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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Becoming the Greatest High Guardian

Ages ago, the Goddess of Light slew the God of Darkness, heralding a new dawn to the world of Lithas. From her blood, she had spawned her Guardians. And from her Guardians, so too do new Champions arise. Peace was brought to the entire world, but only such a fickle thing could last for so long.

Now, the darkness returns to Lithas once more, the ancient city of Luxis shattered by an internal rebellion of its champions. Its very streets were bloodied by the very same comrades that were supposed to fight alongside each other now laid parallel to the ground below their feet.

bloodline heroes of lithas intro

And now they come to you, the one who bears the blood of the Goddess of Light herself. With a piece of her left in your hands, you have a duty, and a destiny, waiting to be unfolded in your eyes.

Developed by Goat Games, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is an unconventional gacha RPG game, taking on the role of the High Guardian. While games such as Blue Archive, Path to Nowhere, and Neural Cloud take pride in earning your heroes through roulettes, Bloodline makes its own twist: you don’t collect characters; you collect Champions from different clans.

bloodline heroes of lithas guide

With this in mind, there’s more to this game than just collecting your heroes, adding a new layer of depth to the gameplay. Not every Champion that you get through pulls is the same as the last one, and you can cultivate a better Champion than the other. But to say that this game is only towards that mechanic would only make it a one-trick pony.

There’s a lot more to cover about this fascinating game of marriage and family lineage.

bloodline heroes of lithas intro 3

And that’s where we come in with this beginner’s guide for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas! If you wish to become an even better High Guardian with the information that you need to stomp your foes, you have come to the right place. This guide will discuss everything about the game (only things a beginner needs), as well as strategies and tips to keep you wanting more!

So ready your roster, choose your Companions, and equip them with the finest livery. The journey to restore the peace of the world of Lithas awaits!

A General Overview of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

bloodline heroes of lithas extra

Bloodline’s game cycle revolves around two things: combat and economy. To defeat the foes of the kingdom, you must have a strong group of heroes at you at all times. To supply your troops, you must have a strong economy to give them constant supply in their journeys. Mix these two together, and you’ll have a constant high ground at the game at all times.

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As the High Guardian of Lithas, it’s your duty to understand how a few things work and how they should mash together. Let’s go over these aspects before we begin discussing strategies to reconquer the land.


bloodline heroes of lithas champions

Created and born from the Goddess of Light, these heroes are granted powers to protect the lands she sowed upon. These heroes possess abilities and traits that completely differentiate them from your standard soldiers. Of course, this game completely changes your outlook on how you obtain heroes and how they can be evolved.

Champions are obtained through the following:

Champions have four stats: Leadership, Strength, Constitution, and Fortitude. There are also other stats such as Attack Speed, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Hit, and Dodge. Let’s talk about what each stat represents:

bloodline heroes of lithas champions renowned

Another aspect that makes them different from other games is that champions are not entirely ‘unique’ and are divided by their clan and their sexuality. With this in mind, they are a whopping total of 59 distinct champions in the current game (with many more in the future). There are a few similarities here and there, as well as differences.

There are also a few nuances, which are…

Rarity and Stars

bloodline heroes of lithas rarity difference
The difference between the two heroes and their rarities, as well as their stars.

In gacha games, rarity and stars come hand in hand, at times picking only one of the terms. Here, these two exist at the same time but for different purposes.

Rarity is self-explanatory: the rarer they are, the more powerful they get. For context, they are five rarities in the game: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. At base value, without any equipment or trait upgrades, Mythic heroes stand out as the strongest compared to the rest of the heroes.

bloodline heroes of lithas stars level cap

Stars are different as they are the ‘ranks’ in this game, with 14 stars being the highest. It is also the same as rarity: the more stars, the better. Stars are also crucial to your hero as they not only give you better stats but also increase the level cap of your hero.

Here’s a table that shows the level cap between heroes.

Number of StarsLevel Cap


bloodline heroes of lithas traits

Traits are one of the crucial aspects of the hero. They give specific benefits as long as said hero contains such power. There is so much to traits that we can discuss strategies pertaining to it, but we’ll focus on what these things are, to begin with. A mechanic that will be discussed later allows you to upgrade a hero’s trait at a cost as well.

Let’s start off with how they work. There are two types of traits: basic traits and clan traits.

Basic Traits

Basic traits are normal ones given to the hero randomly from a pool of 15 traits. Rarity defines how many traits you can get from the pool. The following list provides which rarities get the most out of the pool.

Of course, there are also ways to gain more traits, but that will be discussed in a later section. For now, we’ll show the following 15 traits in the next table:

BrutalStrength is increased by X%.
AthleticStrength is increased by X points.
LoyalFortitude is increased by X%.
ScrappyFortitude is increased by X points.
EnergeticConstitution is increased by X%.
HealthyConstitution is increased by X points.
HonorableTotal Damage Reduction is increased by X%.
FierceTotal damage is increased by X%.
NobleLeadership is increased by X%.
ConfidentLeadership is increased by X points.
TenaciousWhen the battle starts, gains an additional Shield that lasts for 10 seconds, absorbing damage equal to X%^of their Strength.
CutthroatWhen attacking, increases Lifesteal Rate by X%.
Pure-heartWhen attacking, there is an X% change to remove all debuff effects from the Attacker.
BestialRestores Constitution by X% of the Strength for every 5 attacks.
Hex-ProofWhen attacking, there is a 20% chance to Silence the target for X seconds.

Note: X means that the following description relies on the current level of the given trait.

For example, if you have a level 7 Fierce trait, that means you get a total damage increase of 10%. If you deal 500 damage on average, that means 50 more damage added to the mix. You may have noticed that some traits may clash with others, but fear not. Traits mix well with one another, as the game calculates the flat number traits first before the percentage ones.

Clan Traits

Compared to basic traits, Clan traits are given to those of a specific clan, regardless of their sexuality. They are wholly unique to that clan alone and can be seen with a different visual effect in the Traits section of a Champion. They can also be leveled up with the same mechanic that will later be specified in another section.

The following table shows what these traits are:

SallyhornDexterousUpon being attacked, there is a 50% chance to reduce damage taken by X%.
KargFoolhardyWhen attacking, if the target has more than 80% constitution, it deals an additional X% damage.
TravainAgileAttack Speed is increased by X%.
YivnianFocusedWhen the battle starts, increases Energy gain rate by X%.
KargukVengefulUpon being attacked, there is a 20% chance to reflect X% of the damage taken.
IgnisPyromancerWhen attacking ,there is a 20% chance to inflict Burning (the target takes damage equal to X% of the Attacker’s Strength) to the target for 3 seconds.
The LuxuriantZealousWhen attacking, there is a 6.5% chance to remove all buff effects from the target.
ZaessInventiveWhen releasing skills, there is a 50% chance to gain a Shield, which absorbs damage equal to X% of the Champion’s Strength.
UgrullInspiringWhen the battle starts, increase all Champions’ damage by X% for the first 10 seconds. This effect can’t be stacked.
ElzedithFearsomeWhen attacking, there is an X% chance to stun the target.
AesonDevoutWhen the battle starts, increases all Champions’ Healing and Healed efficiency by X%. This effect can’t be removed or stacked.
DoombringerLion-heartEach attack made increases Total Damage by X, up to 15%.
FulgurHulkingWhen the battle starts, it increases all Champions’ Strength by 5%. After that, it increases its Strength by X% every 2 seconds, up to a total of X%. This effect can’t be removed or stacked.
LionstoneAmbitiousWhen the battle starts, it gains an additional X energy.
HuntsdorfEagle-eyedEach attack made increases the Critical Rate by X%, up to 10%.
TidestormAggressiveEach attack made increases Strength by X%, up to 20%.
GryphonCunningWhen the battle starts, the enemies’ Energy gain rate is reduced for X% for 10 seconds.
LycanisCleverWhen attacking, ignore X% of the target’s Fortitude.
LúmëSanguineWhen the battle starts, increase all Champion damage bt X%.
The Scorching FireDutifulWhen defeated, it restores X energy for all teammates.
NasseBerserkerIn battle, increase by X% for every Constitution lost up to X%.
StrixbaneBellicoseWhen attacking, there is a 20% chance to restore Constitution equal to X% of the damage dealt.
DaevalaResilientIn battle, when Constitution is below 30%, restore Constitution by X% of the Max Constitution per second for 5 seconds.
White EyeBraveWhen the battle starts, all Champions gain an additional Shield that lasts for 10 seconds, absorbing damage equal to X% of their Strength. This effect cannot be stacked.
OrostArdentWhen the battle starts, increase all teammates’ damage reduction by X% for the first 10 seconds. This effect can’t be stacked.
HarulPerseveranceReduces the skill Damage taken by the Champions by X%.
GultungSteadfastWhen taking Skill Damage, gains a Shield that absorbs damage equal to X% of the Champion’s Strength. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
DravapalaFighting SpiritWhen the battle starts, increase the Champion’s Strength by X% for 10 seconds. This effect can’t be removed or stacked.
SimirLast LegacyFor each ally killed, the Champion gains X energy.
GalibarSelf-SacrificingWhen this Champion is defeated, it grants allied Champions X% Damage Reduction for 6 seconds.
Bloom UncountedAdjudicationThe next attack deals additional DMG equal to X% of the Champion’s Strength. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Note: X means that the following description relies on the current level of the given trait.

Leveling Up

bloodline heroes of lithas level up

Upgrading a hero requires only one thing: gold. Each level gives a hero a set amount of stats dictated by their clan origin and sexuality. The higher the level, the greater the money you need to spend to make them stronger. Don’t worry too much about spending for the capital you control; they only need bread (which, again, will be discussed later on).

bloodline heroes of lithas extra 2

However, despite all of these things, the biggest indicator of power will always be a hero’s level. After all, a 50% increase on 2 damage is lesser than one for 10 damage. Flat numbers would also be surpassed later on, but that’s for another section.

That aside, here is a table for the money you need to upgrade a hero.



bloodline heroes of lithas equipment 1

No hero can go unprepared without their set of equipment. Equipment is what you’d equip to your champions. They are divided into four categories: weapon, helmet, body, and boots. They are also divided into categories specified by a Champion’s class.

bloodline heroes of lithas equipment 2

Like said heroes, they can be upgraded using money and special items or the very equipment you wear—as long as said equipment is a tier lower than the one you’re upgrading. One more thing about the equipment is that there are class-specific ones that give a 30% bonus to the Champion that has the same class as it describes.

Here are the following gear rarities with their qualities:

RarityStar RequirementMax Level (of Gear)Class Bonus
Rare2 Stars10Yes
Epic3 Stars15Yes
Legendary4 Stars20Yes
Mythic5 Stars25Yes


bloodline heroes of lithas ascension

To become the strongest, one must sacrifice another. Found at the bottom rightmost area of the kingdom map as the Altar, Ascension is an essential mechanic in upgrading a Champion further. It is not, however, the definitive mechanic that defines Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, as that is the next section after this. You will definitely know when it is time to ascend when you reach the level cap of a hero’s number of stars.

bloodline heroes of lithas ascension 2

One aspect of Ascension is that it only requires one thing: a sacrifice. Multiples, if necessary. A sacrifice also has two types: the main and the secondary. The main sacrifice must be of the same clan and gender, while the secondary sacrifice must only be of the same class. Surprisingly, a secondary sacrifice can also be that of a main sacrifice, so there are more options on the table.

Here are the following costs in ascending a Champion:

Original ChampionStars to Ascend to1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars4 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
1 Star2 Stars2      
2 Stars3 Stars 2     
3 Stars4 Stars  1    
4 Stars5 Stars   11  
5 Stars6 Stars   12  
6 Stars7 Stars   12  
7 Stars8 Stars   22  
8 Stars9 Stars   23  
9 Stars10 Stars   34  
10 Stars11 Stars    52 
11 Stars12 Stars     33
12 Stars13 Stars     44
13 Stars14 Stars     65
14 Stars15 Stars     86

There are a few more nuances when ascending a Champion. Rarity Ascension and Clan Trait Upgrading are one of them.

Rarity Ascension and Clan Trait Upgrading

bloodline heroes of lithas ascension rarity

The following mechanic is simple: if you use a Champion with a higher rarity than the ascending Champion, the ascending Champion will have its rarity upgraded. Doing so also earns the traits of the ascended and trait levels of the higher rarity Champion, should the ascended have a trait similar to the sacrificed.

The ascended will also have a new trait unlocked depending on the amount of the higher rarity one had minus the ascended one. This is one of the few ways for a lower-rarity hero to gain a new trait, but it is not recommended, as the traits gained will be randomized. Try not to do this mechanic unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The reason why Clan Trait upgrading is also a part of the subsection is that the two mechanics have the same prerequisites and results. The ascended Champion will gain the higher leveled trait of the main sacrifice. Of course, the following is also not recommended as usually those with higher trait levels tend to be of higher rarities as well.

And finally, before we end discussing about heroes…

Royal Hall/Marriage and Vigor

bloodline heroes of lithas hybrid hero
A hybrid Champion born from two other Clans.

To tie down the knot means settling down from all the blood and glory. Near the Altar is the Royal Hall, where the Marriage mechanic lies. This sole mechanic is what defines Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, and it revolves around this mechanic for all of its Champions. The result of this union is Hybrid Champions, gaining the traits and the looks of their predecessors.

Marriage begins when you pick a main Champion and a spouse Champion. The main Champion can be any of the heroes, while the spouse must be of the opposite sex. There are no limitations towards marriage, only the Champions that you have so far. This also brings us to the main purpose of marrying heroes.

The following mechanic is mainly used for one thing: swapping traits between your champions (via an offspring) and increasing Vigor. But before we can discuss the following two, you must remember that you need a marriage ring for the mechanic to start.

Now that we’ve discussed the requirement, let’s talk about the two nuances.

Swapping Traits

bloodline heroes of lithas marriage

Marriage is the only way to remove a trait—for the new Champion that will be born—and to gain a Clan Trait from another clan member. Hence, what we’re doing in marriage is nothing but ‘swapping’ a possibly bad trait in favor of a new one and the possibility of gaining favorable ones as well.

Of course, gaining Traits depend on the progeny. While the spawn of the couples will be that of the clan and gender of the Main Champion, the stronger progeny will have higher priority when giving skills. A Mythic spouse will give off stronger traits as compared to their subpar Main companion.

bloodline heroes of lithas new champion

What does make marriage stronger is that Clan Traits can be obtained when marrying Champions of different clans. While the chances are low, getting a powerful Clan Trait from another is a lucky win altogether. Don’t pass up on opportunities like these, but there are a few things that should be avoided.

Spouse with a Higher Rarity
bloodline heroes of lithas marriage details

If your spouse Champion is that of a higher rarity, do not expect the same to apply to the Ascension mechanic. The rarity of a newborn Champion is dictated by the Main Champion selected. Bear that in mind in case you might marry off a Common Champion and a Mythic one.


bloodline heroes of lithas vigor

Besides swapping traits, one of the biggest game-changers in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is Vigor. Vigor can only be obtained by marrying heroes and transferring them to their offspring. Of course, only the Main Champion’s Vigor is chosen as opposed to the spouse.

The reason why Vigor is so powerful is that it has its own level system that gives bonus stats to the Champion. Thus, it gives stat bonuses towards Constitution, Strength, and Fortitude. The max level of Vigor is about 100, so there’s no point in continuing a bloodline further when you’ve reached the high point.

When used in a practical situation, a Rare Champion with high Vigor has the ability to overpower a Mythic Champion with little to none. Now, imagine that on said Mythic Champion.

bloodline heroes of lithas vigor comparison

Now, marrying champions gives random amounts of experience points towards Vigor Levels. However, the higher the rarity of the spouse, the more points will be added for the Vigor levels. What makes Vigor different from the standard levels is that all three stat bars—Constitution, Strength, and Fortitude—must be full before a Vigor level is raised. That means the possibility of wasting stat bonuses when marrying off to reach a level.

A caveat to all of this is that Vigor does not require someone to marry Champions to remove a trait: it is optional. As long as you don’t pick a trait to remove from the Main Champion, the purpose of the marriage is to increase Vigor.

Now that we’ve discussed what a Champion is and how they work, let’s talk about one of the few ways we can gain one.


bloodline heroes of lithas companion

They are your long-life partners: in the court and in the sheets. As explicit as it sounds, Companions supplement your gameplay by giving you one of the free ways to obtain a Champion: by ‘courting’ you, the High Guardian, in bed. They also give you bonuses toward Districts, should you obtain them in your playthrough.

There are three ways to obtain a Companion: – Exploration – Summoning Circle – Events

Doing these three methods gives you Favorability Tokens towards a Companion. Once you reach the number of desired Favorability Tokens, a Companion is now unlocked for you. If you do have a Companion, a token grants 20 intimacy points instead—which will be discussed in a later subsection.

And once you have your Companions, you can now do a few things with them.

Carousing and Companionship

bloodline heroes of lithas carouse

Carousing is one of the few things you can do with a companion, earning you Charisma as a result. You can carouse for every 12 hours, but you can have another chance or two using Vigor Potions. The amount of Charisma you earn from carousing depends on how many companions you have and how much charm they have. With the Charisma you gain, you can then use it on Companionship.

In the following tab, there are different sets of Companions grouped to one another as categories. A category is composed of 3 clans with 3 differing star levels. These categories provide bonuses towards the District Tax in small increments, which will become better in the longer term.

bloodline heroes of lithas companion rizz

Upgrading the Companionship of a Companion increases their level, with the max being 200. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the cost. Star level also counts on the cost, with the highest having greater costs than the ones before it.

Intimacy, Charm, and Courting

bloodline heroes of lithas companion court

Once you have partied with your Companions, now comes the busy part. Being close to one another isn’t an alien thing in this game. It is a necessity to ensure you have strong heirs to continue a powerful legacy.

Selecting a Companion in the Intimacy tab brings you multiple options. You can either be intimate with them, charm them, or skip all steps entirely to produce an heir.


bloodline heroes of lithas companion intimacy

Intimacy increases the rarity of the heirs you give birth to. The stat can be increased by giving Intimacy items to your companion. The following items give differing amounts of intimacy.

Each time Intimacy is increased per level, the heirs produced will have a higher rarity, with the max at Mythic. However, intimacy can be increased even more so that your babies will have better higher-level traits (which will max out at Level 22).


bloodline heroes of lithas companion charm

Outside of Companionship, Charm gives you District Tax bonuses. Leveling a Companion’s Charm gives you better bonuses for the District that they give a bonus to. They also have milestones to which they will give bonuses should they be reached.

Like intimacy, they also need items to increase the amount of charm.

Unlike Intimacy, Charm cannot be increased out of its maximum.


bloodline heroes of lithas extra 3

Now that we’ve snuggled and charmed our way to them, it’s finally time to begin to give a new heir to the kingdom. Courting is exactly what you’d expect out of it: birthing a new Champion from your companion—an Heir with a random gender. A big difference between this and marriage is that birthing a new Champion is realistic: you have to take care of them from newborn to adulthood (which will be discussed later).

Courting has a cooldown, depending on the companion’s star rating. If you do want to have another round with your partner, you can use a Bouquet. However, take note that you cannot have another Heir until you have an empty slot for one (discussed later).

For now, here is a table for the star rating of a Companion, their courting cooldowns, and the intimacy and charm needed.

Star RatingCooldown for CourtingMax Intimacy for Mythic and Charm
1 Star12 hours20,000
2 Stars48 hours30,000
3 Stars168 hours40,000


bloodline heroes of lithas companion heir

Heirs are what you get out of courting, and now you have adulting responsibilities in the form of them. For them to become Champions, they have to be tended to and taken care of. Take a deep breath: you don’t need to micromanage their lives completely.

You can find your Heirs near the Senate—just right of it. From there, you can see the Heirs that are still growing. Each Heir has their own energy bar, which is used to develop them by doing three actions: train, play, and study. Before we talk about a few more things, there is no correlation between earning traits with the actions. Your parenting style is on you.

bloodline heroes of lithas heir 2

Moving on, each time you do an action with an Heir increases their Growth. Once they have reached half of their Growth, they will become teenagers. There are no gameplay changes to it aside from visual ones. Once full, they now become Champions.

Growth is, however, dictated by the Star Rating of your Companion. These are the following Growth caps for each rating:

If you grow tired of waiting or tending to your kids, you can always Quick Raise an Heir to immediately develop them into Champions. 1 Potion is required for every 3 Growth that needs to be filled.’

There is also Quick Develop that immediately increases the Growth of all of your Heirs depending on their current energy.

bloodline heroes of lithas heir 3

If you have no slots left should you want to have another go with your companion in courting, you can buy an extra Heir slot for Diamonds. The more slots you unlock, however, the higher the cost, with the maximum amount of slots being 15. It’s not recommended to buy a slot unless you have a lot of Companions to deal with.

Now that we’ve talked about our heroes, it’s high time we go out to the world and have an adventure!

World Map

bloodline heroes of lithas world map

The World Map outlines the entire world of Lithas, with your city in the middle of it. From here, you can see the progress of finding the perpetrators of the rebellion or any other matters that you need to attend to.


bloodline heroes of lithas campaign

Of course, our main problem is the one that we have to find; if they are singular or plural. The campaign is the main story of the game, and completing it gives you multiple rewards, both short-term and long-term. It gives you gold, bread, random equipment (at every 5th level), and district plans.

bloodline heroes of lithas campaign 1

In the long term, the farther the progress, the better the rewards are. This is highly reflected in the gear that you obtain. For context, these are the rarities in which the following gear will drop in the campaign as rewards:

bloodline heroes of lithas campaign 2

However, these are only chances. If you do not get Legendary or Mythic gear, you will get epic gear instead.


bloodline heroes of lithas exploration

Exploration is completely different from the game’s main campaign, where your leadership will take you along different lands to gain more rewards. Using Stamina Potions (using either 1 or 10 of them), you explore the world and obtain any items ranging from gold, bread, skill books, gear, and heroes.

Remember that these rewards are only of common rarity. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do explorations. Whenever you have Stamina Potions available, use them immediately to gain rewards. Additional gear, such as duplicate Champions, helps in increasing your battle power easily.


bloodline heroes of lithas main expedition

Lastly, you can assign a roster of heroes to investigate an area through expeditions. These investigations are divided into three 10-minute stages, which then conclude in a fight against a guardian of the area. When starting off, you cannot easily defeat these guardians as they are greatly over-leveled, but you can disregard them for now.

bloodline heroes of lithas expedition rewards

That’s because the three 10-minute stages are the treat of an expedition. These stages, if you’re lucky, can give you gold bonuses as well as 20 diamonds. You can cash in nearly ~200 diamonds per day. It doesn’t matter what motley team you send, as long as they can give you much more than dealing against the guardians.

Now that we’ve traveled the realm beyond ours, it’s time we journey back home and rule it once more.


bloodline heroes of lithas kingdom

After the death of the previous High Guardian, you inherit the city that the former had once defended with their lives. This city you have been given is the backbone of your entire operation, giving life to you and to your adventure.

The kingdom is the first thing that you will see after finishing the introduction. The lifeblood of your operations, enhancing your kingdom is as good as giving more services to your Champions. Because of this, the kingdom acts as the second cycle of your gameplay. If you’re not feeling adventurous, then the city acts as your resting place.

With that, let’s go through the many districts of the city.


bloodline heroes of lithas district

Ehem, speaking of Districts.

This section of the Kingdom is what provides you with passive income. Throughout your journey in the game, you will unlock more districts and earn more gold through taxation. There are 8 of them overall, and all of them are unlocked once you go through Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas’s campaign.

Districts are simple as they have three things (or tabs): leveling them up, hiring workers, and assigning Champions. These three aspects improve the District, thus directly improving its income aside from passive bonuses that you can obtain from Companions. Let’s focus on these three aspects.

Leveling Up

bloodline heroes of lithas district level

A district can be leveled up by using Construction Plans obtained by playing through the campaign or certain events. You will only be obtaining a few Construction Plans through each level of the campaign, and the cost will increase more than you will get these items. However, they increase the number of workers you can employ as well as the champions you can assign.

Even so, leveling up districts does not give much gold, as its next two aspects do.


bloodline heroes of lithas district worker

Workers are the blood of your districts, which also means that they are also, in turn, the backbone of your city. Getting more workers means more money, and more money means leveling your worker. Which means progressing further through the story. Which also gives more bread to workers.

The cycle repeats itself.

Workers are the only aspect in the game that requires bread, which is used to gather more peasants to the fray. The amount a worker gives depends on the District that it belongs (alongside the benefits from other sources).

Of course, it also makes you question. Who handles the workers, then?

Assigning Champions

assigning champions in bloodline heroes of lithas

Not only do Champions do the bidding of war, but they also handle the economic affairs of the city. Champions assigned to a district give more money than a district without. Of course, the amount a Champion can give depends on their Leadership stat.

Champions are only limited to the districts that they can be assigned to, as dictated by what clan they belong to. As said earlier, leveling up a district gives more slots for more Champions to be assigned to a specific area.

Now that you have a district set up and collecting the taxes from them, it’s time to move on to one of the creepier parts of the city.


bloodline heroes of lithas rehabilitation

The role of a leader can lead to a role of a warden. The outside of the city is filled with rebels and traitors after the insurrection that Valora had committed. That doesn’t count the numerous ones that have already existed beforehand. The ones you have captured during your times out of the city are now trapped in a dungeon until they submit to your rule.

The dungeon is a way to get heroes, albeit only from a limited roster of them. After collecting from the World Map, you get a chance to capture a criminal and have them sent to the dungeon. If said dungeon is full, you can buy more prison cells or let them be in exile for a short amount of time before they disappear.

bloodline heroes of lithas interrogation chamber

When interacting with a prisoner, you can interrogate them. You have four actions when doing so: pacify, communicate, punish, or intimidate. The amount of actions you can do in a sequence depends on your current level as a High Guardian, with your respective cooldown being 30 minutes or so.

bloodline heroes of lithas lead discovered

Because of this, it’s highly recommended to not collect your bread in the Campaign section of the World Map until a few hours or so has passed. This is because prisoners can only be taken when doing pursuits in the World Map.

Now that we know of this, what do we do with the prisoners? What’s the best way to coerce them to join our cause? Doing an action gives +20 Rehabilitation and +30 if you do the correct action when they give a specific response. A guide below will show you what to do if ever they don’t cooperate with you willingly:


Karg MThis whole routine of playing nice is so tedious. I won’t fall for it.Nothing you say will work on me!Who are you to judge me?Your words are hollow!
Karg FHardly worth the effort to refuse.Perhaps we do have something to discuss…You will not trample on a Dragon’s honor!Those fancy words won’t convince me.
Tidestorm MYou seem to have a lot of time on your hands.Enough with all this. It won’t work.You really think that you will make me cave?As a dragonborn, I hold fast to my convictions. No need to waste your time.
Tidestorm FYou really think that will work on me?Do you think talking is going to solve these problems?I will guard the Dragonborn’s honor with my life!Your ulterior motive is all too plain to see.
Ugrull MWhat is the meaning of this? Pity!?No one with honor would accept your offer. Glory to the Orcs!I’ll rip your throats out with my teeth.Weaklings like you will never sully an Orc’s honor!
Ugrull FSo is this what you will resort to?Looks like you are not completely unreasonable.Your words of recrimination have no effect on me!An Orc will never yield to a weakling’s pathetic terms!
Yivnian MDid you think that was going to work?I have nothing to say to you.That’s all? I’ve had far worse.Your empty words will not change my mind.
Yivnian FI don’t trust you! So save your time.There is no sincerity in your words.These kinds of accusations have no effect on me.Save your time! I have no trust for you.
The Luxuriant MYour efforts to placate me are futile.I have no interest in jabbering with you.You’ll pay for that!You won’t convince me like this.
The Luxuriant FDid you think that would get me to lower my guard?Don’t try to trip me with your words.Your accusations are feeble and uselessDon’t try your luck with me! You will never succeed!
Gryphon MThese comforting words might be fit for someone weak, but they will not work on me.I think we should have a proper talk, don’t you?My companions will burn this place to the ground, and I will personally tear you to shreds!Your proposal is meaningless.
Gryphon FIt appears that you are sincere.Make an offer that is worth considering.This pain will never bring me to my knees!Everything you’ve tried is fruitless. Give up.

In order to see the responses, wait for their comment when doing a previous action disappears.

bloodline heroes of lithas recruitment

After their rehabilitation, they will swear an oath to you and join your cause. Remember that they will join you as common heroes ranging from 1 to 3 stars.

Now that we’re done checking on our prisoners, let’s go check on our friends from the guild.


bloodline heroes of lithas guild

You can join any open (or any private ones if they accept your invitation) guild. Join an active guild as much as possible, as inactive ones will lock you out from important buffs and events in this section. Making one as a beginner can be daunting and, at times, disadvantageous.

Anyway, let’s ignore that and move on to other aspects.

bloodline heroes of lithas guild order

One of the aspects we’ll be talking about is Order. Pressing the banner that has the name will present you to five different guild buffs that the grandmaster or deputy has to activate. Each active buff allows you to ‘sign in’ on it, giving you 100 guild contributions. Each buff has a tier that activates if enough sign-ins from all members are met.

bloodline heroes of lithas guild raid

The statue in the middle of the guild hall is the raid. From there, you can battle guild bosses for 200 guild contributions and 200 guild coins. You have 3 chances to raid all the bosses per day. Do not be deceived by the in-game’s description of the raid. All members will receive rewards should one knock down a boss. A guild raid is not a competition, after all.

bloodline heroes of lithas guild chest

And finally, to the left above the hallway is the Chest area. All the chests stored there are from guild raids as well as members who purchased packs. Redeem all of them immediately, as they are only limited to a day. And if your guild opens enough chests, they can unlock the top chest shown in the area that gives all members 200 gems.

Now that we’ve discussed your role as a member of a guild you’ve joined, we can now go fight other players!


bloodline heroes of lithas arena

In the arena, you fight for your glory as a High Guardian against other colleagues. As with any player-versus-player game, you are ranked based on the points that you receive after winning or losing against an opponent. You have 5 chances every day to challenge a High Guardian of your choosing, with a Challenge Ticket giving you another chance at the ring.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas randomly picks three High Guardians to choose from, displaying possible outcomes to your rank after fighting them. Once you challenge one, the operation follows how you go to a campaign mission: pick your roster and then fight.

bloodline heroes of lithas arena fight

Compared to the campaign missions, there is no automation button, but the game will automate your Champions nonetheless. There are no redos, so expect that fights can turn the other way around at any time due to random probabilities.

bloodline heroes of lithas arena fight 2

The difference between winning and losing is not just your rank being affected but also your chance to gain Honor. Honor is the currency used in the arena’s store to buy heroes, skills books, and banquet ingredients. So try your best to beat them all up and win.

Remember, there is no shame in beating up the lowest-powered High Guardian you can find. That’s a good tip I can give.

Guardian Stone

bloodline heroes of lithas guardian stone

The Guardian Stone can be summarized into four words: global hero class buffs. In the following area, there are six columns that represent the six roles in the game. Each row represents the stats that you can upgrade with: – Constitution – Strength – Fortitude – Dodge Rate – Hit Rate – Total Damage Reduction.

These stats can only be upgraded 10 times and is applied to all heroes that fall under that role. Medals are what are used to upgrade these buffs.

One can obtain medals by doing what is specified in the ‘Acquire Medals’ tab. These tasks are divided into four categories: Star Rating, Rarity, Intimacy, and Charm. These medals also have their own tiers, from bronze to gold. The cost for the buffs can be found directly when trying to upgrade a buff or selecting it.

We’ll discuss later how the Guardian’s Stone enhances our late-game value. More pressing matters are at hand.


bloodline heroes of lithas senate

The Senate is a part of the ruling class that lords over the city, with you—the High Guardian—as its ringleader. At times when the Senate debates more often on its own, it’s your job to step in and decide the final words.

The Senate is your go-to location whenever a new issue in the city comes up. From there, stepping in provides you with three resources: gold, bread, and random gear of random rarity. These rewards are numerically dependent on how far you are in the game, meaning you get more rewards the more you progress.

bloodline heroes of lithas senate decision

As the Senate refreshes every hour, you’ll have 24 times to visit it every day. Each time you also level up, you will have more pressing matters to attend to, thus more chances to get better rewards.

Dealing with such issues weakens the body. The next section will certainly soothe your weary soul.

Banquet Hall

bloodline heroes of lithas banquet hall

The Banquet Hall is a social area wherein you can host parties or join other people’s banquets. There are three types of banquets: simple, grand, and extravagant. Let’s talk about hosting parties first.


bloodline heroes of lithas banquet hosting

To host a party, you require 10 of the same rarity banquet ingredient. A simple banquet needs simple items, and so on and so forth. The larger the banquet also means the larger the rewards, as well as the participants that you can have at each party. As for invitations, it depends on whether you will make them public or not.


bloodline heroes of lithas banquet 2

At the bottom of the Banquet Hall area is the list of parties you can join from other High Guardians. Unlike hosting, you can join two banquets at a time. Should one banquet finish, you can join another. However, there is a price for joining: having to spend a measly amount of gold or diamonds for gifts.

That shouldn’t discourage you from joining, as it only takes about 1000 gold to join one at a minimum. The moment you can join banquets, you’d be swimming in money anyway.

Banquet Minigame

bloodline heroes of lithas banquet minigame

During banquets, you can play a minigame of memory. You are given a 4 by 4 card setup in which you have to guess which ones are pairs. Finding the wrong pair leads up to a cooldown of 1 second before picking another card. Finding the right one immediately makes the pair disappear.

This minigame, however, is competitive in nature. The better you can solve the minigame faster, the higher your score is. The higher your score is, the better rewards that you will receive at the end of the banquet. 60 seconds is all you can get, so try to remember the cards as much as you can.

Lucky Spin

bloodline heroes of lithas banquet lucky spin

The lucky spin is a spin lottery minigame that gives you rewards ranging from interrogation potions to bouquets. A banquet guest can get a spin each day, and this spin is independent of joining a banquet. That means that you can only have a spin once, and joining another banquet doesn’t reset it or do anything.

You can gain rewards if you do more spins, where the count will expire if a week passes. You can use more spins by spending diamonds, but that’s a hard pass that you should take as the costs outweigh the benefits.

After a banquet ends, you will receive a box in your mailbox. From there, you can see what you have obtained from hosting or joining. Now that you have your little present from your attempts at socializing, it’s time to go back to the ringer.

Dungeon Descent

bloodline heroes of lithas dungeon descent

The final addition to the game, unlocked when completing Stage 8-1, is the Dungeon Descent. Found at the base of the mountain that protects the city, this dungeon provides a never-ending challenge that stops after 25 levels. You can enter it and finish it, but you have to wait for 3 days until you can do so again.

The following game in Dungeon Descent can be described as a rougelite. You delve in with a roster of five Champions, which cannot be interchanged with others in the roster. If they die during the descent, they are out of the count until then. They can, however, still be upgraded outside of the descent.

There are 25 levels overall, with the next 5 levels being respite areas. If you have played Tomb Raider Reloaded, then the concept is similar, except the former is more action-based than strategy. You earn a different currency in this game mode, one that will function for a market system during your descent.

There are a lot of things to discuss at each level. Let’s go through all of them at a time.

A Standard Level in the dungeon

bloodline heroes of lithas dungeon trinkets

You start on a tile, advancing to other tiles by pressing on them. From there, the other tiles reveal more information or what they hold. These tiles may have monsters, gold, chests, health altar, revival altar, recruiting statues, and monsters. And floor bosses.

In order to advance, you must clear the floor, boss. Normal monsters block tiles that it surrounds until you beat them. The other statues are self-explanatory, but the hero statue is different. From here, you can pick a Mythic Hero to join your cause, having the same or better power than your roster.

bloodline heroes of lithas dungeon items

From the chests, you can gain relics which will give your party massive buffs depending on their rarity. These relics can have duplicates, so there’s no limit to what you will pick depending on your current roster.

You can leave the area if you beat the boss and press the portal.

Respite Areas

bloodline heroes of lithas dungeon respite

The respite area is the area where you can spend the coins you have gotten during your descent. From here, you can pick the relic merchant that will sell you valuable relics. Or, you can pick the goblin merchant that sells wonderful items in diamonds. While pricey, the goblin merchant offers more when it comes to deals, as bouquets from him are 80% off.

Now that you’ve finished 25 grueling levels in descending to the darker reaches of the mountain base, it’s high time we end the overview with one last topic.

Summoning Circle

bloodline heroes of lithas summoning circle

The Summoning Circle is where you can summon heroes that are rare rarity or higher. They require Summoning Crystals, or crystals if you have none of them. You can summon a Champion once or by a batch of 10. In diamond terms, they cost 300 diamonds and 2700 diamonds, respectively.

bloodline heroes of lithas summoning pull 10

There is no pity system in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, so pulling for 10s are not recommended.


Still have a breath, High Guardian?

These are a lot to process, and we still have a few more to go. Now that we’ve discussed everything about the game, it’s time we formulate our strategies to succeed. Like Sun Tzu once said, we cannot win a war without information. And now that we have it, we can win against everything.

Take the following strategies with a grain of salt. One thing this game does well is a balancing act between all classes. Don’t expect the tanks to not be tanks, and the other classes as well. Everyone has the chance to shoot their shot, and it will hurt when you let your guard down.

That’s not to mention all of the challenges that you have to be in the leaderboards in, as well as other in-game events that frequently occur. Let’s go ahead and talk more about what we will do in the future of our playthrough.

1. Traits to Choose

bloodline heroes of lithas traits

While covering all heroes in this guide will take us a lifetime, we can take some traits with us instead. Now that we have covered them one by one in a table, we would then place them in a vacuum in which we can see which one of the traits is the best.

S-TierBrutal, Energetic, Honorable, Noble, Agile, Focused, Hulking
A-TierFierce, Confident, Lion-heart. Ambitious, Aggressive, Sanguine
B-TierHex-Proof, Cunning, Ardent, Perseverance, Steadfast
C-TierResilient, Brave, Dexterous, Inspiring, Fearsome
D-TierDevout, Pure-Heart, Foolhardy, Vengeful, Pyromancer, Zealous, Inventive, Eagle-eyed, Dutiful, Berserker, Fighting Spirit
F-TierClever, Bellicose, Athletic, Loyal, Scrappy, Healthy, Tenacious, Cutthroat, Bestial, Last Legacy, Self-Sacrificing

2. Besting Combat

Combat in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is frantic, random, and awesome. However, there is nothing awesome in losing a fight against an unwieldy foe. Fret not; combat is relatively simple when it happens. What happens before it is the biggest decision that you can make out of it the most.

bloodline heroes of lithas formation

Champions are divided into two categories when fielded: the frontline and the backline.

bloodline heroes of lithas frontline

The following image highlights the heroes that are on the frontline. Notice that the middle Champion is not considered despite its position, as it is a backline one. You’d mainly field your warriors or tanks here.

bloodline heroes of lithas backline

Speaking of the backline, the following image highlights the ones who are. You’d field the long-range classes here.

bloodline heroes of lithas formation directions

Where they go depends on their position. The image above highlights their attack priority. The left and the right Champions will target the ones to the right, and the middle Champion will go in either direction. From here, who the middle Champion targets depends on who is the closest to them.

This is where you can change how the game goes! In fact, you don’t need to go for the standard approach of placing Champions for other tactics. Whenever you have trouble fighting the leftmost enemy group, you can change the position of your heroes so that they target that group. The same goes for vice-versa.

changing formation in bloodline heroes of lithas

An example is the image above. The heavy-hitting tanky DPS units are placed leftmost, so they target that position. Those by the right will have to duke it out to survive (which they will). However, because of the even distribution the opponents have, it’s easy to smash through their defenses as they can’t deal with a powerful left hook approach.

bloodline heroes of lithas extra 1

Whenever you get stuck in the campaign, try changing where your Champions will go. In fact, try to even experiment with which heroes suit best. While they may have traits or rarities or whatnot, whatever skills they have and levels matter more. A same-leveled common/rare female Ugrull is a higher threat than Mythic Gryphon.

bloodline heroes of lithas arena fight 3

Just remember this idea is a risky option in the arena, as there are no redos in it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try smashing through the rank and file with ease.

3. Champions to Start With

bloodline heroes of lithas starting units

In this beginner’s guide for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, the assumption is that all readers are free-to-play. If not, then there’s still merit in reading through everything, as well as the following topic.

bloodline heroes of lithas starter heroes

The Champions you’d pick to begin with are the following:

These five heroes will power you through the campaign as well as other game modes, such as Dungeon Descent and Arena. Let me explain each hero one by one.

bloodline heroes of lithas lionstone

The female Lionstone is a tank that gives out an attack and speed buff to the entire team. Because of this buff, you are able to fight against opponents that have larger power ratings, getting close wins at best. Her buff is made stronger with her ultimate, which gives more damage to the entire team.

bloodline heroes of lithas fulgur

The female Fulgur is a powerhouse. As soon as she is on the battlefield, she will demolish opponents with a rolling ball of lightning that deals high amounts of damage. That is before she summons her ultimate: hitting 3 random opponents and stunning them for massive damage. At that point, nearly half of the enemy team is dead, securing a win.

bloodline heroes of lithas ugrull

And then there’s the female Ugrull. She is the golden standard for melee heroes. Her ultimate is a spinning area-of-effect skill that also steals life from the opponents. This skill drains anyone that it hits, thus leading to clutch situations where she can win all by her lonesome.

bloodline heroes of lithas tidestorm

Then comes the male Tidestorm. His synergy comes alongside the female Ugrull, using his skill to pull in the farthest enemy to the frontline. With this ability, one can shatter the equilibrium immediately, thus allowing greater survivability if ever the backline has a strong damage dealer. His powerful one-shotting ultimate is but a caveat at that point.

bloodline heroes of lithas aeson

Lastly is the male Aeson. This man scales the entire party’s Strength by his current level. Unlike its healing sexual counterpart, he has a powerful damage nuke of an ultimate. He still, however, places shields on those who are about to die. Without ever needing to babysit, he can provide massive amounts of damage with these other 4 by his side.

And that’s all there is for your starting roster.

As for future Champions, that is beyond the scope of this beginner’s guide. If you do want to learn more as to what Champions you want to have, check out the Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Tier List for more information.

General Tips

1. Save Your Gems for These Value Packs

Value Packs are in the game’s store, and they provide valuable items that you can choose at your convenience. However, they require massive amounts of gems. Gathering gems is hard enough, but we can give you a few tips as to which ones you should look out for. And these are:

  • Server Might: 1399 Pack
  • Server Arena: 599 Pack
  • Server Heir: 599 Pack
  • Server District: 1999 Pack
  • Server Charm: 599 Pack
  • Server Intimacy: 599 Pack

Try to avoid cross-server value packs if you can, as they have less than server ones.

2. Do Your Dailies

bloodline heroes of lithas daily quests

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas gives you daily quests to keep you playing for days, and they give you massive bonuses when completing them. These dailies give you gold, food, and skill books on completion, as well as checkpoint chests that you can open once a certain amount of points, have been reached.

Not only that, but you also get gems daily for completing these quests. The act of logging in every day gives you 10 gems, with a few more missions giving you some.

Moreso when reaching the points needed to open the weekly chest. The weekly chest is the points you have accumulated for the week and also has its own checkpoints of 300, 500, and 700. Completing said checkpoints give you massive amounts of gems, so always make sure to log in and do your best to finish your tasks!

3. Follow the Development Guide

bloodline heroes of lithas development guide

The development guide acts as a repeating list of quests that the player can obtain level-scaled gold as well as items such as district plans and vigor potions. If ever you are short on resources or lost, the guide will lead you to the right way.

For quick reference, this is how the development guide goes:

  • Complete Stage (every 5th level)
  • Interrogate prisoner
  • Solve Senate Issue
  • Court Companion (Every 3rd Rotation of the Guide)
  • Carouse with Companions
  • Raise Heir
  • Employment
  • Level Up Champion
  • Upgrade Gear

Completing all of the items in the list is considered a ‘rotation.’ As stated, the Court Companion quest only appears every 3rd rotation. And since there is an actual end to the development guide (as you reach 2000+ of it), there’s merit to completing these quests.

But none takes the cake for the next tip.

4. Level Up Your 1-Star Companions First

bloodline heroes of lithas companion level

Companions give you unlimited heroes, given the patience and the bouquets needed to get heirs. Now, the current level of intimacy increases the rarity of the Champions given by said Companions. Then, 1-Star Companions have a cooldown of 12 hours before giving birth to another heir.

Mix two and two together, and you can completely have a Mythic Champion every 12 hours once you max out the intimacy of a 1-Star Companion.

Because of this, playing the long game is much easier once you have said companions leveled up properly. Once they are set up, expect multiple Mythics at your disposal in a matter of days, as opposed to having to pull them any other day of the week.

5. Get Bread From the Senate

bloodline heroes of lithas senate bread

The Senate gives you gold, bread, and armor depending on your choice, with said rewards scaled completely to your progress. However, we already have gold given to us by districts. Gear also is a commodity now by doing campaign missions, and the chances of higher rarities are fairer there.

With this in mind, we can take advantage of the Senate by completely turning them into the only source of bread for the city. Compared to any other of the following rewards for solving issues, bread is hard to come by. The Quick Collect at the campaign only gives a few scant compared to the amount the Senate gives regularly.

With that, more bread means more development for districts. A developed district gives more gold than its previous state. More gold means leveling up your heroes, thus advancing through the story. It’s a cascading effect that bread can provide should you use your power in the Senate well.


bloodline heroes of lithas conclusion

With that final tip, we finish our beginner’s guide for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas! Compared to other games that lock you out by giving stamina, Bloodline rewards you more for being active and alert for any changes. As soon as you play the game more, you’ll get a groove as to how things work. You’ll get better, especially when you use this guide!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide! If there is anything else that you might want to add or you feel that there are corrections needed, be sure to leave a comment down below!

Now go out there, High Guardian. The world needs the Goddess’ light once more!