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Tracky Train Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Ways to Keep Your Trains on Track

Crash Lab’s new game Tracky Train follows that popular naming convention – made-up adjective consisting of a noun or a verb with the letter “y” stuck to the end for the first word, plus one-syllable noun for the second word. We’ve seen it in popular games such as Flappy Bird and Crossy Road, and just like those titles, this game is designed with the casual player in mind. The premise of the game is that you need to lay track ahead so that the speeding train has a way to pass through. You’ll have to act quick, because if you don’t, the train will crash. You will also have to make sure that the train picks up the waiting passengers and makes its necessary stops. Additionally, the game has five environments, over 100 different passengers, and 12 types of engine and carriage, so even if the premise is casual, it isn’t that casual like a lot of titles with similar names.

How can you ensure that your train keeps on picking up passengers and stays on the track? It’s something that sounds like it’s easier said than done, but it can be done, with the help of these Tracky Train tips, tricks and hints.

1. Basic Things To Collect

There is a collection element in this game, though the items you should be collecting primarily aren’t what you think they are – instead of collecting engine and carriage types, you will be collecting coins and passengers. All you have to do to collect the coins is to drive through them, and when collecting passengers, you should drive next to them. Drop off the passengers once you reach a train station, and pick up more new passengers along the way. If you’re able to drop off enough passengers at some point in time, you’ll unlock a new location.

2. Your Train Only Holds A Certain Number Of Passengers

Alas, your train does not have unlimited space within it, and it can only carry so many passengers. But don’t worry, as the game won’t penalize you for skipping passengers. There’s no other way for your train to keep rolling, so don’t be afraid to skip passengers if your train can’t fit any more of them. And while the game won’t ding you either for skipping a train station, you’ll have to deal with the fact that you cannot pick up any new passengers until you reach the next one.

3. Watch Videos To Restart, But Don’t Pay For It

Once your train crashes, you will have the option to watch an ad video or to pay coins in order to restart your game from where you last left off. Obviously, you want to choose the ad video, as it only takes 30 seconds of your time at the most, and leaves your coins intact. As you will need your coins for upgrades to your train, you should not spend them when trying to resume your game! The game allows you to watch up to two videos to restart, after which, your game is over after the proverbial three-strikes-you’re-out.

4. You Can Use Your Coins To Buy New Carriages Or Trains

When we said coins and passengers are the main things to collect, we didn’t mean that collecting carriages or trains isn’t recommended. In fact, it IS recommended, and you will need coins in order to do this. At the train select screen, you can add a new carriage or two to your existing train, or you can buy a new one. That’s going to come in handy in case your existing train runs out of gas, or gets too damaged. As trains refuel and repair themselves over time, it won’t be a complete loss, but you won’t be able to do anything unless you’ve got a backup train when your current one’s too banged-up to go on.

5. Bored? Go Check Out The Characters

Though this isn’t a tip per se to help you do well in Tracky Train, you might want to check out the characters if you’re the type who likes pop culture. You might bump into Walter White from Breaking Bad (or a character based on him), and you might even encounter some references to popular musicians and actors. Just keep picking up more passengers and you’ll see them appear in your character album, with a new pop culture reference added to the list as well.