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Brave Diggers Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Form a Powerful Army

Reality Squared Games’ Brave Diggers is a new RPG mining adventure with semi-idle mechanics. In this Android and iOS title you can recruit different characters to form your party of heroes. But it won’t be just mining for mineral you’ll be doing, as suggested by the term “heroes” – you will also have to kill monsters and keep your gear upgraded, so that you can keep up with the savage beasts that serve as your occupational hazards. And since this is a semi-idle game, Reality Squared says you can play this game only when you have time, so if you’ve got work or class or other important things to take care of, the game will be working in the background, gaining you tons of gold and experience upon your return.

There’s a lot of humor and parody involved in this game, but it won’t be any laughing matter if you’re having difficulty playing it. Yes, we know that idle games are easier to play than most, but just in case you’re running into some challenges, we suggest you read on and try out these Brave Diggers tips and tricks.

1. Keep Yourself Busy In Between Stages

The game will make you wait a bit before you make it to the next stage by hitting the aptly labeled button. After hitting on Next Stage, you should make the most out of the downtime by training and upgrading your party members. Keep on having your party members quest, and once it’s complete, you should see the Fight button. Tap on it and step into the fray of the battle right away.

2. Even If Inexperienced, You Want Those Rares In Your Team

We suggest adding the rarest possible members to your party ASAP, regardless of the possibility they’re still lacking in experience and upgrade level as compared to the common members of your team. You can always send them out on quests so they can gain experience and level up faster, or you can set aside some XP for them, so you can level them up right off the bat. Eventually, you’ll want to stop looking at those lowly common heroes and fire them once their services are no longer needed, and set your sights on the rare, then the epic and legendary heroes as their replacements.

3. What Happens When Heroes Reach Level 30?

Once any member of your party hits level 30, you will have the ability to upgrade their chi and greatly increase their power. You want to set your sights on that magic number 30, as upgrading someone’s chi is almost as good as doubling their power. The downside of doing this is that your next XP upgrades will carry a much more premium price, but given the fantastic effect on your character, it will be worth saving up for those costly upgrades.

4. Other Upgrades Are Still Important

Although you want to ultimately prioritize upgrading everyone’s chi, you should not neglect the fact that there are other things to upgrade, as well as power-ups that you can use to make your team more powerful. The minerals you mine are used to upgrade your party members, while your karma blade needs to be upgraded once you’ve found the supplies/crafting materials for this task. You can also quest through different levels, effectively farming for resources so you can buy yourself a new karma blade.

5. The Mechanics Of Grinding

Most games will gladly let you replay a level you’ve already completed so you can gain more experience points or gold without having to exert so much effort. Brave Diggers allows you to return to an old level, and once you do, that’s where idle-questing kicks in. You won’t be able to fight again, which may actually be a good thing, but your characters will keep picking up gold and XP. Also, as a bonus tip, remember that all levels have their own specific drops, so you might want to tap on the drops button so you know what to expect when you complete that level.

6. Don’t Play For Hours

Speaking of idle-questing, we believe it’s a very good idea if you stay away from the game for hours on end. The game says so itself in its description – you can earn large amounts of gold, experience points, and resources if you set the game aside when heading to work or school, or, might we add, going to bed. So don’t worry if you won’t be able to play for a while, as you may actually be better for it when you return to see all those goodies having been gathered while you were out.