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Tricky Test 2 Answers & Walkthrough for All Levels

Level 18: Put this elephant into the fridge
Solution: Drag the word “elephant” into the fridge icon.

Level 19: Can I have some Ketchups?
Solution: Turn your phone or tablet upside down and shake it, or tap it on the bottom end of the bottle until the ketchup starts spilling out.

Level 20: You are getting engaged. Your fiance has hidden the engagement ring. If only one statement is true, where’s the ring?
Solution: A tricky one. But the answer is B (“The ring is not in this box”), though that’s a false statement, as is A (“The ring is in this box”). C (“The ring is not in box A”), on the other hand, is the true statement.

Level 21: A pencil and eraser cost $1.10 together. The pencil costs $1.00 more than the eraser. How much does the eraser cost?
Solution: $0.05. That means the pencil costs $1.05.

Level 22: Peter was with 6 friends before he’s murdered. He left a message “qazsedc” on the PC screen. Who’s most likely the suspect?
Solution: Visualize those letters as they appear on your keyboard, and try tracing them. That forms the letter “H” for Hana.

Level 23: Turn off the lamp again
Solution: Swipe right on the bulb until you unscrew it fully.

Level 24: Which statement here is true?
Solution: The third one – “Three statements here are false,” as the ones saying one, two, or four statements are false obviously aren’t true.

Level 25: If you overtake the 3rd person in a race, which position will you be in?
Solution: The answer to this question is 3rd, so tap on the word “3rd” as you see it in the question.

Level 26: How many owls are there?
Solution: Drag the owls on the screen and you’ll find out there are a few more. That’s going to give you a total of 9.

Level 27: Quick, shake me!
Solution: Shake your device until the heart turns red, but take your time if you wish.