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Tricky Test 2 Answers & Walkthrough for All Levels

Level 28: Hide the elephants:
Solution: Drag both the elephant image and the word “elephants” to the right and off-screen.

Level 29: URGENT! Click the green button 3 times, then the yellow button 5 times.
Solution: The timer is merely there to throw you off; you want to ignore that. Do as the game says by hitting the green button thrice, but hit the yellow button four times. It will then turn white, but turn yellow again, upon which you should tap it again.

Level 30: Stop Moai’s tears.
Solution: Turn your device upside down until the tears dry up, but do not tap on Moai.

Level 31: How many apples are there?
Solution: Shake your device to make the apples fall down. Count them, and you’ll find that there are 7.

Level 32: 7+7:7+7×7-7
Solution: 50

Level 33: Complete the sentence!
Solution: Drag the exclamation point found at the end of the sentence, but be patient; this could be a little hard to pull off due to the controls.

Level 34: Enter the smallest possible number for this calculator.
Solution: This is an easy one. Just enter a 0 and hit enter.

Level 35: What’s the least possible number of holes for this shorts?
Solution: One in the waist, two for the legs, two in front, and as it turns out, one in the back. That would give you a total of 6.

Level 36: Turn off the lamp again
Solution: Tilt your device to the right to bring out the light switch. Tap on the switch to turn off the lamp.

Level 37: Quick! Who will you save?
Solution: Mom or fiancée? The answer is both. Use a finger each to drag both your mom and fiancee’s hand up.