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Torchlight: Infinite Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Restore Light to the Land of Leptis

Around the time hack-and-slash dungeon crawler games like Diablo became popular, Runic Games created a more cartoony and light-hearted version of the formula, bringing life to the Torchlight franchise in 2007. They were able to create a sequel in 2012, Torchlight II, before shutting down in 2017 after a failed attempt at an MMORPG. 

With the Intellectual Property held by Perfect World, the reigns were passed onto Echtra Games who then created Torchlight III. This year, in 2022, they’ve decided to give X.D. Network a chance to accomplish what Runic Games didn’t: to create an online game where players can freely meet and play alongside each other. 

torchlight infinite guide

Torchlight: Infinite’s storyline takes place in the land of Leptis 200 years after Torchlight II where everyone used and depended on the Ember power in their daily lives. However, with great prosperity and advancement comes a darkness that corrupts people from within, transforming them into Aemberons. And with the rise of Aemberons comes the rise of dark elements who thrive in this chaos and seek to corrupt the uncorrupted.

The game starts with your hero of choice in a dream-like sequence. An entity calls out for you as you traverse this odd and fractured dimension, telling you to give in to the Aember as monsters lunge at you. Amid this chaos, you hear a familiar female voice encouraging you to fight against it. As you fight off these mysterious entities surrounding you, an unknown woman in white appears from above and reaches her hand out to you. She lifts you up and takes you out of this darkness, awakening you from your nightmare. 

torchlight infinite cover

As you come to, you realize that the voice you heard was your partner, Aria, and you discover that the Aember within you had an outburst, rendering you unconscious as it tried to consume you. Had it not been for the unknown woman, you may have turned into one of those monsters that you fought against. Having been saved, you join in with the rest of Torchlight to help those in need, fighting in a war against the dark whilst trying to retrieve the light that they had lost.

Now, that you know the backstory of the game, let’s delve into our Torchlight: Infinite Beginner’s Guide for some tips, tricks and strategies to restore light to the land of Leptis!

1. Try Out All the Heroes!

torchlight infinite cover 2

There are 5 heroes available for free once you start Torchlight: Infinite. Berserker Rehan is the classic melee class primarily wielding Swords, Axes and Hammers and is capable of swinging attacks that can hit multiple adjacent enemies. Divineshot Carino is the classic ranged class that primarily wields Bows, Guns, and Canons and dominates from afar with long-ranged attacks that can target multiple foes. Frostfire Gemma and Spacetime Witness Youga are the two mage classes primarily wielding Wands and Staves but function differently from each other. 

Frostfire Gemma deals mostly Fire and Cold Damage with Lightning Damage coming in later and her skill set largely leans towards the offensive. Spacetime Witness Youga on the other hand deals mostly Cold and Lightning Damage with Fire Damage coming in later and his skill set largely leans towards support. Commander Moto is the classic summoner class that does not deal the most damage himself but can deploy machines and minions to fight for him. 

If you are interested in learning more about these 5 heroes and what we believe to be the most beginner-friendly, the most offensive, and the most supportive among them, consider reading our Torchlight: Infinite Tier List. It may even aid you in deciding which hero to invest in!

torchlight infinite tryout

Instead of only going for your preferred character type, we highly recommend trying out all of them to see what fits you the best. You can create up to 10 characters at a time, leaving you plenty of room to grow and experiment. The gameplay in Torchlight: Infinite is reminiscent of titles of similar genres like Diablo but has the advantage of letting you mix different skills and talents. These skills may be weapon-restricted in some cases but in all cases, all skills and weapons can be used by any hero. 

If you find yourself having difficulty leveling up one character but want to keep skills that this character has, consider leveling up another character and applying those skills to them. Say you want to combine the skills of Berserker Rehan and Commander Moto but you have an easier time leveling up Berserker Rehan. 

torchlight infinite commander moto

You can play as that character and then add summoning skills once you hit the level requirement to equip them. Each hero has different level requirements for each skill. In the case of this example, Berserker Rehan’s early-level skills mostly consist of melee attacks and will only touch upon summons later in the game. 

While the grind takes a while, with level 55 being the highest level required for some skills, it is infinitely worth it as the skill flexibility in Torchlight: Infinite will let you create interesting combos that other games with fixed player classes cannot do. However, take note that Hero Traits are specific to each hero and cannot be implemented for other heroes!

2. Learn the Different Damage Types  

torchlight infinite damage types

There are 5 damage types: Physical, Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Erosion. Each damage type has a certain effect (or lack of effect) and learning what each one does is important to become effective in battle.

Physical Damage falls under Attack Damage (also referred to as Weapon Attack Damage) which is dealt when you hit an enemy with your weapon. This is affected by the Damage bonus each weapon has. 

This damage type is amplified when an enemy is inflicted with Bleed which deals Physical Damage over Time. It is important to note that while all Physical Damage is Attack Damage, not all Attack Damage is purely Physical Damage. Some Attack Damage skills convert Physical Damage to Fire, Cold, Lightning, or Erosion Damage. 

torchlight infinite lightning

Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Erosion Damage fall under Spell Damage which is not based on a weapon’s Damage bonus but is instead reliant on Spell Damage bonuses which are not always present in gear. Fire, Cold, and Lightning Damage are collectively referred to as Elemental Damage. 

In many RPGs, we were somehow trained to associate Elemental Damage to have a “weak against” or “strong against” system and we need to learn which works with which. In Torchlight: Infinite, their system works differently. A character or enemy’s weakness against an element or damage type greatly depends on their Resistance to it. If they deal Fire Damage, it does not automatically mean they will be weak against Cold Damage unless they have low Resistance to it. 

torchlight infinite attack

Some Fire Damage skills may trigger Ignite which deals Fire Damage over Time. Some Cold Damage skills may trigger Frostbite which slows down enemies’ Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed by 10%. Upon reaching 100 stacks, this could Freeze the enemy rendering them unable to move. Some Lightning Damage skills may trigger Shocked which makes the target take Secondary Lightning Damage and can be triggered up to 12 times. Erosion Damage may trigger Wilt which deals Erosion Damage over Time. 

3. Familiarize Yourself with Your Character Stats 

Your character’s stats can be located in the Inventory Menu under the Info tab. Many of the terms they use are similar to other RPGs but they do like to use different terms for other stats. To make it easier to determine which is which, we have listed down what each page displays:

First Page: General Info

torchlight infinite first page stats

The first page shows you the overall stats of your character. Listed below is what each stat represents:

DPSRefers to your Damage per Second. Clicking on it will show you the percentages of the damage types your character deals.
SurvivalRefers to your Overall Defense.
LifeRefers to your Maximum Life.
ShieldRefers to your Maximum Energy Shield. Damage taken is absorbed by the Energy Shield before affecting Life.
ManaRefers to your Maximum Mana. Required for certain skills to be used.
EnergyUsed to unlock more skill slots and can be increased by leveling up or crafting gear.
Strength1 Strength = +0.5% Maximum Life, +0.2% Melee Damage
Dexterity1 Dexterity = +0.1% Attack Speed, +0.1% Cast Speed, +0.2% Evasion
Intelligence1 Intelligence = +0.5% Maximum Mana, +0.1% Maximum Energy Shield
ResistanceDisplays your resistance to Erosion Damage (green swirl icon), Lightning Damage (yellow lightning icon), Cold Damage (light blue snowflake icon) and Fire Damage (red fire icon).

Second Page: Stats per Skill Equipped

torchlight infinite second page stats

The second page shows you the Damage Value, Attack Value, and Other Values of each of your equipped skills. You can check their stats by clicking on the skills icons. Skills that do not deal will not show any data on the page when selected.

Damage Value typically displays stats relating to your damage output such as Spell or Attack DPS, Main Hand or Off Hand Damage, Cast Speed, and so on. Attack Value typically displays stats relating to Attack Speed, Critical Strike Rating or Physical Damage converted to Fire, Cold, Lightning, or Erosion Damage. Other Damage displays every other special effect that the skill has that does not fit in Damage Value and Attack Value.

Third Page: Resistance, Survival & Life

torchlight infinite third page stats

The third page consists of stats relating to Resistance, Survival, and Life. 


Resistance displays your resistance against Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Erosion (which is also displayed on the first page). 


Survival displays everything related to lowering the damage you take such as Damage Mitigation, Evasion, Block Chance, and so on. 

Expected Physical Damage MitigationRefers to how much Physical Damage you can resist. This value changes based on the target’s damage.
EvasionRefers to your ability to evade attacks. Spell Damage cannot be evaded unless you have special talents or affixes.
Reference Evasion ChanceRefers to how often you can successfully evade a Physical Damage attack.
Attack Block ChanceRefers to how often you can successfully block a Physical Damage attack.
Spell Block ChanceRefers to how often you can successfully block a Spell Damage attack.
Maximum Block ChanceRefers to your maximum ability to successfully block an attack.
Damage Block RatioRefers to the portion of damage absorbed when blocking is triggered.
Maximum Damage BlockedRefers to the maximum damage you can block.


Life displays everything related to Life, Mana, Shield, and restoration.

Maximum ManaRefers to your overall Mana.
Maximum LifeRefers to your overall Life.
Mana restoration per secondRefers to how much Mana you regenerate per second.
Life regain intervalRefers to how much Life you regenerate per second.
Shield regain intervalRefers to how much Shield you regenerate per second.

Fourth Page: Adventure & Battle

torchlight infinite fourth page stats

The fourth page displays all other stats that do not fall under stats on the previous pages. Adventure usually just shows the Movement Speed Up stat which refers to the modifier to the base movement speed. Battle, on the other hand, does not always appear unless your character can inflict a certain ailment. In the image example, the character can inflict Wilt with her skills so Wilt Chance (or the success rate to inflict Wilt) is shown on this page.

4. Hone Your Skills! 

Hold Skill Button

torchlight infinite skill hold

For mobile players, holding the skill button will let you do continuous attacks. This is especially useful when dealing with a barrage of enemies. 

Choose Any Skill When Prompted

torchlight infinite skill prompt

Once you reach a certain level and unlock new skills, you will be prompted to choose among usually 3 different skills. You might feel unsure of what to choose, especially if you don’t know what build to make for your character. Choosing any skill won’t greatly affect you since you can always go to the Skill Page and change it later. The other choices presented to you are available in the skill shop, most of which you don’t need to pay for. 

Quickly Upgrade Skills

torchlight infinite skill upgrade

Don’t forget to upgrade your skills once it’s available! It may just be what you need to turn the tide of battle. You can quickly do this without opening the menu by clicking the tabs that appear on the right side of your screen. Clicking some of these upgrades works as a shortcut to the Skill Page as well. 

Experiment with Skill Customization

torchlight infinite skill experiment

Skill customization is one of Torchlight: Infinite’s best features and many players who are tired of the same old class systems will have fun with it. These skills can be categorized into 4 types: Active Skills, Passive Skills, Support Skills, and Trigger Skills. 

There are two slots that these skills can take up. These slots do not have an official term but for the sake of clarity for this guide, we will call center skill slots the Main Slot and smaller skill slots Modifier Slots. There are 8 Main Slots which can have up to 5 Modifier Slots connected to each of them. You can equip Active Skills on the first 5 Main Slots while Passive and Trigger Skills can only be equipped on the last 3 Main Slots. Support Skills can be placed on the Modifier Slots and can be attached to Active, Passive, and Trigger Skills. Active Skills, on the other hand, can only be placed on Modifier Slots for Trigger Skills. 

Take note that when the skill in the Modifier Slot is grayed out, it is inactive or incompatible. This usually happens when you’ve equipped the Modifier Slot with skill and then changed the energy allocation to remove the slot. Alternatively, it can also occur if you changed the skill in the Main Slot without changing the skills in the Modifier Slots.

Active Skills’ icons can be seen on the screen in-game and are activated during battle. Passive Skills will constantly be active in the background while Trigger Skills are triggered only when a certain requirement is met. Support Skills will always only be placed in the Modifier slots. 

5. Develop Your Talents!

torchlight infinite develop talent

Talents serve to improve your stats and make you more effective in battle. These Talents are divided among 6 Gods which specialize in different areas, with each God having 4 Talent Panels that the players can choose from:

• God of Might 

 Main Stat: Strength

Talent PanelGod of MightThe BraveBloodstrikerWarlord
TagsAttack FireOne-handed Weapon ArmorTwo-Handed Weapon LifeFire Area

• Goddess of Hunting

 Main Stat: Dexterity

Talent PanelGoddess of HuntingMarksmanBladerunnerDruid
TagsSpeed LightningProjectile EvadeLightning AttackspeedCast Speed Regain

• Goddess of Knowledge

 Main Stat: Intelligence

Talent PanelGoddess of KnowledgeMagisterArcanistSpiritcaller
TagsSpell ColdSpell ShieldCold ManaChanneled Elements

• God of War

 Main Stat: Strength & Dexterity

Talent PanelGod of WarShadowdancerRoninRanger
TagsChance PhysicalPhysical TriggeredMelee BlockCritical Strike Distance

• Goddess of Darkness

 Main Stat: Dexterity & Intelligence

Talent PanelGoddess of KnowledgeSoulbenderPsychicWarlock
TagsDuration ErosionErosion SealDuration DebuffSkill Ailment

• God of Machines

 Main Stat: Strength & Intelligence

Talent PanelGoddess of MachinesMachinistPsychicWarlock
TagsSummon SentryErosion SealDuration DebuffSkill Ailment

You can only choose 1 God and can only choose 3 out of 4 Talent Panels. The first Talent Panel will always be selected first and you can choose the other two when you reach levels 20 and 45. Each character has a recommended God but you are free to choose any that you prefer. 

We highly recommend picking the recommended one for beginners and just changing it later when you have a better grasp of what you want for your build. It is easy to reselect a Talent at any point before level 80 as it is free and has no Oblivion Point cost. 

Talent Nodes

torchlight infinite talent nodes

There are 3 types of Talent Nodes that you will encounter for each Talent Panel: Minor Talents, Medium Talents, and Core Talents.

Minor Talents and Medium Talents are essentially the same wherein they both boost a specific stat of your character. Minor Talents increase the stat in smaller increments and can be allocated Talent Points up to 3 times. 

Medium Talents boost the stat with twice the amount as Minor Talents or with an extra stat or effect but can only be allocated with Talent Points once. These two nodes are always connected. Allocating points equal to the number above the columns of Talent Nodes will unlock that row of columns.

torchlight infinite core talents

Core Talents on the other hand cannot be found anywhere near these two nodes and are instead found at the upper left side of the panel. You can only unlock these nodes after reaching levels 10 and 20. Unlike Minor and Medium Talents, these do not consume Talent points and there are only 3 choices for each node.

6. Unlock Hero Traits!

torchlight infinite hero traits

Each character starts out with a default Hero Gift that gives them special abilities that sets them apart from other heroes. Under each Hero Gift are Hero Traits that are unlocked as you reach levels 13, 32, 50, 62, and 80. 

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 2 Characters (Divineshot Carino and Frostfire Gemma) who have alternative Hero Gifts that can be bought with Primocrysts. Some of these Hero Gifts are only available for a limited time before they disappear from the Shop. Other heroes may also have alternative Hero Gifts in the future. 

7. Keep Yourself Alive!

torchlight infinite alive

All these tips to improve your character and make them stronger won’t do you any good if you can’t keep yourself alive. For every death, you lose XP, setting back the time you spent grinding for levels. To help you prevent that, we have listed down some valuable tips to keep in mind while in a battle to increase your survivability:

Don’t Rush In!

torchlight infinite don't rush

Torchlight: Infinite’s enemies normally come in waves and hordes. While it may be tempting to rush in before killing all the enemies in front of you (unless you’re a sturdy tank, have companions, or are fighting low-level monsters), we highly recommend against it. 

It’s much safer to take it one step at a time, making sure the coast is clear of enemies before moving to the next area. Not only will you miss a few enemies and loot, but rushing in too quickly is one of the best ways to get yourself surrounded and killed. 

Move Away Before Healing!

torchlight infinite heal

Each character has abilities to heal themselves, but these skills will be ineffective if you will only get hit straight after. These healing skills have cooldowns and mana requirements so you have to make sure that they don’t go to waste. 

Whenever you find yourself short on health, move away from the battle before healing to give yourself time to recover. Most of the time it only takes a few seconds and you can quickly go back into the fray.

Watch Out for Rings!

torchlight infinite rings

Some attacks come in the form of sword swings or flashy projectiles. Some will appear as rings on the ground before dealing damage from above. These rings are warnings indicating that an attack will be launched on that location. 

You usually have a couple of seconds to react before the attack so be sure to move away or teleport. Some of these rings may appear sneakily so be sure to keep your eyes open for them at all times. 

Beware of Traps!

torchlight infinite traps

Just because an area is empty and free from enemies doesn’t mean that you are safe. Some maps and dungeons are loaded with traps. Some have visible indicators such as triangular orange plates on the ground while some will only be made apparent to you once you pass a certain area. Having your sound on while you play is the best way to keep yourself aware of the things around you since most of these traps have audible indications. 

Always Equip a Mobility Skill

torchlight infinite mobility

Mobility Skills let you teleport or dash from one point to another and are one of the most essential skills to have in your skill roster along with Healing Skills. Having one will help you avoid attacks and pass through hordes of monsters to reposition yourself in a safe spot. 

Equip Your Best Gear

torchlight infinite best gear

Periodically update your gear! You never know if you have better performing gear until you check your stuff and compare stats. As a general rule, if stat numbers are green, it means the stats are stronger than your currently equipped gear. If stat numbers are red, it means the stats are weaker than your currently equipped gear. But aside from these numbers, make sure that your gear’s stats complement your character’s build!

Buy Revival Tokens

torchlight infinite revival tokens

If death is simply unavoidable, whether it be because you are still learning the game, do not have the best gear yet, or trudging through high-level areas, an option you can consider is buying Revival Tokens. These Tokens can be bought in the Shop under the Account Tab for Jagged Primocrysts and prevents XP loss upon revival. 

8. Manage Your Inventory!

torchlight infinite inventory management

As you fight through swarms of foes, you will quickly find your equipment filled to the brim with loot. Managing your inventory is just as important as arranging your skills. You wouldn’t want to find yourself unable to pick up a rare item because there’s just no space for it. Below are some practical tips for managing your inventory: 

Buy More Inventory Slots

buying inventory slots in torchlight infinite

You can have up to 40 items in your inventory at a time with the option to purchase a row of four slots with 20 Jagged Primocryst. These slots are shared across all characters in all seasons so you won’t need to repurchase these for each one. However, these slots’ price rise by 10 Jagged Primocryst with every purchase. 

Stash Your Valuables

stashing items in torchlight infinite

Unlike other games that require you to reach a certain level to unlock storage, Torchlight: Infinite lets you access it the moment you reach the hideout, Ember’s Rest. You can find it by going to the upper right side of the map where you can see an icon that resembles a house with four squares inside it. The NPC that lets you access it resembles a floating red-orange chest. 

Upon clicking the house icon that appears while you are close to it, you will find 2 Stashes with 35 slots each. These Stashes can be accessed by all characters in all seasons. You can purchase a new stash for 400 Jagged Primocryst if you need more space. The price of 1 Stash does not seem to change no matter how many you buy.

Exchange or Sell Your Loot Before Adventuring

exchange loot in torchlight infinite

Before you go out on your next quest, make sure to always check your inventory. Equip the best gear or stash the ones you need then go to the Trader in the hideout (south of the center of the map with a money bag icon) and exchange the equipment you don’t need to Flame Residue through the Exchange option. 

Flame Residue can then be traded in Black Market for Flame Dust which is used for crafting gear with 0 or 1 affix. When you reach level 60, you have the option to take high-value gear and items to the Trade House (northeast of the map with the weighing scale icon) and put them up for auction with other players. 

Use a Town Portal to Quickly Sell Items 

selling town portal in torchlight infinite

After a certain point in your adventure where your inventory has reached its full capacity, you might be put in a position where you do not want to stop your adventure but you desperately need to empty your bag. It’s a long way back and you might be tempted to buy more slots or drop some items. 

What new players may not realize is that you can easily open up your menu and click Town Portal to conjure a portal to go back to town. This portal will remain in town until you go back into it or conjure a new one elsewhere. Entering the portal again will conveniently put you back where you left off. 

Use Filters

filter loot in torchlight infinite

One feature that most new players may not immediately know about is Looting options. From the settings menu, you can access these options which can let you set up Auto-Looting (if you have a Pactspirit), turn Loot Key-Binding on or off, and set up Item Filter Settings. 

The way the loot-filtering system works is the game will hide certain items from your view, only highlighting the items you want such as rare gear. There are 4 options for these filter settings:


This is the default setting and is recommended for new players who are not familiar with the gear system yet. This option lets all items be shown to you.


This setting displays most dropped items and only hides non-Legendary gear that cannot be identified.


• Hides Normal and Magic gear from the middle of Chapter 2.

• Highlights Rare gear with high energy.

Early Stages of Netherrealm:

 • Hides all Normal and Magic gear.

• Highlights Rare gear with high energy.

Middle and Later Stages of Netherrealm:

 • Hides weak Base gear. 


 • Displays all commodities, Legendary gears, Memory Fragments, Beacons, Prisms, and skills.


This setting hides non-Legendary gear that cannot be identified along with low-value commodities and Memory Fragments.


• Hides Normal and Magic gear from the middle of Chapter 2.

• Highlights Rare gear with high energy.


 • Hides weak Base gear. 


 • Hides low-value commodities and Memory Fragments.

• Displays all Legendary gears, Beacons, Prisms, and skills.


This setting hides all non-Legendary gears and low-value commodities, Legendary gears, and Memory Fragments of low value. This is only recommended for players who are looking for specific gear or items and not looking to earn money from loot. 


• Hides Normal and Magic gear from the middle of Chapter 2.

• Highlights Rare gear with high energy.


 • Hides almost all non-Legendary gears.

• Only displays excellent base crafting materials.


• Hides low-value commodities, Legendary gears, and Memory Fragments

 • Displays all Beacons, Prisms, and skills.

9. Collect Mission Rewards and Freebies

View Your Merits

torchlight infinite merits

Merits are divided into two categories: Path of Achievements and Path of Progression.

Path of Achievements

torchlight infinite achievement

Path of Achievements contains tasks that are related to Story, Progression, Gameplay, Netherrealm, and Others and has a separate tab that shows you the Overview progress of all of these categories. Story Achievements are obtained by completing quests related to the main storyline of Torchlight: Infinite. 

Progression Achievements have more to do with your progress in improving your character such as activating a hero trait, equipping a hero with rare gear, and so on. Gameplay Achievements are completed by accomplishing some tasks a certain number of times like triggering Chest Mimics, crafting items, and so on. 

Netherrealm Achievements are based on goals you can achieve within the Netherrealm. Other Achievements are where everything else that does not fit the previous categories goes such as logging in a certain number of times, acquiring a pact spirit, and so on. 

Path of Progression

torchlight infinite progression

Path of Progression contains tasks that are mostly concentrated with your hero’s progression and are categorized into Hunter Training, Skills & Talents, and Gear Mastery. A 4th category is unlocked at level 58. 

Hunter Training acts as somewhat of a loose guide or goal to improving your character with tasks that include raising Elemental Resistance to 220%, challenging Plane Watcher, and so on. Skills & Talents have more to do with unlocking certain skills, activating talent nodes, and other related tasks. Gear Mastery on the other hand has more to do with what you craft or equip on your character.

Participate in the Event Center

torchlight infinite event center

Events come and go in Torchlight: Infinite and will usually have their own pages in the Event Center. A few of these pages will show you a list of missions and challenges that, when accomplished, will reward you with various rewards. Seasonal events, such as Season Challenge, last for 3 months while weekly events, such as 7-Day Log In, last for 1 week. 

Visit Season Pass

Season Pass contains rewards that you can obtain within the span of the current season. The levels in Season Pass do not equate to your character’s level and are increased by completing missions on the Quest page. There are two pages in Season Pass: Reward and Quest. 


torchlight infinite reward

The Reward page shows you seasonal rewards you can receive upon reaching a certain level. You can only obtain the rewards on the first row for free while the second row requires you to unlock Ultimate Season Pass which you buy with real-life money. It is also possible to purchase a level with Primocrysts so you can instantly level up and obtain the reward.


torchlight infinite quest

The Quest page shows you seasonal quests that you can take on during the season that can earn you points to increase your Season Pass Level. Quests with green ribbons are quests you can accomplish for free while quests with orange ribbons are quests you can only fulfill if you have the Ultimate Season Pass.

Check Your Mailbox

torchlight infinite mailbox

The game developers are very generous with their compensation so you should make sure to always check your mailbox after maintenance for these free Jagged Primocryst. They will also sometimes send you some letters for surveys and others which will also have attached rewards. 

10. Get More Information

If you ever find yourself lost or confused within the game and want more information about certain things, especially those we may not have covered in this guide, below are some places you can consider checking.

Check the Help Menu for Info You Missed

torchlight infinite help menu

Torchlight: Infinite is a very rich game with many features and unique gameplay mechanics that you may not find in other games of similar genres. As you go off on your journey, the game will occasionally drop bits of info to teach you about these mechanics. As these tiny tutorials often appear in the heat of battle, some new aspects of the game that are just being shown and explained to you may not sink in immediately. 

When that happens and you want a quick way to check what you missed, you can check the help menu where all the new stuff is recorded. Note that future aspects of the game that you have not discovered yet will not appear here to not overwhelm new players. The amount of information displayed in the help menu depends on the level of the character you are playing. This means a level 12 character will have more information in there than a level 2 character.

Check the Codex Menu for Lore

torchlight infinite codex menu

The game throws around a lot of terms that players new to the game and franchise may not be familiar with. If you’re the type of player who loves to get invested in the story of the game they play, the codex is a good place to start. Like the help menu, the pages get filled up as you progress through the story.

Join the Discord for Player Experiences

torchlight infinite discord

What better way to learn the game than to join their official Discord Server and learn from the community? You can easily do this by clicking on the Discord icon in the main menu. Here you would be able to talk to fellow players and get all the latest news about the game. Just make sure to read all the rules and abide by them!

Join the Tap Community for News and Player Posts 

torchlight infinite community

To join the Tap Community and be able to message and follow players that post, you will need to have a TapTap account. However, if you would just like to see developer news and get a quick link to Guides and the Wiki, accessing this from your game is also an option.

torchlight infinite outro

And this concludes our Beginner’s Guide to Torchlight: Infinite. We hope that this guide becomes a helpful companion by your side as you fight off Aemberons plaguing the world of Leptis and retrieve the lost light! As you play through the game, you may discover many more tips and tricks that we did not cover in this article and if you did, feel free to share what you’ve found in the comment section!