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Lineage2M Ultimate Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Started on Your Journey

Lineage2M is the latest iteration of the Lineage series of MMO games. Available on the App Store, the Google Play Store, and NCSoft’s own PURPLE platform, Lineage places players in the shoes of one of many Inheritors, chosen wielders of a sacred relic tasked with defeating the foul Etis.

lineage2m guide

There’s a lot of ground to cover in Lineage2M, and first-time players of the series might find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information. Luckily, we’ve prepared a comprehensive Lineage2M ultimate guide to help you get your bearings and get off to a good start in the world of Lineage2M.

The Basics Of Lineage2M

The UI of Lineage2M can be quite overwhelming for a new player. Considering that Lineage was originally an MMO, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. But in spite of this, you’ll find that the interface contains everything you need at the touch of a button.

lineage2m buffs
HP, MP, and Buffs are accessible in the uppermost left of the screen.

To the upper left you’ll find your HP and MP; these two statistics are self-explanatory. You can tap on them to see your stat distribution and assign bonus stat points that you’ll start getting once you hit level 20.

Beside them, you might see a bunch of green and blue icons. These indicate your current buffs. You can tap the icons to get a detailed view of what’s affecting your character. There are 3 buff categories: Buff (from consumables), Passive (from passive skills, class abilities, and so on) and Gear (from your equipment).

Below this is the minimap. There are two icons to the right. The upper icon is the waypoint icon. You can use this to mark a location for either yourself or your clan, so that you can both recall it easier and teleport to it. Each teleportation will consume a Blessed Teleport Scroll. The lower icon is the NPC finder. By tapping on it and selecting an NPC, you’ll autowalk to the closest NPC of that type, which is great if you’re still getting your bearings in a new town.

lineage2m map
Look at all these grinding spots.

You can tap on the minimap to open up the world map. Here, you’ll be presented a top-down view of the world of Lineage2M. You’ll also be able to select and warp to locations by tapping on the green crystals on the world map – this will cost gold. Alternately, you can autowalk to those locations. You can also read up on the monsters in the area, their types and possible drops.

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The middle section of the left side is for parties, quick settings, and chat. Parties are self-explanatory – every MMORPG nowadays has them. You can create parties and adjust their loot settings through this interface. You can also see the names of people you’ve recently partied up with.

By tapping the speech bubble, you’ll open the chat menu. Here, you can communicate with other players through different channels and you can even perform emotes. You can go to chat settings if you want to change what channels are displayed in your screen.

To change what channel you chat in, tap the button to the left of the text input box – it should be on Basic by default. Finally, you can tap on the name of someone in chat for more in-depth interactions, like inviting them to a party, whispering, blocking, or reporting them.

You can also add chat macros for quick access. These let you access things you type with a single tap – and an accompanying emote, if you’d like. You can use these for quick communication with other players.

lineage2m quick settings
Automating your automation, how nice.

The Quick Settings panel is opened by tapping the middle button between parties and chat, the gear with a lightning bolt. Here you’ll be able to customize how the game automates your character in combat, if you want the game (and your phone) to go into power saving mode and how quickly it will do that, what threshold of HP should it start chugging potions, and much more.

lineage2m karma exp

The lowest left portion of your screen shows your level in a big, bold number, with your current percentage of exp below it. Beside that is a compass icon; tap holding on this shows your current karma and standing. Karma increases by killing mobs and doing quests but decreases when you attack players that aren’t attacking you. A blue name means high karma, while a red name indicates low karma.

To the right of these are the camera settings. Tapping the left side of the camera settings switches the game to over the shoulder camera mode, while tapping the right side switches between fixed cameras of different directional orientations. Finally, you can tap until the orange circle goes away to go into free cam mode.

lineage2m consumables

To the left of the camera settings is the quick consumables menu. Here you can tap on consumables to set them to be auto-used in battle. To change whether an item is allowed or not in autocombat, tap it to either light it up (allow) or dim it (block). You can also check how many HP potions or Soulshots you have at a glance.

lineage2m combat quickslots

The middle of the screen shows your diamonds, gold, the chat screen, and your combat quickslots. Diamonds are the game’s premium currency and must be bought with real-life money. Take note that you’ll need to have verified your Google Play or App Store payment methods before you can purchase anything.

Adena is the go-to currency for any in-game transactions. Potions, armor, weapons, skill books, and more need to be purchased with these coins.

lineage2m skill auto-use on
The orange bar and lowered icon means that this skill is on auto-use; my character will automatically use this skill whenever it’s off cooldown

The Combat Quickslots at the very bottom of the screen are useful for streamlining manual combat and determining what skills autocombat will use. You can assign skills to this bar through the skill window in the upper right (more on that later).

lineage2m skill auto-use off
And now autocast is off

Skills can be triggered to be autocast by dragging their quickslot icons downwards. You’ll know that you’ve set it to autouse when an orange arrow appears at the top of the icon. Note that you have multiple quickslot bars. To access the other bars, swipe to the side.

lineage2m menu panels
Blessings, Cash Shop, Inventory, Skills, Quests, and the Menu.

To the upper right are a multitude of buttons. The two feathers show how many Einhasad’s Blessings you have. While you have these blessings, you have increased experience and Adena gain. Blessings slowly decrease as you fight monsters.

The sack with an A opens the cash shop. You can also open this by tapping the diamond in the top-middle of your screen.

lineage2m bag
I am too busy killing and looting to pay attention right now.

The backpack is your inventory. Here you can see all the loot and gear you’ve accrued on your journey. To view an item in greater detail, tap hold on it. You can also assign items to quickslots on this screen. Tap on an item, then tap on a quickslot to assign it. Don’t forget to drag the panel down if you want to turn auto-use on.

lineage2m skills
The skills that pay the bills and give the thrills.

Next to your inventory button is your skills tab. A list of all the skills you’ve learned are here, sorted by class. You can assign skills to quickslots by tapping a skill, then tapping the quickslot you want to assign it to.

lineage2m quests
A big to-do list.

Beside that button is the quests icon. You’ll be able to see your current and completed main quests, Oracle Quests, guides, and achievements. If you skipped a tutorial quest, it’ll appear here under guides.

lineage2m main menu
I tapped the button and it became more buttons!

Tapping the menu button brings up a panel of sub-buttons. We’ll cover them in more detail later, but for now let’s talk about the buttons.

Class lets you view and switch your classes. Agathion is the pet menu. Codex opens the item codex. Spirit opens the Spirit Inscription menu for Soulshots. Expertise shows your weapon proficiency and unlockd passives. Craft opens the crafting menu. Market lets you buy and sell items – but you’ll need to sign up for an account security service.

Ranking shows the top players in either your server or across all servers. PVP Book shows your personal PVP records and statistics. Dungeon shows all the dungeons, which ones are available to you, and when they reset. Clan opens the clan interface, if you have one, while Social is your friends and blocked people list.

Daily is for your daily login bonus, if you haven’t claimed it yet. Emotes let your character perform emotes and emojis. Marked Locations opens the map pin menu, the same one beside the minimap.

At the bottom are a few more icons – Mail, Season Pass, Help, Settings, and Exit. Mail is for notes sent to you while Season Pass opens the season pass menu where you can claim your prizes and buy the pass. Help opens the NCSoft website. Settings let you tweak the game, and Exit closes Lineage2M.

lineage2m combat buttons

The right-middle side of the screen is mostly combat-related. The scroll is your quest tracker; click it again to hide your quests. The radar on the right panel is your scan targets menu, while the one with the gear is your scan settings. The speaker icon controls the game’s volume.

On the lower part are 4 large buttons. The radar is to scan for things, based on your scan settings. Auto Hunt is a toggleable key that causes your character to automatically attack enemies, based on your quest or settings. The hand is to pick up items. The swords at the bottom are for manual attacks, if you want to take over auto hunting.

lineage2m item quickbar
Hello, spider!

The bottom right of your screen is an item quickbar. It’s here that you should place your consumables from your bad for auto use. Again, make sure to slide the icons down if you want to mark an item for automatic consumption.

Do Your Quests

Quests are part and parcel of an RPG, and Lineage2M is no different in this regard. There are multiple types of quests you can take, each of which will help in your journey to greatness.

lineage2m quest location
Fetch quests are par for the course.

All quest locations can be teleported to by tapping the arrow icon beside a quest name. Alternately, you can tap on the quest’s name to walk to that area. You can check a quest’s information by opening the Quests tab on the upper right.

Before taking a quest, you’ll be given a preview of what you’ll get from it, including how much percent of exp you’ll get. This can help you decide if a quest is worth taking or not.

Main Quests

lineage2m main quests

Main quests are distinguishable by their gold color in your quest list. They’re worth doing to both progress the story and ease you into new locations and mechanics.


lineage2m guide quests
If you don’t do your guide quests, Leah will keep talking to you.

Guide quests appear as green in the quest list. They’re there to give you a walkthrough on how to use certain in-game functions.

Oracle Quests

lineage2m oracle quests
The goddess of order and minor chores, Einhasad.

Oracle Quests are a great way to complement your main quest progression and grinding. Visit the Einhasad Statue in any town to open the list of Oracle Quests for the day. If you don’t like the quests that are offered, you can refresh them for 1000 gold. You can take up to 10 per day, and have a select few active at any time. You can also drop Oracle Quests that you don’t feel like doing by going to the Quests tab, Oracle Quest, then Abandon.

These quests grant you experience, gold, and other resources. Apart from their main rewards, you can also draw a random reward after completing each Oracle Quest. Additionally, if you level up, your Oracle Quest limit for the day is reset!

lineag2m quest reroll
But I don’t want to kill those guys over there. I want to kill the guys over here.

Sometimes, you’ll get an Oracle Quest scroll that you can use to start an Oracle Quest that may be of a higher level. These quests offer even better rewards in exchange for more work. To claim these quests, use the scroll in your inventory.

lineage2m oracle shop
Always nice to get passive skills.

You can spend your Oracle Tokens at priestesses of Einhasad located in towns. You can buy skillbooks from them, which give you passive skills.


lineage2m oracle shop
This is nice.

Lineage2M has multiple achievement rewards for reaching certain milestones, such as reaching new levels, crafting, PVP, or participating in raid bosses. These milestones come with a one-time reward that’s sure to help you in your journey. To check your achievement list and claim your rewards, go to your Quest tab and tap on Achievements.

How To Get Stronger

defeating the siege golem in lineage2m
You want me to do what now?

There’s a lot of ways to get stronger in Lineage2M, whether that’s through your items, skills, or equipment.

Learn to Fight

Combat in Lineage2M is done by picking a target and tapping the attack button. This is for people who want to break their screens and or fingers. It’s much easier to use Auto Hunt to engage monsters. When you’re fighting via Auto Hunt, you can even leave the game alone – it’ll automatically go into power saving mode, letting you grind as you do other stuff.

scanning target in lineage2m

If you’d like to make it easier on yourself, you can also use the Scan function to point to a certain mob you’d like to attack. Do this by tapping the radar, then tapping the mob name you’d like to single out on the scan panel.

lineage2m scan number
These mobs have been marked as numbers 6 and 7 on my scan panel.

You can change scan to fire every couple seconds, to account for mobs that like to move around.


lineage2m class
In the name of the moon, I will punish you! Sailor Senshi!

You aren’t bound to the class and race you picked at the start of the game. By collecting class cards you can switch your active character to another class!

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, with rare class cards offering better base stats. Be wary of the weapon restrictions that each class has – you’ll need to invest in multiple sets of equipment if you want a good loadout for all your class cards.

If you have enough cards for a specific class, you’ll be able to fuse them to maybe get better cards.

Stat Points

lineage2m stats
Me strong, not use other stats much.

Prior to level 20, you’ll automatically gain stats when you level up. Afterwards, you’ll also gain stat points that you can freely distribute to hone your character. When distributing stats, you’ll be given a preview of what will improve as a result of your actions. You can also tap Details to get an in-depth view of your character’s numbers.

To open this menu, tap on your HP/MP bars.

Soulshots and Inscriptions

lineage2m soulshots
Telltale purple smoke indicates the use of Soulshots.

Soulshots are consumables that increase the power of an attack. Each empowered attack consumes one Soulshot. To activate Soulshots, tap their icon on the lower left of the screen. If the Soulshot icon is lit up, the game will automatically use Soulshots in combat. If you run out of Soulshots, you can always buy more from NPCs.


lineage2m skill shop
What do you mean there’s no “Starburst Stream” skillbook?

Like any RPG, Lineage2M has skills that allow you to do far more damage than your normal attacks do. Some skills are self-buffs – both active and passive – while others are powerful AOE attacks. Regardless of what skill you want to get, the main source of skillbooks is vendors in town. For some Adena, you can buy skill tomes and use them to learn a new skill. You can tap hold a skill book to get an idea of what it does and what it targets.

lineage2m skill setup
I’ll take twenty.

Make sure to slot your new skills and set them to auto-use!

You can also set cast intervals for your skills, if you’d like autocombat to be a bit more intelligent, or are relying on specific setup skills before delivering a burst. To set an interval, go to your skills menu, click on the skill you want to edit, then click the watch icon.

Item Codex

lineage2m item codex
A collection of cached kit.

You can register items to the item codex. By completing sets of items in the codex, you can earn passive effects. While they’re not much, they’ll add up as you fill up your codex.

To add items to your codex, tap the main menu icon on the upper right and select Codex. You can scroll through the various item rarities and preview what bonuses you’ll get for filling them up. Beware though – registered items are gone forever. However, the game won’t let you register items that you have equipped, so you don’t accidentally ruin your build.

Crafting Items

If you feel that stuff that NPCs sell is subpar, you’d be right. This is where item crafting comes into play.

crafting items in lineage2m
Not my best work, but it will suffice.

To craft items, go to the menu and tap Craft. Next, you can select what you’d like to craft – general categories on the upper part, and specifics on the left. If you find yourself crafting multiple of an item, or just want easy access to it, you can mark it as a favorite by tapping on the star beside it. This will make it appear in your favorites tab.

sourcing in lineage2m
Free info is good info.

If you don’t know where to get specific crafting materials for an item you want, you can tap the item in question and tap Source. Note that only specific items can be acquired as monster drops – you’ll have to make or get the others on your own.

Enchanting Gear

enchanting gear in lineage2m
Rub paper on your gear to make it stronger. Makes perfect sense.

By enchanting your equipment, you’ll improve its stats and get much more mileage out of it. Enchanting weapons and armor requires enchant scrolls. You can get enchant scrolls from quests or buy them with Adena daily in the Exchange section of the item shop.

To enchant a piece of equipment, go to your bag, tap hold it and tap the anvil icon that appears in the panel. You can also use the multi-enchant panel if you’d rather streamline the entire enchanting process. Just select what level of enchant you’d like to push the item to.

lineage2m gear upgrade
Feeling lucky?

A meter below your item shows the safe limit for upgrading your gear. Pushing gear past these safe levels and into overupgraded territory provides even bigger boosts than regular upgrades. Overupgraded equipment is very, very strong, but carries a risk of breakage as you push upgrades beyond their normal limits.

Reforging Gear

reforging gear in lineage2m
Warning: this gets addicting very quickly.

In addition to enchanting your gear, you can reforge it through the use of Life Stones. This will add random stats to your equipment, allowing you to further tweak your gear into what you need.

To reforge an item, tap the anvil on an item’s hold menu, then put the Life Stone in the empty slot beside the reforge target. When that’s done, tap the reforge button and pray that luck is with you. Higher grade stones will give you more reforge options, but they’re still very random. Each reforge attempt costs 20,000 Adena aside from the Life Stone.

Use the Market

With all the crafting, enchanting, and reforging you’ll be doing, you’ll want access to the player market. To do that, you’ll need to complete your security settings. Completing them opens the market, which lets you buy and sell items, which lets you access better gear faster. On top of that, you get a minor permanent defense buff just for completing the process.

lineage2m security settings
Security Settings are on the left of the screen.

Verification is quick and easy – just go to the main menu and tap the Security Settings button on the left side. You’ll be asked to input your phone number after selecting your country. After you get a verification code, put it in and presto, you’ve got market access!

lineage2m market
The market only takes diamonds, sadly.

Market trading requires the use of diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency. If you don’t want to shell out cash, don’t fret. You can sell items, like materials, on the market for some diamonds of your own.

Salvaging Gear

lineage2m salvage solvent
Die, stick!

Another way to get valuable materials for either your own use or for sale is by salvaging equipment. To salvage gear, you’ll need Salvage Solvent. Double tap the solvent in your inventory, then select which items to blow up. After this, tap the bottle icon at the bottom of the panel that appears. This’ll reduce the items to their components, which you can use for other stuff. If you run out of the stuff, you can get more Salvage Solvent from General Merchant NPCs.


Agathions are pets that hover over your character’s shoulder. While they don’t do much on their own, they provide passive bonuses in battle.

lineage2m agathion
Pretty cute!

You’ll get some free Agathions by doing the main quest. If you want to switch them out or view those you already have, open the Agathion menu from the main menu. Like character cards, you can also fuse Agathion cards if you think you have too many, or want to take the risk of getting a better one.

Join A Clan

Inheritors are strong together.

As a clan’s rank increases, its members gain more benefits. Some of these include access to better consumables or even buy skillbooks that are only available to players in a clan. You can even nab some class cards and agathion cards from the clan store!

lineage2m clan buff
This is nice.

As of this writing, the current clan benefits are access to a clan hall for higher leveled – and moneyed – clans, the Clan Merchant where you can spend your Medals of Honor, and passive buffs just for being in a clan.

Nab Free Stuff

There’s a lot of free stuff you can get just for logging in, ranging from Adena to class cards to scrolls.

Daily Login

lineage2m daily login bonus
Don’t forget these.

Make sure to claim your daily login bonuses. You can access the daily bonus menu from the menu panel. Since the game has just launched, be sure to nab the release bonuses too in the same screen.

On-Time Rewards

While we’re on the topic of daily rewards, there are even bigger bonuses to be had by getting on-time rewards. These special bundles are given out to players that log in at specific times. The catch here is that they’re time sensitive and will expire if you don’t open them.

Daily Buyables

lineage2m exchange
…is for me?

You can use Adena to buy some valuable items daily in the Exchange section of the cash shop. Among these are enchant scrolls, Blessed Teleport Scrolls, Sayha’s Breath, and the Medal of Honor chest. This chest is only purchasable once a day, but it’s a quick and easy way to gather more Medals of Honor.

Season Pass

lineage2m season pass
The season pass gives lots of freebies, even if you use the free version.

The season pass incentivizes performing certain actions and achievening milestones – and this is on top of the achievement system that’s already in the game. Make sure to claim your season pass rewards whenever the exclamation point on the icon pops up!

Aden Awaits

That concludes our beginner’s guide for Lineage2M. While we’ve tried to cover as much as we can, the world of Aden is vast and mysterious, and there are always new adventures waiting for those who seek them. If you have any tips you wish you knew when you were a new player, or have any comments on our guide, let us know in the comment section below!