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Toy Blast Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Every Level Fast

Launched back in 2015, Toy Blast by Peak Games is a simple, easy-to-understand matching game for mobile that has managed to attract millions of users from all around the world since it was first released into the wild. Together with Toon Blast (also by Peak Games) – which came out in 2017 –  it’s among the most well-known tap-to-blast match games out there, so if you’re relatively new to the genre, it’s definitely worth trying out.

toy blast tips

The premise of the game is very simple – tap on clusters of two or more cubes of the same color to destroy them. Like Toon Blast, Toy Blast is made up of hundreds of puzzles divided into levels. To finish the game, players need to complete certain goals at each level. These goals vary, and will of course get progressively more difficult to reach.

In tap-to-blast match games like Toy Blast blocks are immobile, meaning you won’t be able to swap them. Instead, you need to locate clusters that consist of blocks of the same color and tap on them to destroy them. Doing so also has the effect of removing certain ‘special’ items which, in this guide, we will call obstacles and are usually part of the level goal. There’s a myriad of them in Toy Blast and each has unique properties.

toy blast matched cubes

Despite the wide range of obstacles present throughout the levels, you won’t have to learn new mechanics as you go. However, applying a set of clever strategies while playing is a must, especially if you want to make progress at a reasonable pace.  

Since the latest update for Toy Blast landed earlier this year and added more than 50 new levels to the game, we believe this is the perfect time to release a new Toy Blast guide. In it we’ve included a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies that are meant to boost your gameplay and help you become more successful at beating levels.

1. Try To Think With A Few Moves Ahead

As stated above, your main goal while playing puzzles is to identify clusters of blocks of the same color. The bigger you can find, the better – as it’s important to remove as many blocks from the board as possible in one move. Moves are precious stuff and if you run out of them without completing the level goal, you’ll have to replay the puzzle all over again, and you should try and avoid that.

To be able to create larger matches, you will sometime need to be able to spot which tiles are standing in the way of creating a bigger group of blocks. And this is where being able to think with a few moves ahead comes in handy. It’s not something easy to do, as many chess players will readily attest, but you should attempt to do it nevertheless.

planning ahead in toy blast

Basically try and visualize in your mind what would happen if you removed certain blocks from the playfield. What would the result look like, would it be helpful to your purposes?

When you’re trying to craft a match, your efforts are directly influenced by how the cubes are arranged on the board, which is a random affair. Basically, sometimes good matches will simply fall into your lap, while other times it might take some effort before you can create something worthwhile. Fortunately, you can always restart the level, if you find the tile arrangement is just extremely bad during a round.

2. Keep An Eye On The Level’s Goal

When playing puzzles in Toy Blast, it’s important that you keep the level goal in mind at all times. This strategy prevents you from running out of moves before the objective is complete.

Knowing your goal allows you to focus on the specific pieces that need to be removed in order to win. Sometimes players tend to assume that if an obstacle is present on the board it must be part of the level objective. But that’s not always the case.

Actually, sometimes a puzzle might contain all kinds of obstacles, but the level goal will only target one type of all those elements. If you don’t pay attention enough you risk wasting moves on removing elements which aren’t part of your end goal. It’s not a helpful strategy, so be very careful when deciding your next move.

toy blast level goal

The level objective is shown at the start of the level, but if you ever lose sight of it, you can always check it by glancing at the upper side of the display. Once you do, don’t rush to make a move. Take a good look at the board and carefully consider the elements you should be targeting. Then ensure your next move allows you to draw closer to hitting the objective.

Creating matches for the sake of it is not a winning strategy in Toy Blast, so abstain from doing that as much as possible. Unless there are NO other relevant matches available to make, that is. The levels aren’t timed, so you can take your sweet time deciding what to do.

3. Combine Your Boosters

Obviously, one of the main reasons why we’ve been telling you to aim to create bigger matches is because they can be turned into Boosters. These are quite vital items in Toy Blast, especially if you’re playing a puzzle with obstacles that are immune to the usual matching efforts (more about that in section 9).

Identifying Booster-making matches is a piece of cake in Toy Blast, as these clusters of blocks are marked with a relevant symbol. All you have to do when you spot one, is tap on it and the Booster will appear on the board. To set it off you’ll have to tap it again, but keep in mind that will waste another move. There are three types you can create yourself, as follows:

toy blast booster combination
  • Rotor: made from a cluster of 5-6 cubes of the same color. It can be either horizontal or vertical, and when set off, the Rotor will destroy a full column or row of blocks.
  • Dynamite: made from a cluster of 6-7 cubes of the same color. When activated, the Dynamite obliterates all the tiles in its vicinity in a 2 x 2 radius.
  • Puzzle Cube:  made from a cluster of 9 or more cubes of the same color. This Booster looks like a Rubik cube that has been solved, with only one side of a certain color being visible.

    Pay attention to the color of the Puzzle Cube, so that you can anticipate which blocks will be removed from the board when activated. If the Puzzle Cube is red, for instance, it will destroy all the red blocks when you set it off.

Boosters simplify gameplay and they are essential especially during levels that come with a small amount of moves from the start. But in order to make the most of using these power-ups, we encourage you to combine them for a more explosive effect.

For instance, the Dynamite is not really that powerful used on its own, as it can destroy only a 2 x 2 tile radius. But in combination with another Booster, let’s say the Rotor, it becomes a lot more devastating.

Select The Location Of The Booster

In Toy Blast you can easily spot Booster-making combinations as they are marked with a specific symbol. At the same time, you can also select where the Booster should appear on the board. This particular mechanic makes it easier to create Booster combinations.

If you have two clusters of blocks that can be turned into Boosters in close vicinity on the board, make sure you create the power-ups next to each other. Tapping on a particular tile from the cluster of blocks gives the position of the Booster. It’s worth remembering that, so you don’t just tap at random.

toy blast booster location

It’s not always possible to place the Booster exactly where you want, but you should be aware that occasionally this mechanic comes very handy.

Anyway, speaking of combos, the most efficient ones involve combining the Puzzle Boxes with one of the two other options. The Rotor is the better choice here. The effects of this blend will see the Rotors replace all blocks boasting the same color as the Puzzle Box on the playfield. The Puzzle + Puzzle combo is particularly destructive as well, as it removes a full layer of tiles from the board.

Activate All 3 Pre-Level Boosters During Really Hard Puzzles

While it’s a good thing to concentrate on making as many Boosters as possible on the board, don’t forget that the game also lets you equip power-ups before a level starts. This way, you’ll be able to start the puzzle with Boosters already formed and waiting for you on the playfield. These pre-level Boosters come in the same flavors as the ones you can make on the board: Rotor, Dynamite and Puzzle.

toy blast booster selection

Now, during really though puzzles we advise that you to try and activate all of the 3 pre-level Boosters at the same time before entering the challenge. In most cases this strategy will ensure you can beat the level. Just make sure that you don’t become too overly reliant on doing that, or you risk running out of Boosters pretty quickly. You don’t want that, since getting more Boosters for free is a rather slow process in the game. Alternatively, you could buy more in the Shop, but that costs real money.

4. Don’t Forget To Use Tools As Well

While Boosters might tend to monopolize your attention, don’t forget you also have Tools at your disposal and you should definitely use them. The best course of action when it comes to them, is to wait towards the end of the game to throw them in the mix.

Just try and solve the level on your own, but if it becomes clear that you won’t be able to finish the puzzle, consider using a tool or two from the menu below the playfield. If you still have a large number of elements that are included in the level objective still on the board, we don’t recommend going for the tools.

Unless you’re willing to use a lot of them, this strategy is not a good idea. Only use the tools as a last resort when you have very few key elements left on the board and you’re sure you can complete the level with the help of one or two maximum.

The tools in Toy Blast are quite varied and you can have your pick from this options:

  • Drill – removes any item from the board without wasting a move.
  • Train – removes all blocks from an entire row without wasting a move.
  • Vacuum – removes all columns from an entire column without wasting a move.
  • Bucket – destroys all the same colored cubes from the board without wasting a move.
  • Paintbrush – changes the color of any cube to a color of your choice without wasting a move.
toy blast paintbrush

5. Always Aim To Finish Levels With A 3-Star Rating

Each level in Toy Blast is rated at the end, according to your performance. You will be awarded between 1-3 stars when you finish the puzzle successfully. The amount you get is based on the moves and Boosters you have left on the playfield. This is another reason why you need to slow down and think through your moves really carefully – the less you end up using to solve a puzzle, the better you’ll be at the end.

toy blast three star rating

Stars are collectable and once you have earned enough, you’ll be able to crack open chests which are filled with all sorts of goodies.  These includes Gold coins, power-ups, Tools and Extra lives. You will be in dire need of all these resources throughout the entire game, so keep solving levels and opening those chests.

This is why it’s in your best interest if you could finish most levels with 3-stars, so that you can collect the needed amount faster and then have access to the goodies inside the boxes sooner rather than later. We even encourage you to replay levels as much as possible, even at the risk of losing lives (we’ll talk about this aspect of the game in section 7).

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Replay Levels

Actually, you should make replaying levels a habit. While you might be tempted to resort to Boosters or Tools to solve your hard level woes, you shouldn’t turn to them immediately once things get rough.

Instead try replaying the level a few times and you might find yourself getting lucky the next time around. For instance, the cube arrangement on the playfield might be a lot better the second or third time you try to solve the puzzle. Or you could try to apply a different strategy.

replaying levels in toy blast

We are aware that sometimes it might feel like the game is working against you, but you need to get over this impression and try again. This way you’ll also be improving your chances of scoring a 3-star rating at the end of the level.

We even recommend replaying levels if you’ve only managed to get 1 or 2 stars.  You don’t have to do so immediately, it’s possible to go back to older levels and replay them at a time that’s more convenient for you. Just go back to the map, and scroll down until you find the level you want to play again.

Sure, you’ll end up wasting some lives, but don’t worry you’ll be able to get them back pretty fast. Lives aren’t a big issue in Toy Blast, even if you’re going to be slicing through them quickly, but we’ll show you in an upcoming section how to ensure you have a nice stash of them at your disposal, so you can fall back on them, whenever in need.

7. Ask For Extra Lives In Advance

While we’ve encouraged you to replay levels frequently, it also means you’ll be going through your life reserve at a crazy quick pace. That shouldn’t deter you from re-engaging with levels you’ve failed to solve from the get-go though. The good news is that you can easily ensure you never lack for lives. At least, for the most part.

Join a group as soon as you’re able. Make sure you select one with a relatively large number of members. Groups are super useful when you run out of lives. You can go to your group and ask the people there to send you some. The more members a group has, the better your chances of receiving lives fast. So don’t go joining a Group with 5 members. Search for a bigger one.

how to get extra lives in toy blast

Anyway, the extra lives you’ve collected so far are stored in your Inbox (the first tab at the bottom). You can win more lives also by opening Star chests, spinning the Toy wheel and participating in events (more on that section 9). If you still need more, you can always ask your group buddies for help.

To make sure you always have lives at your disposal, go ahead and ask for lives in advance. You can put in a request every 4 hours, and we encourage you to remember to do that. The lives you receive will then be automatically transferred to your inbox where you’ll be able claim them from whenever you’re in need.

8. Buy Extra Moves If You Think It Helps

Sometimes replaying a level or using all kinds of Boosters won’t have the desired. You’re still stuck and unable to pass to the next stage. Fortunately, you have an additional option when it comes to saving your current game from failure.

If you don’t want to replay the puzzle again, you can opt to buy 5 extra moves, but you’ll have to spend coins in order to get access to them. Coins are rewards you can grab by opening Star Chests or by spinning the Toy Wheel each day you visit the game.

For this reason, we suggest that you make it a point to visit the game daily, so that you can grab the free prize. Other methods of getting coins include opening additional Treasure chests by passing levels and signing in with your Facebook account in the game.

toy blast extra moves

Anyway, if you have enough cash at your disposal you can pay for 5 extra lives at the end of a game. Just make sure you can solve the level in 5 moves or else you’ll be spending in vain. Coin collection is a slow process in Toy Blast and so if you make a habit of spending constantly, you’ll end up being penniless very fast and you don’t want that.

Reserve paying for the 5 extra moves for occasions when you’re really sure that you can clear the level. If you still have lots of obstacles and elements included in the level objective left on the playfield we suggest that you opt to replay the level instead.

9. Check The Daily Events

Events are constantly going on in Toy Blast. You can check which Events are currently active by visiting he Events tab (the second at the bottom) and browsing what’s available.

Take a look at the requirements of each, and aim to hit their goals in order to unlock various prizes. For instance, during Treasure Hunt, players are tasked to win 10 levels in order to crack open a Treasure chest that might contains Lives, Coins, Boosters and more.

toy blast daily events

There are also Challenges which are renewed every day. For instance, if you’re able to create 75 Rotors you can grab a 25 Coin reward.

Make sure you know what events are taking place presently in the game. Some are more generous than others and if one of the former type is currently unfolding it be wise if you could make time and play. Don’t worry if you don’t have time though, these events usually stretch over a period of day so you can come back to Toy Blast once your schedule has cleared up.

10. Some Best Practices To Remove Obstacles From The Playfield

Toy Blast’s many levels feature tons of different obstacles of various shapes and sizes. Some you will be tasked to collect, although you’ll primary need to destroy them in order to finish the puzzles and move on to the next. In this section we’ll be talking a look at the types of obstacles you’ll stumble upon while playing Toy Blast with the goal of providing some tips on how to get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Single-batch Obstacles: These are the most common type of obstacles you’ll find in Toy Blast. Things like Beach balls or Lego pieces (white) that can be destroyed simply by matching next to them. Bubbles are a special type of single-match obstacles we should mention here, as you’ll need to create matches using the cubes sitting beneath them in order to get rid of them. Focus on removing these obstacles (any obstacle actually) as soon as possible if you want to clear the level with a 3-star rating.

how to remove obstacles in toy blast

Multi-blast Obstacles: These include elements such as Reinforced Lego pieces (white and colored), Grates, Easter eggs, UFOs and more. This are elements next to which you’ll have to match multiple times in order to remove them completely from the board.

When playing a puzzle that features elements such as these, you must immediately set to work to clear these items away, as they might be blocking parts of the board, making it impossible for you to reach certain elements. In this cases, making use of Boosters is highly encouraged, especially if you can combine two together.

Falling Objects: These are items such as Stuffed toys. While these items can’t be destroyed by creating matches next to them, you do need to remove them from the playfield. To achieve this, you’ll have to create a path for them so that they to fall at the bottom of the board. Eliminate the cubes standing in the way and any other obstacles to quickly get rid of these items.

Don’t leave trying to remove these items at the last minute, as the bottom of the board might be blocked by other obstacles and so you’ll need to tackle them first. Again, the use of Boosters (and Tools) is encouraged here, as much as possible.

A swift way to get the object to fall at the bottom of the board is through the use of a vertical Rotor that needs to be positioned into the same row as the target object. Other Boosters can also be of use of course, and Tools as well especially the Vacuum.

toy blast spreading objects

Spreading Objects: These include elements such as Ice. These are tricky obstacles that if left unchecked will spread all over your board and turn all of the cubes on the playfield into Ice. To prevent that, you’ll need to use each move to destroy a block of Ice meaning you have to create matches next to a piece of Ice.

This strategy will keep the spreading in check. Eliminate all blocks of Ice and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. This is why, during levels featuring Ice you need to concentrate on removing it as quickly as possible. Leave the other obstacles that are included in the level objective for later. Focus on Ice primary. Use Booster combinations to remove multiple Ice blocks and speed up the process.

Color-match Obstacles: These include elements such as Pin wheels, Colored Lego pieces or Magician hats. To destroy these items, you’ll need to create matches of the same color as them. In the case of the colored Lego, to remove yellow Legos you’ll need to create a match made of yellow cubes. Pin wheels are more complex than that though, as you’ll have to make a match of each color in order to completely remove the obstacle. That means Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

Once you’ve made a red match next to the Pin wheel, a second red match won’t have any effect on it.  Magician Hats hide goodies underneath, so whenever you match with the right type of blocks, they will reveal a Booster.Fortunately, Boosters can affect the color-match objects, so they provide an easier way to get rid of these elements. It’s best to use them as much as possible because these type of elements can be quite frustrating.

toy blast booster-only obstacles

Booster-only Obstacles: such as Pigs. These elements are immune to your matching efforts and they can only be destroyed by Boosters. Sometimes they might appear sealed off in Grates and so you’ll need to set them free first, by matching next to the Grates. Booster-only obstacles can become quite frustrating if you don’t start immediately to create Boosters with the sole purpose of blasting them.

However, it’s not always that easy, as the tile arrangement might not be in your favor and so on. Don’t despair though, replaying the level a few times and perhaps equipping some pre-level Boosters before giving it another shot might help.

By-product Objects: these can produce additional items when players match next to them. Example of these types of objects include the Skittles and the Bee Hives. Each blast in the vicinity of these elements will release an item which you need to collect in order to clear the level objective.

In the case of the Skittles, blasting a total of 6 times has the effect of removing the cluster from the playfield, but Bee Hives can continue to produce Bee indefinitely until you can collect the amount required by the level goal. Using Boosters on these elements is definitely encouraged, as well as creating matches that stretch across an object’s entire side, so you can release more items with one move.

The main takeaway of this section is this – know your level objective and make sure that you start working towards removing the elements included in the goal as soon as possible. Start with the trickiest, for example, the Spreading objects such as Ice. Don’t match randomly or you risk failing the level. Don’t forget that matching affects most obstacles on the board, but there are a few exceptions such as the Pigs.

It’s now time to conclude our Toy Blast guide. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post and that you’ve managed to find some useful tips and tricks that you will be able to apply to your own gameplay. If you have knowledge of any strategies that haven’t been included into this guide yet, you’re invited to share it with us in the comment section below.