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Candy Crush Saga Tips, Tricks & Guide: How to Use Your Special Candies

Although, we’ve been offering you a lot of tips on Candy Crush Jelly Saga as of late, we thought that this might be a good time to revisit the game that started it all, Candy Crush Saga. You might have decided to fire up this old chestnut in recent days, hoping to brush up on those Match 3 skills before moving on to King’s new title (as usual, for Android and iOS) and exploring Jelly Saga’s new features and mechanics. Or maybe you’ve decided to play the original game as an introduction to Match 3 gaming, which requires you to match three or more identical pieces to clear out the board.

It’s not rocket science – all you’ve got to do is to find three pieces, match them, and watch those pieces disappear. But if you match more than three candies, you’ll get a special candy, which you can then use to clear out the board quicker, and minimize the number of moves you have to make. That said, our list of Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks should be of great help to anyone who’s looking to complete more levels by using those special candies properly.

1. Don’t Use The Special Pieces Right Away

You might be planning to use your special candies right away after you form them, but that’s not a very wise thing to do. In fact, you really should hang on to those candies for as long as possible, and only save them for situations where you need to get out of a tight spot. If you’re running out of moves and have a lot of points remaining before you pass the level, you can use your special candies, but don’t use them willy-nilly, or just because you’ve just created one of them.

2. What Happens When You Combine Two Special Candies?

Combining two special candies could result in something even more special, if you get our drift. Combining two striped candies would allow you to clear horizontal and vertical lines. And if you clear out a third striped candy in the process, you’ll get a ton more points. Combining a striped and a wrapped candy clears three vertical and horizontal lines each. Finally, combining a striped and a rainbow candy transforms all color combinations into striped candies, potentially allowing you to finish those super-difficult levels in a jiffy.

3. Use Your Jelly Fish As A Last-Ditch Move

Jelly fish, in particular, need to be used only in emergency situations, where your moves are limited and something major needs to be done to complete the level. That’s because jelly fish reach the hard-to-reach spots on the board, even if you’re dealing with frosting. With that in mind, do not use your jelly fish unless you’re in a tough level and almost out of moves.

4. Combine Two Rainbow Candies

Aside from the combos we told you above, you can also combine two rainbow candies in the (extremely) rare event that this comes up. That will clear out the whole board, and you can only imagine how many points that’s going to net you when you do that! Just keep in mind, though, that these situations are very rare.

And this completes our strategy guide for Candy Crush Saga. Click on this link, if you want to check out the complete list of our tips, that we’ve shared for this popular puzzle franchise, including hints for Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.