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Lineage2M Advanced Guide: Grinding, Stacking Buffs, Upgrading Soulshots, Crafting Gear and Spending Oracle Tokens Explained

Welcome back, inheritor! By now, you’re no doubt more comfortable in the world of Aden. You’ve probably saved the odd town or two or stopped an evil conspiracy by now. But you also may be at the point where seeking more strength is difficult, and you might be stumped by the difficulty of your next main quest.

lineage2m advanced guide

So, just for you, we’ve compiled a list of Lineage2M advanced tips and tricks that you may or may not have picked up during your journey related to grinding, crafting gear, upgrading soulshots, spending oracle tokens plus many more.

Make The Most Of Your AFK Grinding

Let’s face facts: the drop rate of most things in Lineage2M is absolutely dismal. The experience you get isn’t too great either – 0.1% per kill is still considered very fast. On the plus side, grinding can be totally automated. And while you’re at it, you’ll want to be sure that whatever you’re grinding on is worth your time.

lineage2m rebel
I must have wiped out enough rebels for there to never be a rebel problem again.

By tapping on an area on the world map, you can see what monsters inhabit it, as well as their behavior, and most importantly, their loot. Lineage2M doesn’t show drop rate, but I speak from experience here – even green items are horrendously rare. Be sure to stock up on potions and whatever other supplies you need before setting out.

lineage2m dwarf
We dwarves are natural sprinters. Very dangerous over short distances.

While we’re on the topic, you can tweak the autocombat settings via the Quick Settings menu. The most important setting I found here is Targeting Range. You can set it to as low as possible (20 meters) so that your character doesn’t wander too far off from where you first hit autohunt. This way, you can focus your grinding in smaller areas, making it easier to target specific mobs.

lineage2m supplies
For the journey ahead.

When grinding, you’ll want to bring supplies. Lineage2M doesn’t have an instant MP consumable, so you’ll need to rely on your passive MP Recovery. Alternately, if you’re strong enough, you can just spam normal attacks. MP regeneration is dependent on your weight – anything above 50% greatly hinders your passive regeneration, if not stopping it outright. You don’t want to go over 80% either.

At that point, you’ll be unable to attack or use skills. Fortunately, shops have a feature to help you avoid going over the limit. When buying an item, you can not only tap the +1, +100, or +1000 buttons to buy more of an item, but you can also choose Max 49.9% or Max 79.9% to buy items until you reach that carry weight.

If you’re worried about picking up too much loot and going over your weight limit, you can also tweak the Auto Salvage settings to automatically break down gear below a certain rarity.

lineage2m unbreakable
A clean, close shave every time.

Durability is another concern when grinding. It’s no fun to have your kill time more than doubled just because your weapon broke. While you can carry Whetstones to repair stuff on the field, that requires manual input. The best solution by far is to find or craft a weapon with the Unbreakable modifiers, so it never loses durability no matter how many heads you bonk with it.

Stack Your Buffs

Stacking buffs is a great way to give you an edge in combat. Most buffs in Lineage2M aren’t even skills – they’re consumables that can easily be bought from NPC vendors!

lineage2m buff stack
Every plus helps.

As a new player, you’ve probably been bombarded with Scrolls of Defense and Scrolls of Awakening. These can be thrown into your quickslots to automatically use them whenever their buff time runs out. There’s also food items that grant 30 minute buffs.

Soulshot Inscription

You can upgrade your Soulshots to get more out of them. Soulshots can be powered up to have increased damage, accuracy, and critical hit damage. This isn’t a one time thing too; any upgrades you buy apply to all your Soulshots. In essence, it’s like investing in a passive skill that improves Soulshot performance.

lineage2m soulshot inscription
Oh giant rock, what is your will?

To upgrade your Soulshots, go to the Main Menu and tap Spirit. Upgrading Soulshots requires Crystalloids. You can nab these as monster drops or from smashing gear with Solvents. You also get some from gear that blows up due to enchant failure, but it’s more of a consolation prize.

Always Do Your Main Quest Whenever Possible

lineage2m main quest
DOUBLE DIGIT exp reward?! I’m on it!

The main quest is, by far, one of the fastest ways to level up in Lineage2M. They’re one of the few sources of experience that’s actually relevant, while giving you some neat stuff along the way. Main quests spike in difficulty down the road, so be sure to stack your buffs and use Soulshots.

Death And Recovery

Lineage2M is a mobile MMO, and death is just a part of the game. Maybe it’s because you ran out of supplies, because you bit off more than you could chew, or because some jerk decided it’d be fun to kill AFK grinders (seriously, why?). Whatever the case, dying sets you back a bit. You’ll lose some experience points and maybe even some of your gear.

lineage2m cross
The golden cross serves as a reminder of your failure.

You can recoup your losses by paying Adena or diamonds. There are also 5 free recoveries per day. You can change what currency you’d like to use by tapping the icon on the lower right of the recovery panel.

To open the recovery screen, either talk with an Einhasad Priestess or click the gold cross that appears on the upper left of the UI. Annoyingly, some of what’s lost is usually sequestered and locked in as a diamond-only purchase. It’s up to you to decide whether to let it go or if it’s worth spending real dime on.

Play On PURPLE If You Can

Lineage2M looks gorgeous and plays nicely, but you’ll likely need your mobile device for other stuff, not to mention that the game drains batteries like crazy. It won’t really matter if you’ve stacked buffs, upgraded your Soulshots, perfected a farming route and found mobs that are just right for you – you’ll still fall behind if you can’t be on for most of the day. This is where NCSoft’s PURPLE software comes into play.

lineage2m purple

PURPLE is software that lets you play Lineage2M on your PC or laptop. It’s a great way to maximize farming time (and free up your mobile device for other games) since you can leave it on while working without worrying about Lineage2M sapping all your device’s batteries. Lineage2M also runs a lot more smoothly on PURPLE, and the controls are easier and more accessible.

PURPLE also has chat functions similar to Discord, for easy communication between you, your clan, and your friends.

Keep Crafting

Since we’ve already established that drop rates are terrible, you’re far better off crafting your own gear. Check the crafting menu from time to time to see what direct upgrades you can make for yourself. One thing I will advise against is crafting Giant weapons – they have higher base stats than other stuff of the same tier, but they can’t be upgraded, so they’re actually worse in the long run.

lineage2m bluecraft
So close.

Crystalloids aren’t only used for Soulshot inscription, they’re also used for crafting better gear. They’re an important resource you’ll want to get as much of. While they do drop from monster, the fastest way to nab them is to smash gear with solvents. And no, you can’t smash NPC gear, I tried that already. Use your Oracle Quests to get as much gear as possible, then blow them up with solvents. White items yield 10 crystalloids, while green ones give you 100.

Hunt The Demonic Sword Zariche

While playing, you might have seen foreboding messages announcing the summoning of Demonic Sword Zariche. Rather than run away, though, you should run towards it. The location of this baleful blade is indicated by a red sword icon on the world map. You’ll know you’re getting near once the sky turns an ominous red and black.

Zariche itself doesn’t fight, instead relying on a horde of minions to do its dirty work. While the sword is in the area, it’ll continually summon new monsters to do its bidding – monsters you absolutely should try to kill since they drop Oracle Tokens, among other things.

lineage2m bremnon's monster
He’s like a big, awful piñata!

After some time, the sword will summon a boss, Bremnon. This nasty beast serves as the final obstacle during Zariche events, and counts as defeating a world boss for your achievements. He’s not too tough either, since Zariche is usually swarmed with 50+ people all vying for a piece of the Oracle Token pie. Smack him a few times and you’ll get the Lineage2M equivalent of a participation award – some Oracle Tokens and maybe other loot, like Zariche’s Fragment or Shilen’s Mark. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing Bremnon in the chaos of the event, use the Scan function to target him.

Pursue World Bosses

World bosses, or Rift Trespassers, will occasionally spawn in the world. If you’re feeling feisty, you can join the rumble and get some nice loot out of it.

lineage2m boss map

When a boss spawns, it’ll be marked on the map by a red skull icon. Keep an eye out for these as you may be able to fast-track your growth via boss drops.

Nab Your Cash Shop Dailies

Even F2P peons like me can buy stuff for Adena. Be sure to buy your daily items at the cash shop. Prominent among these are Class Cards and Agathion Cards. They’re under Exchange, then Leah’s Sanctum. You’re welcome.

The higher your level, the higher the rarity of cards you can purchase. Tier 2 cards require you to be level 40, tier 3 level 50, and tier 4 level 60. Common cards are 40,000 Adena a pop, and this price doubles each time you go up one tier.

lineage2m altar
The cash shop takes Oracle tokens too.

The Inheritor’s Altar section of the cash shop is another place you can spend your hard-earned Oracle Tokens. If you’re not buying skillbooks from Einhasad’s Priestesses, you can trade in your tokens here for Unique Craft Recipe Fragment Chests, Accessory Enchant Scrolls, Life Stones for reforging, and most prominently, Class and Agathion Cards. I highly recommend buying at least the recipe fragment chest each day, as you’ll be needing quite a bit of those if you want to craft blue gear. The cards, on the other hand, cost a doozy at a whopping 900,000 for the blue rarity and 6.5 million for the red card. These can only be bought once a month, so if you’ve got enough tokens, don’t forget to make the exchange!

lineage2m temple
Einhasad bless me with good drops, please.

The Temple Missions section lets you exchange your Medals of Honor or Adenafor blue rarity Oracle Quest scrolls, each one tuned to a specific kind of reward. You can get quests for Oracle Tokens, Einhasad’s Blessings, Skill Books, Gear, or good old Adena. Just like regular Oracle Quests though, the rewards are randomized, so you can reroll (up to 20 times) until an item you like shows up as a reward. And just like Oracle Quests, the reward is based on the card you pick, so pray for the luck of the draw.

If you’ve decided your starting class is a miserable existence, you can buy a once-per-account Beginner’s Class Card Change Ticket from this store. It will reroll your starting class and any succeeding classes from leveling up into another class. Before you do this, be sure you have the gear and/or funds to buy equipment for your new class.

lineage2m event
Check this often as you can snag some nice baubles for Adena.

Since you’re already at the cash shop, be sure to check out the Event tab, under the Product section. Most of the items there can be purchased with real money, but sometimes you can trade Adena for some sweet loot.

Know Your Classes

Not all classes are made the same. Lineage2M’s gacha system comes in the form of its class cards, with rarer cards offering bigger passive stat boosts and unique skills. You’ll also need a lot of cards if you want to fuse them for a shot at a higher rarity class card. It’s in your best interest to nab as many class cards as possible, whenever and wherever they’re available.

lineage2m classes
One day, I will have enough.

It’s also important to note that even in the same rarity bracket, different race cards offer different base stats. If you find a class card for your main class, have a look at it and see if what it offers is better than the card you’re currently using.

Commit To A Class

While you can freely switch between all the class cards you own, the stat points you’ve invested remain the same.

lineage2m stat
Strength also gives melee accuracy, in case you missed that.

Thus, it’s important to plan a build and know the classes you’re going to focus on from the very beginning. A fighter with high Strength and Agility makes for a poor mage, and an Archer that’s gone all-in on their Dexterity stat will struggle to land any melee hits.

Take Part In Events And Event Dungeons

Just like any live service game, Lineage2M has lots of active events to spice things up and give players a chance to get some nice stuff. For more information on Lineage2M’s events, check out their social media pages.

lineage2m noel

The current event is the Christmas dungeon, Noel Island. This dungeon is only accessible for 2 hours every day, and is open to players level 30 and up. Monsters here give fantastic amounts of exp and Adena for minimal effort, so be sure to jump in and join the holiday havoc!

To enter Noel Island, tap the Main Menu, go to Dungeons, then tap Noel Island’s picture. It costs 10k Adena to get there, and you’ll be booted off the island once your time is up.

Monsters on Noel Island drop Soulshots like crazy, and you might find yourself frustrated that your character decides picking them up is a better option than fighting. Tweak your loot settings via the Settings menu, then go to Combat, Claim, and turn off “Loot items dropped by other players while Hunting”. Noel Island monsters also drop Noel Decorations that can be traded with Noel Merchants in town. The event shop vanishes on January 4, so you have a lot of time to grab these wreaths.

Finish Your Dungeon Time

lineage2m cruma tower
Beware the rooms – you’re going to have a lot more mobs than you can deal with if you fight recklessly.

It’s not just event dungeons you should do. You should clear your regular dungeons too, since mobs there give quite a bit more exp than monsters outside, providing a better return in experience and Adena for your time.

The first dungeon you can access is Cruma Tower, and you’ll have around 8 hours of time to do whatever you want in it. You can see how much time you have left in the Dungeon section of the Main Menu. It’s also through there that you can add more time to your stock via Bonus Time Stones. These special consumables are exclusive to each dungeon, so you can’t just stock up on them. Make those hours count!

Oracle Quest Alchemy

lineage2m fuse
If only you could do this in real life.

Occasionally, you’ll find Oracle Quest items that, when used, give you an Oracle Quest. While it’s worthwhile to take the time to do them, there’s a bunch of other things you can do with these scrolls.

First off is to directly convert them to Oracle Tokens. This is great if you don’t really need Adena, you don’t want the rewards from that region due to being at a higher level, or if you’re feeling lazy. In that case, you can craft these scrolls directly into tokens via the Craft menu. Of course, there’s a downside to this. You’ll get less tokens than if you did the quests yourself, and you forfeit any other rewards the quest would give, like Adena or items.

You can also fuse scrolls to create a higher rarity quest. You’ll need 12 green scrolls for an area to create a blue Oracle Quest scroll. As of writing, this is possible for both the Dion and Giran regions, with Giran scrolls additionally having a red rarity, which requires 12 blue scrolls.

The Season Pass

Predictably, there’s a paid Season Pass. This costs real money, but you can also get some stuff off it even if you don’t shell out money. This isn’t the case with the Inheritor’s Journey pass.

lineage2m season pass
Is for me?

While it doesn’t give as many items as the paid Aden Pass, you can pay Adena – 1 million, as of writing – to unlock the premium tab. Most importantly, paying for the premium Inheritor’s Journey pass and getting it to level 10 nets you a sweet Epic Skillbook Selection Box which will give you a red skill book of your choice.

Be wary of how much time each season has left. You can see how much time is left at the bottom of the screen.

Donate To Your Clan

Last, but not least, be sure that you donate to your clan whenever you can. You do this by going to the Main Menu, Clan, then Donations.

If you haven’t joined a good clan yet, do so. Not only do you get Medals of Honor and Einhasad’s Blessings, but each donation increases the clan’s exp. You can donate 5 times a day, and you can donate 100,000 Adena per donation. If you want to help your clan grow even faster, you can donate diamonds too in bundles of either 300 or 900.

lineage2m donation
Bye-bye, 500k.

A clan’s level is directly tied to how many benefits it can offer its members. As discussed in our first Lineage2M guide, you can buy some neat stuff from Clan Merchants by exchanging Medals of Honor. Prominent among these are passive skill books, which become available once the clan hits level 6. Clan members also gain passive buffs based on the clan’s level.

Keep At It

lineage2m end
The quest never ends.

Patience, dedication, and just a bit of luck are what you need to thrive in Lineage2M. But a bit of knowledge never hurt anyone, and we hope you found something in this guide to help you on your quest to ultimately vanquish Etis. If there’s anything we missed, or anything you’d like to add, let us know in the comment area below!