single visited area you have gone through so far in the game. Even if you have the ability to do so, you don’t have the luxury to just waste more hours when you could accomplish more out of it in the game.

6. Sell Normal Items, Disassemble High-Grade Items

undecember tip 6

When playing through the game, there will come the point where it will constantly drop normal items at you. This is a welcome addition as opposed to having to waste more money at shops, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a visitor that needs to stay more. One aspect of the game is you only have a limited inventory in your entire pack.

As you are also short on gold, it’s no surprise to just dump these types of items at the nearest shop seller and then. For normal items, it’s a-okay to just do this type of thing as they have little to no value aside from the gold that you can gain. But once you go delve into the game, there’s more to profit from disassembling high-grade items.

By disassembling high-grade items, you get more items to use for enchanting and upgrading your other runes or equipment. In this way, you still get something out of it that you can use, such as alchemy or upgrading. As alchemy and enchanting mastery become relevant later on in the game, an early investment from disassembling high-grade items gives you a big advantage.

7. Use Your Pet to Sell/Disassemble When Out of Town

undecember tip 7

Your pet has a lot of things that it can do. It can help you grab items during the heat of battle, allowing you to focus on combat. It can also activate pet abilities equipped to it. But a quality of life mechanic that it shares with a game such as Torchlight is the ability for your pet to sell and disassemble items when you are out of town.

This mechanic solves the dilemma of having to use return to the town to sell or disassemble the items that you have obtained in your journey. While using return scrolls is a good idea than having to wait for 10 minutes, they are rare and expensive (being 500 gold in shops) and are one-time use only. Compared to your pet, it’s a better option to have than simply wasting it.

8. Do Achievements To Get Titles

undecember tip 8

In the Journal section of the game is the Achievements section. In this section, you can obtain these ‘tests’ by hunting and killing monsters, leveling up, and participating in various activities in the game. These activities can be obtaining items, joining events, getting friends, and killing rare monsters. By finishing these Achievements, you gain various rewards as well as titles.

undecember tip 8-1

These titles aren’t just for the show above your character’s head; they also have beneficial effects on your character. For each title you have unlocked, also add an effect to your ‘Owned Effects’ section. This means that you don’t need to equip a title to gain its effects. Any title that you have unlocked will give you its benefits, incentivizing you to do more in the game.

After all, there’s more Fun to be had in finishing achievements. As they are only but a bucket list in the game, you can take your time off the main campaign and finish them at your own leisure.

9. Complete Your Item Compendium

undecember tip 9

One more aspect of the journal menu is the item compendium. Unlocked after the Act 2 Quest ‘Knight Captain’s Logic,’ the compendium allows you to look at information about an item as well as register them to the compendium. Registering items to the compendium removes them from the inventory, acting as a sort of pseudo-storage for items that you have obtained. Of course, you can only register one of the same items.

However, the item compendium is more than that. By registering an item or Rune, you accumulate points that reach up to the current items available in the game. These points are then used to accumulate special effects that will enhance your gameplay, which can be found in the Total Collection Effects section of the compendium.

undecember tip 9-1

Just like the achievements, this also incentivizes you to play the game further and spend more in order to get your compendium full. While it may cost you in-game resources to fill up your collection, the effects that you gain from completing your collection are worth the dedication to it. After all, a few percentages are much more than just having to spend more hours because you don’t have the necessary stats.

10. Login Daily, Do Your Dailies, and Get on Events

undecember tip 10

What makes Undecember different from the stated action RPGs is that you get more from playing at small intervals. Playing for two hours every day gets you more than having to continuously grind until you pass out. It’s the game’s way of telling you to stop for now and get some rest.

That aside, keep a lookout for the game’s daily content. Logging in daily nets you with rewards, as well as playing the game for up until an hour. As each day gives you 500 of the currency needed for Gemstone Shop, it gives you more reason to be active in the game, among other things.

undecember tip 10-1

There’s also rotating seasonal content that Undecember has to offer. This ranges from Winter or Spring events or any global celebratory days such as Chinese New Year. As the developers constantly make updates on the game, keep an eye out on the news as pre-registers also exist.

11. Always Upgrade Your Gear To Lessen Inventory

undecember tip 11

The general consensus is that upgrading your gear is done in order to increase your chances of success in the game. It’s the opposite for Undecember: you do it to lessen the items in your inventory. As you progress through the game, you’ll get more and more items to the point that even your storage becomes full. While you can expand it with diamonds, it can be a waste as you can use it for other uses.

This also goes in line with Tip 6. As you disassemble items, you get ones to use for enchanting. And as you get rare grade gear, that also means items needed in order to enchant the options. By upgrading, you lessen the space in your inventory. That’s how the entire cycle of this tip works. And as enchanting your gear also goes to your mastery, it boosts up your advantage more.

12. Have a Return Scroll Used Before a Boss Battle

undecember tip 12

When fighting a boss, chances are you’ll be hit with a high-damage attack that will completely obliterate your character. That also means your character dying to say hit, which means you have to start over. If you have a scroll, chances are you don’t need to do a start-over and just maul back on the boss fully refreshed. But what if you don’t have a Resurrection Scroll or Rubies to do so?

undecember tip 12-1

Before you commit to fighting a boss, use a return scroll in order for you to safely respawn back in town. This is one of the few options that you can use for this one-use item aside from cheekily evading close death because you have forgotten to use potions. This is also a better option in case you actually run out of potions to use during the fight, as reviving in the town allows you to buy items and change gear for the fight.

And returning to town also allows you to give yourself a break during the fight. Remember to check your back (or reorient yourself if you’re lying on the bed), drink some water, and get back to the fight.

13. Destroy Your Surroundings

undecember tip 13

A little mechanic that Undecember has taken from other action RPGs is one that allows the players to destroy any objects around the area with any attacks. These attacks can include skills that would otherwise be overkill against fragile objects like harmless ceramic vases. It does bring up the notion: why do we want these seemingly harmless decorations destroyed.

These boxes, vases, or whatnot stash hidden gold, items, or potions that drop when these destructible objects are destroyed. While they are sparse at the start (due to having fewer effects that allow drops), they become good sources of items later on in the game. They also serve as good target practices on the field, as you have to aim at items completely for them to be destroyed.

Nothing like a rewarding warmup, don’t you think?

14. Get Friends

undecember tip 14

Lastly, don’t forget to make some friends during your playthrough of the game. As Undecember allows you to party up with other players for the campaign and events, they give you a much-needed advantage of dealing more damage and having more people. That doesn’t mean a full advantage, as the game scales the difficulty of the area entered as well as any other effects, such as item drops.

Not only that, getting friends is an achievement of the game. There’s no need to be shy. Try to get out of your comfort zone and try people in that area like you!

15. And, Importantly, Have Fun!

undecember tip 15

In the end, this guide will only orient you to the right place. That doesn’t mean overall that we’d have to guide you fully. One thing about Undecember is that despite a few restrictions set by its own weapons, it does not contradict the rules that it has set on its own. There are a lot more combinations for runes and weapons out there, and what this guide has doesn’t fully detail them.

If we did, this guide would be a lot longer than needed.

Don’t be afraid to mix and mash gears, weapons, runes, items, and whatnot to your arsenal. No one’s stopping you from making the zaniest build that still works. You have the freedom to choose whether you can do something, and it works. And since Undecember works on that rule of freedom, there’s a lot more this game can give to you if you dedicate enough time to it.


undecember conclusion

As stated before, Undecember sticks by its three main features and never contradicts them. The unprecedented freedom that you gain in this game doesn’t allow for optimal play for other classes, but instead, the freedom of expression that it allows. This, in turn, places more emphasis on the player’s ability to understand the game’s mechanics rather than any other analogies like skills and whatnot.

And that’s all for this beginner’s guide for Undecember! We hope you enjoyed reading this guide. If there is anything else that you may add to this guide, please bring it up in the comment section down below so we can add a few more tips, tricks, and strategies for other players to know.

Ready yourself, Rune Hunter, for there is more to behold.