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Twofold Inc. Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Hints to Get a Super High Score

Twofold Inc. is a new puzzler by Grapefrukt for Android and iOS devices that is described as a humble puzzle game with stunning looks and mesmerizing mechanics. Apart from the minimalist, back-to-basics retro graphics, the game boasts of a depth that will keep challenging and surprising, as well as endless challenges and two game modes. If you’re playing mainly for fun, then Standard should be just what you’re looking for, but if you want to really challenge yourself, then you’ll want to play in Master difficulty mode.

The thing about this game is that you have to match colors and keep up with the increasing number of blocks so you could move on to the next level. It’s simple to learn but quite difficult to master, but we can help you in the mastery side of things in order to get a super high score, so let’s move on to our list of twofold inc. tips, tricks and cheats.

1. It’s Not Your Usual Match 3 Game – Understand The Game Mechanics

When one thinks color matching, they usually think of Match 3 games. But twofold inc. is different from Candy Crush Saga or any other Saga titles from King – the mechanics of the game, for one, are quite different. You’re still trying to string together colors, but this time, you have to slide the board so you can create these strings or chains that can then be cleared with a single swipe. That shouldn’t be a problem at first, but over time, the number of colored blocks will increase very rapidly, as you’ll notice when the numbers pop up.

2. Make Smaller Matches If You’ve Got Many Moves Remaining

For each block added to the same-colored string, the number will increase. Just be very careful about making super-long chains, because the goal here, after all, is to clear that chain with one swipe only. The game will put you in situations where your main concern would be to clear small areas, but make bigger strings of blocks. But if you’ve still got the luxury of using a lot of moves, you can make smaller matches so you can fulfill more requests.

3. Clear Out Requests To Get Bonus Moves

Requests are the lifeblood of this game, as they’re what you should be thinking of constantly when stringing together colored blocks. You can see those requests on top of the screen, and you’ll always need to be on the lookout for them. Clearing out one request gives you a bonus move, but you will need to use that extra move wisely; save you bonus moves for later in the game, and don’t use them just because you have them. And once you finish one request, you will move on to the next.

4. Keep In Mind, That Requests Don’t Have To Be Matched Perfectly

Twofold inc. won’t punish you for going over the number limit of a request; it doesn’t have to be the exact same match, so you really shouldn’t be putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Once you exceed your quota for the requests, any excess will go to the boxes at the bottom. They could then be dragged going up, and can fill a maximum four squares of your chosen color. Just remember that you’re only allowed to store four of one color, and that it’s hard to fill them up once you’ve used them all.

And this completes our guide for Grapefrukt’s latest puzzle game, twofold inc. We will update this article, whenever we come up with additional hints for the game, so stay tuned!