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Tricky Test 2 Answers & Walkthrough for All Levels

Orangenose Studios’ Tricky Test 2 is a new puzzle game for iOS and Android devices that specifically tests your ability to think out of the box. In most cases, the answers wouldn’t be obvious, and you’ll need to do a lot of thinking at times to be sure you’re understanding the question and the trick answer that may come with it. Some of the solutions can be really peculiar and out-there, but that’s what the game is all about, making you use critical thinking to the fullest, and preventing you from thinking of the most obvious solution. And if you’re able to complete all of the levels and get 140 IQ points, you win the game and get pronounced as a “genius.”

Indeed, it does take an unconventional state of mind to do well in this game, and if you’re looking for all the answers to all the levels from 0 to 60 (with possibly more to come in future updates), you can check out our complete list of Tricky Test 2 answers and solutions. We’ve got all the answers alright, but if you still want to be challenged as the game keeps teasing your brain, we suggest you only refer to this guide if you’re totally stumped.

Level 0: “Put everything in the box”
Solution: Drag the word “Everything” into the box.

Level 1: “Tap the green button 2 times”
Solution: Observe the green button as it moves, and tap slowly on it.

Level 2: Drag me into the square box
Solution: Drag the word “me” from the question into the box.

Level 3: Tap in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4
Solution: Do as stated, and tap in the order stated. Easy-peasy.

Level 4: How many holes are there in an underwear?
Solution: Three. One in the waist, and one for each leg.

Level 5: Which is furthest away from us?
Solution: Cloud, as that’s the word that’s farthest from the word “us.”

Level 6: Let’s see what you got here!
Solution: Scratch the silver part of the ticket.

Level 7: How many holes are there?
Solution: Arm, neck, waist, the hole on the shirt, and both sides of that hole, giving you a total of six.