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Tower War: Tactical Conquest Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies and Ensure Victory

With a massive portfolio of more than 120 games across both iOS and Android platforms, SayGames has cemented itself as a leading provider of casual and hyper-casual mobile games, catering to players of varying ages and preferences. While the casual and hyper-casual genres seem to be targeted toward people who only have a limited period to spend on mobile games, a lot of SayGames’ mobile titles like Black Deck, Decor Life and My Perfect Hotel just to name a few, can be quite addictive for just about anyone.

Tower War: Tactical Conquest is a unique tower defense game that combines simple control schemes and straightforward gameplay mechanics to bring about an exciting and addictive adventure filled with soldiers, tanks, towers, and bombs. Starting with just a sole tower, your basic goal is to swipe from your tower to any other with the hopes of conquering it, rinsing and repeating as necessary until the entire stage only has the color blue on its every tower.

tower war tactical conquest intro

As basic as all that sounds, having different varieties of structures introduced as you make progress, coupled with having up to 3 enemies to contend with simultaneously ensures that each stage or challenge you engage in will be different. Likewise, each stage has a different layout, providing not just a different layout of unconquered and enemy towers but a different location for your starting tower as well.

summoning troops in tower war tactical conquest

Considering everything, Tower War: Tactical Conquest is still a relatively easy Tower Defense title to jump into and revel in and while strategies can differ from one level to the next one, as well as from one game mode to another, it gives players ample opportunities to learn new strategies through experience by providing various scenarios that consistently make you plan and strategize throughout the battle.

If you are eager to jumpstart your adventure in Tower War: Tactical Conquest and want to dominate each of your enemies right from the get-go, then you came to the right place. Our Tower War: Tactical Conquest Beginner’s Guide has all the tips and strategies you need to do just that!

1. Master All The Basics

Every battle or stage in Tower War: Tactical Conquest starts you off with at least 1 tower. Blue will always be your color and opponents come in red, green, or yellow. Unoccupied towers are gray and they attack troops and structures that belong to any of the 4 colors. You can march troops from your tower to another one by utilizing a swipe gesture and drawing a line from it to your target. Drawn battle lines can be erased by swiping across to cut them.

tower war tactical conquest tower

Towers have numbers that indicate their level and you need to bring down a tower’s level to 0 to conquer it and make it yours. On the other hand, your troops that move towards your other towers increase their level. Although the max level for every tower is 63, the important milestones are levels 10 and 20, as this provides the towers that generate troops the ability to draw extra paths. This means that at level 10, your tower can have two outgoing paths for troops, and at level 20, it can generate 3 paths.

There are 5 basic structures or towers in Tower War: Tactical Conquest and while what each one can do is fairly easy to remember, it may take some time to master strategizing across a mix of them on the battlefield. In any case, you will be provided with ample opportunities to capture and use each tower as you move forward in the campaign. You can learn new tactics as you go across each battle and learn some of the basics here as well.

tower war tactical conquest barracks

The Barracks stands as the most basic tower in Tower War: Tactical Conquest. It generates infantry continuously. If there are no paths drawn from your infantry tower, the soldiers it generates will simply add to its level. The Barracks stand as your primary means of capturing all other towers.

tower war tactical conquest factory

The Factory deploys tanks instead of infantry and will prove to be a stronger version of the Barracks. This is because tanks are equivalent to 2 soldiers so a one-on-one standoff between a Barracks and a Factory will always prove the latter to be the victor.

The idea of having level milestones and being able to lay extra paths applies primarily to these initial towers. When at max level, troops coming in from your other towers can simply pass through these towers as well.

tower war tactical conquest sniper tower

The Sniper Tower is your primary ranged tower. It does not deploy troops of any sort but will instead randomly shoot at any enemy within its range. Reaching level milestones with the Sniper Tower increases the radius of its range and can be vividly seen in the arena.

tower war tactical conquest rocket launcher

The Rocket Launcher is yet another ranged tower that allows you to set its target anywhere on the map to constantly bombard. With its attacks focused on a single target at a time, it can reduce any structure’s level faster than any attack and can also eliminate enemy troops near the attack point.

tower war tactical conquest fort

The last tower you will be able to use is the Fort. This tower looks intimidating as it is 4 times the size of the other towers. This tower constantly has troops dropping in with parachutes, increasing its level at a much faster rate than any tower. This tower also has a larger max level.

tower war tactical conquest max level

One basic mindset to keep is that even at level 0, a tower that you captured is still yours until an enemy conquers it. This means that in dire situations, you need not worry about certain towers being at zero so long as they are beyond your enemy’s reach.

tower war tactical conquest factories

In addition to getting to know the towers, it is also important to familiarize yourself with other objects on the stage that can impact gameplay and must be considered in strategy-building. For starters, there are permanent objects that can block off the path from one tower to another, often limiting directions where you can draw battle lines. There are, however, blockades that can be destroyed. These will look like wooden walls that troops must destroy before crossing over to the other side. You will need to draw a line past the wall to target them.

tower war tactical conquest battle pass

In some cases, there are gaps between the masses of land that seem to limit the movement of your troops. However, if you can draw a line to a tower or location across, it means that your troops simply need to build a bridge to move across. It works much like the wooden barriers and simply makes you take a little longer to cross the path. There are also levels littered with land mines that will destroy your units when they come in contact with them. Just like barriers and gaps, these mines simply delay your travels.

tower war tactical conquest battle pass 2

An important stage item to always keep an eye on is the gold bars, which serve as finite resources that can bolster the pace at which your tower levels up. Grabbing gold should be among the top priorities especially at the early part of the battle as you would want to enable your initial towers to draw multiple paths at the soonest possible time.

Given all these tower and object types, it becomes fairly easy to familiarize yourself with all that Tower War: Tactical Conquest has to offer. However, how each stage is laid out and the mix of these towers and items paired with your starting position as well as that of your enemies ensure that each battle or level you engage in will provide a new experience. This is what makes Tower War: Tactical Conquest a very addictive adventure.

2. Prioritize The Main Campaign

The main campaign in Tower War: Tactical Conquest, which can be accessed by simply tapping the “Play” Button on the home screen stands as the most basic game mode. This will initially serve as your training ground, introducing you to the towers one at a time and touring you across a wide array of scenarios to challenge your wits and strategic prowess.

tower war tactical conquest victory

The campaign is divided into regions, with each region having 20 levels to conquer. Regions are practically a change in scenery and nothing more and will just seem to cycle infinitely. The stages, however, seem to have a wide enough variety that makes it appear like each stage is a completely new one, despite conquering hundreds before it.

Completing a stage in the campaign earns you gold, which serves as the basic currency in Tower War: Tactical Conquest. Gold can be used to upgrade units and tanks and can also be used to purchase air support in tough battles. Beyond gold and experience in different battle scenarios, progression in the main campaign also serves as your key to unlocking stages in the Special Missions game mode.

tower war tactical conquest gold

What makes the regular campaign stages easy enough is that there are no penalties for losing the battle and you can even quickly restart if you feel that you have made a mistake in your initial moves. There is a bar at the top of the battle screen that indicates how much of the stage is filled up or dominated by you or any of your enemies so you will have an idea if you are at an advantage or disadvantage.

tower war tactical conquest enemy bots

Unlike most free-for-all combat games that involve bots, Tower War: Tactical Conquest does not have bots that behave like you are their only enemy. As such, you will see enemy bots attacking one another as much as they would attack you, giving a general atmosphere of fairness and relative ease. With this in mind, you can quickly adjust your battle strategies following which of your enemies are proving to be a bigger threat to your troops and your towers.

tower war tactical conquest air support

There is an Air Support icon on the left side of the battle screen that you can utilize to even the odds in dire situations. Air Support units are consumable items that you can earn for free or purchase with gold. We do not recommend using them in the main campaign, though as it is fairly easy to restart the stage if you feel you will not succeed in conquering it.

tower war tactical conquest boost

Another helpful buff you can take advantage of in the main campaign is the Boost which can be utilized after playing a short video ad. This boost multiplies your towers’ troop generation capacity by 3 times, practically ensuring a dominating win against all your enemies. In case the boost is unavailable on your first attempt on a new level, it will certainly be available after hitting the retry button at the upper left corner of the screen.

This Ad Boost stands as the main reason why we consider not needing to use Air Support on any of the main campaign stages. Keep in mind, however, that you do not necessarily have to rely on this ad boost to conquer every level in the campaign as you will come to discover that higher stages in it are not necessarily more challenging and some will just be a walk in the park.

3. Complete Special Mission Stages As Soon As Possible

On the home screen, you can quickly access the Secret Mission game mode through its icon at the lower left side. We feel that there are an infinite number of missions in this game mode just as there are limitless stages in the campaign. However, before you can take on some secret mission levels, you need to clear specific stages in the main campaign first.

tower war tactical conquest secret mission

Secret Mission battles may appear intimidating, given that you should already be an experienced commander in the campaigns before you step into taking them on. However, the 2 unique gameplay elements in Secret Missions make them all the easier to beat. Instead of utilizing the swipe gesture to draw a path from one tower to another, the Secret Mission stages utilize a “Draw Mode”.

tower war tactical conquest draw mode

Draw Mode lets you draw a path to where you want to send your troops and gives you as much liberty as your imagination can provide. On its own, it may not sound like such a big deal but freedom of navigation in a battlefield where straight lines used to be the only way to get around can reap huge benefits, especially in tandem with the second unique gameplay mechanic of Secret Missions.

tower war tactical conquest draw mode 2

Secret Mission stages typically employ “multiplier gates” you may commonly see in an abundance of mobile game ads. Gates have a + or – or x symbol followed by a number. + and x multiplier gates are buffs and are colored blue while – multiplier gates are debuffs and are colored red. For example, if a unit passes through a “+3” multiplier gate, then it instantly becomes 4 units while 2 units together passing through a “-2” multiplier gate will cease to exist.

tower war tactical conquest draw mode 3

These 2 unique features already give you a huge advantage and practically ensure a swift victory against even multiple opponents or an enemy with an advantageous starting tower. The main reason is that enemy bots cannot seem to draw anything other than a straight line even in this game mode.

Moreover, enemy bots are also not programmed to take advantage of the blue multiplier gates and seem to be only limited to passing through gates that are straight ahead of their path. For the most part, even if an enemy tower can draw a straight line to your tower but there is a red gate along the way, then you are very safe.

tower war tactical conquest reward

Beating a Special Mission in Tower War: Tactical Conquest grants you a random reward from among the 5 available ones on the post-battle screen. With gold being the lowest reward, you have a fairly decent chance of getting a loot box or some gems with each roll.

Additionally, you can play another ad boost here that lets you receive an extra random reward. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity as you are bound to get all kinds of rewards as you move forward through the Special Mission Stages. Note that you can also instantly unlock succeeding Special Mission stages by playing a short video ad.

Do not feel bad if you get gold from the random rewards after completing a Special Mission Stage. The rewards here follow a complete cycle in that rewards claimed will be joining the pool of rewards again but not before replacing the ones displayed with rewards you have not received recently. This means that if you get 100 coins, then the next 5 rewards showcased will not include that, ensuring that you will receive a different reward.

As we consider the Special Mission Stages to be the easiest ones to beat in Tower War: Tactical Conquest, this is where we discourage using your supply of air support. The more challenging game mode of PvP is actually where we recommend saving your air support consumables as losing in that game mode does have a penalty.

4. Focus Upgrades On 1 Soldier And 1 Tank

Even with the exam same soldiers and tanks used across all stages and against all kinds of opponents, the strategic aspect and fast-paced combat system of Tower War: Tactical Conquest can already provide countless hours of immersive fun and excitement. With a host of soldiers and tanks to collect, upgrade, and equip, you can further increase your army’s power and have troops that have unique stats on the battlefield.

tower war tactical conquest summon unit

It can be a little difficult to notice at first but as you make progress across any game mode in Tower War: Tactical Conquest, you will slowly notice some of the enemies you contend with become more and more powerful. At times, you may even witness the distinctive features of the soldiers and tanks that come from enemy towers, and, in some cases, even a head-on conflict between supposedly similar towers will put you at a disadvantage.

tower war tactical conquest soldiers

With this, it becomes important for you to constantly strengthen your army. Given that you can only choose to utilize 1 type of soldier and 1 type of tank in battle, we recommend that you focus upgrades on just 1 per army type. Although troops can be obtained as rewards from some special events, your main method of securing soldiers and tanks is by summoning them randomly.

You can access your soldiers and tanks via the Base button at the lower right side of the main screen. You will initially have a basic soldier and tank under each of the respective tabs and you can summon a random unit through the “Summon Unit” button at the center-right area of the page. Each summon costs 25 gems and the unit you will acquire can either be a soldier or a tank.

Like gacha rolls, the random element of the unit summon makes it a lot more challenging to obtain higher-grade units. Units can be Common (Gray), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), or Legendary (Gold). Naturally, most of your pulls will be Commons, making it a real treat for players who are lucky enough to obtain an Epic Grade Soldier or Tank.

tower war tactical conquest tanks

Higher-grade units have much higher starting stats and typically come with better abilities as well. However, as duplicate units are also required to upgrade soldiers and tanks later on, it becomes exponentially more challenging to fully upgrade higher-grade units.

Initially, both soldiers and tanks can be leveled up just by spending gold. Each higher enhancement level will cost more gold but if you are focusing on just one soldier and one tank at a time, gold should not be a problem. Once a unit reaches level 15, you will need an extra copy of that unit to upgrade it to level 16. Succeeding upgrades can switch between requiring gold or needing extra copies but what makes it harder is that even extra copies needed to grow in number.

5. Merge And Equip The Best Equipment

The main reason we advise for immediate completion of Special Mission stages is aimed towards farming the rewards from each conquered level. The gold rewards and air support items are nice but gems and treasure chests are what we consider to be more important.

Of course, you want more gems fast to keep summoning additional units and the treasure boxes contain equipment that you can attach to your soldiers and tanks to further strengthen them in battle. There are treasure boxes you can spend gems on at the shop, but with limited gems and the need for units as well we consider it wise to bank on the free boxes for equipment.

tower war tactical conquest secret mission victory

Just like the random element of securing higher-grade units when you summon them using gems, opening treasure boxes, particularly the free ones will almost always net you common-grade equipment. Equipment is either exclusively for soldiers or exclusively for tanks. There are fewer equipment types available so getting extra copies of the ones you have will prove to be a relatively easy feat and you would want extra copies for good reason.

tower war tactical conquest equipment

Both soldiers and tanks can only equip a maximum of 4 equipment with the latter 3 slots locked behind level milestones. The second slot unlocks at level 5; the third slot unlocks at level 15; and the last slot becomes available once the unit reaches level 25.

tower war tactical conquest merge

Equipment upgrades work in such a way that merging 3 similar items yields a higher-grade version of that item. As you will have mostly common-grade gears from the treasure boxes, it will take a while to get even rare-grade (blue) equipment. Naturally, higher rarity gears offer much better stat boosts but you also have to look into what each piece of equipment gives your troops.

tower war tactical conquest hatchet

In the first grade, each piece of equipment uniformly adds +1% to the unit’s skills but at higher rarity grades, their unique stat boosts become keys to customizing your unit. As an example, a hatchet gives the soldier a +1 to wall breaks on its second grade while a belt increases strength against Green enemies by +1 when upgraded.

For green equipment, therefore, it becomes important to take into account their secondary boosts and choose the ones that would benefit your army. Note that you can opt to equip similar equipment across all 4 slots if you have duplicates.

6. Prepare Well For PvP Battles

The PvP battles in Tower War: Tactical Conquest is what we consider to be its most challenging game mode. Contrary to what players might expect, PvP combat is not in real-time and while you may be facing against the troops of other players from around the globe, you will be taking on bots who use their names as well as their selected soldier and tank. This gives you all the more reason to focus upgrades and the best gears on just one soldier and one tank.

tower war tactical conquest searching opponents

Winning a PvP match earns you instant rewards similar to that of the Special Mission rewards. You also earn League Points that can take you up the league. Finally reaching the top rank of your current league will earn you additional rewards and take your career further into a higher league. The penalty for losing or quitting a PvP match, as we talked about, is losing some league points.

tower war tactical conquest leaderboard

Once you engage in a PvP match and the game searches for opponents within the same league, you will already know how many opponents you will face as well as the level and grade of their respective troops. Although there is no backing out at this point as doing so even at the start of the battle will incur losses in league points, knowing all these data should give you a little time to plan and some idea as to which opponent will most likely be the most challenging to beat.

You can utilize the PvP game mode as a means to farm resources, provided that you can score some wins. Naturally, securing wins can be relatively easy in the bronze league but you can expect to encounter stronger enemy troops as you move up the ranks.

In any case, you can always choose to play PvP matches one after another with the hopes of securing victories once in a while even in higher leagues. If the chances or risk of losing grows too much, though, we recommend spending time on the other 2 game modes instead.

tower war tactical conquest leaderboard 2

This is where we recommend the use of Air Support as well as the main campaign stages and Special Mission levels can be comparatively easily beaten without expending your precious Air Strikes. Launching an air strike targets a random enemy tower, bringing its level down to zero instantly.

While this can spell a huge difference in combat, it may not always be enough to turn the tide of battle. If you have just one tower and your enemy has all other towers conquered, then launching air support will most likely have little impact on the battle’s outcome.

With this, and while we recommend saving your air support for PvP combat, we also encourage you to exercise prudence in using them. As far as practicable, only use air support if you are certain that doing so will earn you a win in an otherwise losing battle.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

Tower War: Tactical Conquest provides players with sufficient rewards for every victory claimed and as you move forward through the various game modes and face tougher enemies, you will not feel such a steep difficulty spike especially if you manage your resources enough and upgrade your troops accordingly. Beyond the outright victory rewards, there are some extra rewards you can earn especially if you are actively engaging in battles and a good chunk of these rewards can come from the Quests.

tower war tactical conquest daily quests

Quests can be accessed via the checklist icon at the upper right side of the home screen. There are daily and weekly quests available and both lists of objectives do not entail additional effort for the most part. Instead of being perceived as an extra layer of objectives in addition to simply beating levels one after another, the Daily Quests and Weekly Quests in Tower War: Tactical Conquest can be considered as your guide towards efficiently progressing through the entire adventure.

Despite not having an overly expansive array of activities to engage in Tower War: Tactical Conquest, it can still happen that you may forget about certain activities especially if you become too hooked on progressing through the main campaign or the other game modes. It is likely to happen that you will accomplish a couple or several daily quest targets without consciously wanting to do so but peeking into the entire list of daily objectives is important especially if you want to earn the top rewards for them.

tower war tactical conquest rewards 2

Clearing an objective earns you activity points that consequently unlock chests at the top of the page. You do not necessarily have to clear every listed mission to open all the chests but we recommend completing as many of them as you can. Chests you unlock contain gold and gems and unlocking all chests earns you a key to open an equipment chest at the shop.

Weekly missions are much like daily missions except they require you to be active daily and work towards completing the objective one day at a time. Expectedly, weekly mission objectives are a little more challenging to clear for players who are not consistently active but the rewards you can obtain from each chest can compensate well enough for the effort.

tower war tactical conquest premium pass

Stars or activity points you earn and amass from completing daily quests and weekly quests also contribute towards increasing your level in the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass feature in Tower War: Tactical Conquest lets you earn even more rewards for the season based on your activities and accomplishments.

You can access this feature through its banner just below the stage level on the home screen. When rewards are available to be claimed for the Battle Pass, you can even see a “Claim” button in its place on the home screen.

8. You Can Plan Ahead During The Main Campaign

As we mentioned earlier, the campaign stages in Tower War: Tactical Conquest are easy enough to beat considering that a 3x Ad Boost becomes available on your succeeding attempts to conquer any level that you lost on your first go. However, you can still beat every level on your first try even without the ad boost provided that you plan. This is made easy and convenient as you can see the next stage’s layout on the home screen.

tower war tactical conquest battle pass 3

To start, always determine your starting tower or towers. In some cases, you will have more than 1 tower at the start of the battle and if they are spread apart, there is a chance for you to not see the second tower immediately, which puts you at a disadvantage. Knowing your towers and enemy-colored towers who may pose the biggest threat to you should be spotted before you hit the play button.

tower war tactical conquest battle pass 4

Checking for the availability of gold in the stages is likewise important as you would want to get a hold of them to boost the enhancement of your towers. For the most part, grabbing gold is the main priority to enable your initial towers to reach level 10 and be able to create a second path immediately. Mines, breakable walls, and land gaps that require you to lay bridges should also be noted as you would always want to expand your grasp on the battlefield ahead of your enemies.

As a basic rule, conquering towers at a much faster rate than any of your enemies is your immediate goal and while nabbing gold to do so is almost always the best course, there are instances when you may have to consider an alternative.

tower war tactical conquest battle pass 5

You cannot see the tower levels on the home screen so checking them out should be an immediate concern once the battle starts. Naturally, going for the most accessible tower that has the lowest level is your priority as having a second tower at the soonest will exponentially raise your capacity to capture other towers.

Perhaps the only surprises here are not knowing ahead of time what your enemies’ initial paths or strategies will be so if it so happens that their initial actions will compromise your plans, then you can just as easily reset and retry the level immediately.

9. Ad Boosts Help A Lot

tower war tactical conquest new region

We have already mentioned several ad boosts that you should consider going for especially if you are raring to make progress in your adventures within the world of Tower War: Tactical Conquest. The 3x Boost in battle is perhaps the most advantageous while the second roll for random rewards in the Secret Missions and PvP Battles doubles the speed at which you can earn equipment and gems.

In addition to these, the gold rewards you obtain after beating a level in the main campaign can also be tripled by playing a short video ad before claiming it. In the shop, which can be accessed through its icon at the lower left side of the screen, there are 3 more freebies that you should claim daily.

tower war tactical conquest shop

There is a silver chest that you can claim after playing a video ad and this can at least earn you a piece of equipment. Just a quick scroll towards the bottom of the page, you can claim 5 gems and 300 gold for free once each day, all at the cheap cost of playing a 15 to 30-second video ad for each.

We cannot begin to imagine what Tower War: Tactical Conquest still has in hold for its players following future updates but considering all it has to offer now, it is a simple yet very addictive time-passer that simply tends to over-immerse you into going for hours without noticing. We are fairly confident that the tips and strategies we laid out are more than sufficient to let you dominate every battle but if you stumbled upon some more and want to share them with others, do not hesitate to share them below!


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