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Notice Me Senpai Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Running Your Café and Collecting All Senpais

Notice Me Senpai is a new game from Skillshot Labs that’s available for Android and iOS devices, and it puts you in the role of the first girl accepted in an exclusive all-boys’ private school. In order to pay for your tuition, you’ll be working at the Third Year Building Café, and that’s where the fun begins – decorating your café to attract more customer, and meeting different upperclassmen. These include nerds, jocks, even famous pop idols – the game says that “this school has them all,” meaning almost 30 different guys, or Senpais, with different backgrounds and personalities. You can also take camera snapshots and check your Senpai profile list to track your progress in the game.

Looking at this game, its mechanics are an interesting mix of café management and Neko Atsume, only this time, you’re collecting Senpai, instead of collecting cats, with different items capable of attracting different Senpais. But how can you “collect” more of these Senpais, and how can you properly decorate your café to attract more customers? We’re going to be covering those two big questions and more, as we now present to you our Notice Me Senpai strategy guide.

1. The Basics Of The Heart System

The game has a “hearts” system that allows you to see just how a Senpai feels about you. Their feelings are based on a scale of one to five hearts, and this would also be based on how often they visit your café. Once a Senpai reaches three hearts, he will drop off a letter, and at five hearts, that will trigger an in-game event, which is pretty much a mushy cutscene involving you and the Senpai in question. You can also go beyond five hearts by playing the “petting” mini-game, where your goal is to increase their affection, and by taking advantage of bonus events, such as birthdays.

2. Senpais Tend To Favor Premium Coffee

Generally speaking, the Senpai in this game like coffee of any kind, even the one made from basic coffee beans. But you may also want to make coffee with the more premium bean varieties, including Gourmet, Golden, and Magic, as that would attract more Senpais to the café. That means more coins and gems – that’s the game’s common and premium currency respectively – each time they visit.

3. How To Get More Gems

Sometimes you may get a bit impatient and wish you had more gems faster, and with less effort. That’s not a problem, just as long as you have at least 500 coins and 15 gems at any given point in the game. By using the gem-to-coin converter, you can convert those 15 gems into 500 coins. That’s going to give you a total of a thousand coins, which you can then send to the coin-to-gem converter for 20 gems. You’re going to be out a thousand coins, but at least you still get five extra gems easy, and coins are far easier to earn than gems anyway.

4. Make Your Café Larger, But Prepare Yourself First

It’s a good idea to upgrade your café to a larger one at the soonest possible time. That will give you twice the space, thus allowing you to attract twice as many Senpais. There is a catch, however, and that’s the fact that you will require twice the amount of beans. So before you go ahead and upgrade your café, which will cost you 200 gems, make sure you’ve got enough beans on hand to cover the increased number of customers, i.e. Senpais, your café will be attracting.

As a quick aside, another good way to attract more Senpais is to buy décor that costs gems, meaning the premium décor. That’s something you might want to try once you’ve got the bigger café.

5. How To Attract The Different Senpais

Now that we’re done with the general tips, let’s move on to attracting Senpais. The game’s description says that there are 26 Senpais for you to collect, but by our count, there are currently 28, with the possibility of more getting added in subsequent updates. We’ve listed all of the Senpais in alphabetical order, so read on if you need information on their favorite items, and how many approximate visits they have to make to reach the three-heart and five-heart events. So without further ado, here’s everyone in the Senpai list as of this writing!

Ai (Cupid Senpai)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Bush, Heart Balloons, Heart Chocolate
3-Heart Event: 20 visits
5-Heart Event: 45 visits

Baa (Goat Senpai)

Favorite Items: Bonsai Plant, Bush, Flower Vase, PC Station, Rose Vase, Small Orange Tree
3-Heart Event: 80 visits
5-Heart Event: 180 visits

Hajime (School Fesitval Senpai)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Guitar, Rose Vase, Small Orange Tree, Taiko Drum
3-Heart Event: 40-45 visits
5-Heart Event: 80-85 visits

Haruka (School Infirmary Sensei)

Favorite Items: Afternoon Tea Set, Banana Couch, Traditional Tea Set
3-Heart Event: 120 visits
4-Heart Event: 180 visits
5-Heart Event: 280 visits

Hideki (Crammer Senpai)

(Hideki won’t be available until your game has been connected to the Internet for at least 15 days; this would somehow unlock the option for free Wi-Fi in your café.)
Favorite Items: Mini Pool, PC Station, Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear
3-Heart Event: 110 visits
4-Heart Event: 160 visits
5-Heart Event: 250 visits

Hinata (Tea Ceremony Senpai)

Favorite Items: Ceremony Teaset, Mat with Food
3-Heart Event: 100-105 visits
5-Heart Event: 240 visits

Izumi (Nerd Senpai)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Chess Set, Guitar, Soft Armchair, Small Bookshelf
3-Heart Event: 10 visits
5-Heart Event: 30 visits

Jean (Playboy Senpai)

Favorite Items: Heart Couch, Minipool, Mirror, Strawberry Shortcake
3-Heart Event: 60 visits
4-Heart Event: 90 visits
5-Heart Event: 150 visits

Katsuo (Swim Team Senpai)

Favorite Items: Beach Ball, Mini Pool, Sand Castle, White Day Set
3-Heart Event: ???
4-Heart Event: ???
5-Heart Event: ???

Kei (Ninja Senpai)

Favorite Items: Bush
3-Heart Event: 150 visits
5-Heart Event: 300 visits

Kyouya (Sensei)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Guitar, Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear
3-Heart Event: 130 visits
4-Heart Event: 195 visits
5-Heart Event: 295 visits

Mako (Basketball Captain Senpai)

Favorite Items: Basketball, Guitar, Mat with Food, Pet Cat
3-Heart Event: 70 visits
5-Heart Event: 150-160 visits

Reiji (Science Lab Senpai)

Favorite Items: Miso Soup, PC Station, Pet Cat, Piano
3-Heart Event: 50 visits
5-Heart Event: 100 visits

Ren (Lazy Senpai)

Favorite Items: Blue Sofa, Bush, Guitar, Strawberry Shortcake, Soft Armchair
3-Heart Event: 25-30 visits
5-Heart Event: 60 visits

Shun (Gamer Senpai)

Favorite Items: Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, Guitar, PC Station, Reclining Chair
3-Heart Event: 55 visits
5-Heart Event: 110 visits

Souh (Butler Senpai)

Favorite Items: Afternoon Tea Set, Fancy Tea Set, Large Tea Set, Mat with Food, Piano
3-Heart Event: 100 visits
5-Heart Event: 220 visits

Soujiro (Calligraphy Club Senpai)

Favorite Items: Afternoon Tea Set, Alpaca, Piano, Reclining Chair, Traditional Tea Set
3-Heart Event: 90 visits
5-Heart Event: 200 visits

Souma (Gourmet Club Senpai)

Favorite Items: Afternoon Tea Set, Guitar, Ice Cream Machine, Miso Soup, Strawberry Shortcake
3-Heart Event: 60 visits
5-Heart Event: 120-130 visits

Sousuke (Archery Team Senpai)

Favorite Items: Dango, Mat with Food
3-Heart Event: 100 visits
5-Heart Event: 210 visits

Suzuki (Idol Senpai)

Favorite Items: Bush, Cooler, Piano, Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear
3-Heart Event: 115 visits
4-Heart Event: 170 visits
5-Heart Event: 265 visits

Takahiro (Part-time Job Senpai)

Favorite Items: Cooler, Parasol and Mat, White Day Set
3-Heart Event: ???
4-Heart Event: ???
5-Heart Event: ???

Takeru (Childhood Friend Senpai)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Reclining Chair, Guitar, Stuffed Bear
3-Heart Event: 140 visits
4-Heart Event: 205 visits
5-Heart Event: 310 visits

Tokiya (Drama Club Senpai)

Favorite Items: Bush, Guitar, Mirror, Strawberry Shortcake, Stuffed Bear
3-Heart Event: 75 visits
5-Heart Event: 170 visits

Touru (Student Council President)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Large Bookshelf, Mat with Food, PC Station, Reclining Chair
3-Heart Event: 100-105 visits
5-Heart Event: 230 visits

Touya (Art Club Senpai)

Favorite Items: Flower Vase, Mirror, Painting of a Lady, PC Station, Piano
3-Heart Event: 30 visits
5-Heart Event: 70 visits

Wakatoshi (Delinquent Senpai)

Favorite Items: Afternoon Tea Set, Alpaca, Basketball, Flower Vase, Jukebox
3-Heart Event: 65-70 visits
5-Heart Event: 140 visits

Yamato (Rocker Senpai)

Favorite Items: Guitar, Mat with Food, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
3-Heart Event: 120 visits
4-Heart Event: 180 visits
5-Heart Event: 280 visits

Yuu (Young Senpai)

Favorite Items: Alpaca, Gumball Machine, Guitar, Pet Cat, Strawberry Shortcake
3-Heart Event: 15 visits
5-Heart Event: 40 visits