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Last Empire-War Z Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Last Empire-War Z is a real-time, zombie-themed strategy game where you can join up and play with global players and choose whether to align yourself with them or see them as the enemy. You’ll be managing your city, producing resources and protecting them, and training your troops so you can attack and kill the zombies. You also have the option to play solo, though we can argue that that wouldn’t be as fun as playing with other real-life players from around the world.

Fighting zombies isn’t an easy thing to do – they may seem like brain-dead brain eaters who move slowly and don’t do much thinking, if at all, but they can attack in hordes, to say little of the different types of zombies. Luckily, with the help of our exclusive Last Empire-War Z strategy guide, killing the zombies and building up your base shouldn’t be as challenging as it normally would sound.

1. Earn Freebies With The Speakers

Look outside the walls of your base – you’ll see giant speakers, which can be activated every few minutes or so. The downside of this is that this attracts a horde of zombies, but the upside is that your wall’s defenses would kill them instantly once they venture closer. Killing all those zombies would earn you a random reward, so activate the speakers, and don’t fear the raging horde; your wall’s defenses will take care of them for you.

2. Follow The Missions When In Doubt

Any time you’re not sure of what you should be doing next, you should go to the bottom left side of your screen and follow the mission line. These are your main missions, which are designed to keep you on the right track and ensure that your base is up to snuff. That means making sure you’ve got the right buildings and upgrades for your level. Tap on the main mission line and you’ll be given your next objective, and even taken to the spot where you should set up your next building.

3. Upgrade Production Facilities

The game will allow you to build different types of production facilities, giving you all the supplies you need to survive this zombie apocalypse. These buildings run the gamut from farms to oil wells, though you’ll only get so much space to set up your production facilities. That requires you to even out the number of buildings per type. Also be sure that you’re upgrading these facilities regularly to increase production.

4. Poke The Wandering Zombies

If you want even more resources, you can go outside of your base, where you’ll see some aimless zombies ambling about slowly. By poking these wandering zombies, they’ll explode and give you some resources. Sounds gross, but that’s just what they’ll do – help you earn more resources on top of what you already have. And that can never be a bad thing.

5. Join An Alliance

Alliances are this game’s version of guilds, and they serve the same purpose – these are large groups with the same goal in mind. And just as we have many times before, we strongly recommend that you join an alliance the moment you could. By being part of an alliance, you can rely on other players to reduce build time or have them help you out in fighting the zombies. You’ll also earn some tasty rewards exclusive to alliance members, including 200 free diamonds once you join for the first time.

6. Research Passive Upgrades

The Institute will be unlocked once you reach Commander Level 4; upon hitting that level, build the Institute and start researching in there. That will give you passive upgrades for your base, your military, your resources, and your defenses. Research projects are limited to one task at a time, which is a bit of a downer – multitasking helps a lot, after all. As such, you’ll have to have one project on queue regularly.

Passive bonuses are typically more important than the active ones, and that applies in Last Empire-World Z. You’ll enjoy a significant bump in performance, so don’t let the concept of research get you down. Do it if you want your base to be up to speed.


Wednesday 28th of September 2016

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