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War and Order Fortress War Event Guide

In our opinion, the peak of real time strategy gaming occurs when realistic battles and strategies merge together to allow multiple players to unite forces and dismantle their enemies. In a nutshell, that’s the Fortress War event in War and Order – but how exactly does it work, and what’s the role each player has to play? Let’s take a look in the guide below.

Fortress War explained

The Fortress War is, essentially, a PvP event between alliances. Players who have joined one of the server’s Alliances that are strong enough to compete (with a strength of minimum 500 million) will be able to challenge another top Alliance.

The event lasts for about 4 months, and each season will be carried out within 8 battles. All Alliance Leaders of qualifying Alliances can list their force, and join their fellow comrades in a special map to battle.

war and order fortress war event

As opposed to normal battles, the troops cannot be killed, only damaged. These Wounded troops will recover automatically after the battle, so feel free to send out the strongest ones you’ve trained! When it comes to the battlefield, however, it will be divided into multiple territories, each one containing a Fortress (hence the name).

To occupy one territory, the player can defeat any troops occupying it, be it NPC Troops or an enemy player’s troops. Based on the power of the territory and on how the battle is carried out, each Alliance will receive Season points that will place them into one of the four rankings:

● New Knighthood
● Pioneer Knighthood
● Legendary Knighthood
● God of War Knighthood

The higher an Alliance’s tier, the better the rewards.

Tips to conquer more territories during War and Order’s Fortress War

war and order fortress war

No matter if you’re part of a new Alliance that’s just starting off its first ever Fortress War or you’re already part of an elite Alliance that partakes regularly in Fortress War, the following tips will help you conquer more territories and score more points each Season!

1. Appoint a Leader and follow their directions

When there is one main voice leading the troops in the desired direction, things will always flow much smoother. Make sure that your Alliance has appointed a capable Leader with experience in the game and enough battle experience to know which would be the best way to go about conquering more Fortresses.

In the same vein, you want to devise a couple of strategies with the entire Alliance and stick to them whenever you’re making a move. Together is always better!

2. Have a plan beforehand

A plan that devises the Lords’ forces equally between conquered forts will help in the long run and will make organising the next attacks easier. Try sending the stronger Lords to occupy the conquered Forts which have a higher chance of getting attacked, and the slightly weaker ones to defend the Forts which have a slimmer chance of being attacked.

3. Time is of the essence

war and order god of war knighthood

Since each battle can only be carried out within 45 minutes, each second matters! Most often than not the best way to conquer the most territories within this given time is to kill the NPC or the enemy player defending it, and moving on to the next one.

4. Don’t waste time sending aid to allies

As cruel as it might sound, it’s not time-efficient. This technique is okay if there are a couple of weaker Lords helping each other, but the stronger ones should never waste time sending help to occupy – instead, they should focus only on attacking and occupying new territories.

5. Always send the higher-level Lords to defend and attack the stronger territories

Higher level players should be the last to occupy and defend a land, since their strength is crucial to each siege. Therefore, they shouldn’t waste time with territories of low importance, and focus mainly on the stronger ones, ideally Stronghold Level 5.

New players that join War and Order from 23rd December onwards can also receive some additional support by entering “levelwinner2112” via the Settings menu. Players that do so will receive some extra rewards to help get their empire started. The code will only be available for one month so don’t delay.