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Decor Life (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Ace Every Makeover Job

With a portfolio of 83 games available for both iOS and Android platforms, SayGames shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to publishing addictive casual games that players of all ages can pick up and enjoy. If you have reveled in casual games before, then chances are that you are at least familiar with one or several games from the company. Johnny Trigger, Sand Balls and DOP 2: Delete One Part are just a trio of SayGames’ top mobile titles, that we have played and enjoyed.

decor life guide

Decor Life – Home Design Game is SayGames’ latest title on iOS and Android platforms. As the title implies this is an interior decoration sim game. If you enjoy enhancing a room’s beauty and appeal or enjoy trying out different layouts and designs, then Decor Life just might be the game you are looking for.

Just like all other games published by SayGames, Decor Life has a very simple and straightforward gameplay mechanics. There is a quick and easy tutorial to greet you in the first minute of your dive into the game and even without its help, you can be sure to discover what needs to be done with the helpful markers and guides.

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If you are one to want a 3-star rating across every home design job you take, then we have you covered as our Decor Life guide features tips and strategies to ace every request and progress rapidly in your home design career!

1. There Are No Right Or Wrong Choices

The idea of Decor Life being an interior decoration sim game might seem overwhelming for some people, especially beginners who may still lack confidence in their artistic tastes and design skills. However, it should be noted that even with extensive liberty as to how you can finish each home design, the end result will always be considered acceptable. In this sense, it is safe to say that there are no right or wrong choices as to how you decide on what to put where and which color or theme is best for the project at hand.

decor life choices

Decor Life provides a rating system for design jobs you take on for your customers, which ranges from 1 to 3 stars. Emptying the box of new items and placing the stuff almost anywhere will land you at least a 1-star rating, which is sufficient enough to help you pass the challenge.

Knowing this should already diminish, if not completely, eliminate any kind of pressure as far as expressing yourself with your design is concerned. So long as you have taken every item out of the box and placed them, you are practically guaranteed to satisfy the request.

decor life home design

When it comes to the initial stages of every home design service you accept, the cleanup involving the old stuff and the unboxing of the new items are standard procedures that have no real bearing to your rating.

With this in mind, all you need to really focus on is how to arrange decors and fixtures in the room in such a way that it will be pleasant to the client. Again, there are no right or wrong choices but some decisions in overall design lead to better ratings and rewards.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

With no such thing as failing in home design across every renovation job you take on, another common mindset that beginners may be inclined to think is that you have to finish your design within a limited period of time. Sometimes, even without any observable limitations, some messages in the game may be construed as an indicator that you have already reached the end of the challenge and must readily proceed to the next one.

decor life cupboard

In Decor Life, a “Complete” button will appear at the bottom of the screen once you have placed all the objects in the assigned room. Instinctively, though, the button’s appearance can easily be perceived as your cue to end the challenge. The button, however, is just a confirmation that you can click on at any time to indicate that you have finalized your design and are ready to close the project.

In essence, this is yet another feature of Decor Life that makes it very easy for players to make good progress with every job they take on. Given that a higher star rating means better rewards to earn, you basically have unlimited time to go for a 3-star rating on each assignment. Even if you see the “Complete” button appear at the bottom of the screen, you can freely make changes to any of the items you have already placed, even make a complete rework of what you have already done.

decor life good job

Although we understand that the faster, and relatively hassle-free way of going from one home design job to the next may be appealing to some, earning more rewards associated with a perfect 3-star score is an equally enticing option as well. We recommend actually taking a little more time to make some changes to your design to get a perfect rating if you did not immediately get it on your first try.

3. Inspect Each Room Carefully

From the moment you lay eyes on the room to re-decorate down to finally uncovering each new item from the box or boxes, the aura of excitement as to how to design the room will naturally lead you to start putting items here and there immediately.

While there is nothing wrong with having a penchant for exercising drive in your virtual job, a more efficient way to go about it should be preceded by knowing fully the available places you can actually use on the job.

decor life curtain

Each of the rooms you will work on in Decor Life is actually simple and neat, making it fairly easy to spot some preferred areas where some of the items you uncover seem to perfectly fit in. There are, however, instances where drawers, closets, or other storage spaces may not be as easily perceivable or perhaps in plain sight yet easy to miss as well.

For this reason, we recommend exploring the room as extensively as possible while it is still practically empty. It will be a lot more convenient to fully explore every nook and cranny before you start unboxing the items to place in the room.

decor life inspection

Relative to this, you should make it habit to consider categorizing all items into 2 types. Some of the items you pick up from the box are better used for display while some of the items are simply best kept inside drawers or cabinets. In most cases, knowing the difference contributes to the rating of your work at the end of the project although there are some clear signs to see whenever something is simply placed in an area where they do not belong.

4. Some Items Can Be Stacked

One of the remarkable features in Decor Life is how it affords players the ability to really organize stuff in every project. It will certainly be a challenge to keep everything tidy after bringing in tons of new stuff into the room and while there will always be an option to leave anything almost anywhere, being able to stack similar or related items together is a huge help.

stacking items in decor life

Books, comforters, boxes, and other items you can typically place on top of one another in real life can be organized in a similar way within the world of Decor Life. In the same manner, plates can be stashed neatly on the plate holder just like spoons and other utensils can be organized neatly into some drawers.

Platforms come in different sizes and are able to hold any item you choose that fits well within their borders. What is positively surprising is that, sometimes, similar items can also be grouped and placed on the same spot.

decor life toys

Although there are some limits as to how you can arrange every item in a given scenario, Decor Life still provides plenty of ways for you to really express your creativity as to how you want to organize a room. For the best possible results, never shy away from experimenting and testing the possibilities as Decor Life comes with surprising ways to help you with your home design gig.

5. Emojis Show The Way

We would again want to stress the idea that you are very much free to decide on how to design each client’s room in Decor Life. Given that each player has his or her own set of tastes and preferences, it is only natural for anyone to secure different ratings or grades across each home design project they engage in.

decor life emoji

To some extent, the projects or requests you take on at a later time in your adventure will not necessarily be more challenging relative to the typical way of how sim games progress. Rather, some home design jobs simply may have a disparity between your idea of a perfect design as against that of the room’s owner. As such it is very possible for you to find it easier to secure a 3-star rating later on than the early part of your interior decoration career.

In case you are wondering on how to efficiently satisfy your customer’s taste, Decor Life actually drops solid hints as to how your customer feels about each decision you make. Although some items seem to have little or no impact on the rating wherever you place them, emojis will appear on select items based on where you put them.

decor life hints

If you finally placed every item out of the box and secured a rating that is less than 3 stars, then you can still move some things around to get a higher rating. By paying a little more attention to each emoji that shows up on your screen, you will most certainly be able to gain higher and higher ratings.

Of course, this will entail spending a little more time with each job. The ultimate payout for securing a 3-star rating, however, in tandem with the satisfaction both you and your client receives, will be priceless.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Different kinds of ads on mobile games, most especially the casual types, are always to be expected as they have been around for quite some time. While it is very much understandable for some players to be distracted or even be annoyed by the presence of video ads in their games, it is also equally understandable why these ads need to exist within the free games.

While some free games on mobile can confidently rely on micro transactions or in-app purchases to sustain the continuous availability of the app along with its updates, casual and hyper-casual games, by nature, will most likely need to depend on the existence of ads to do so.

decor life energy

Decor Life, like many free casual mobile games, does contain some video ads. Some of it play randomly while you play the game, but these are the types that you can quickly skip as soon as they pop up. On the other hand, the greater majority of video ads to see in Decor Life are player-initiated and form part of the game’s ad boost feature.

While you can completely ignore ad boosts of any kind, each one is designed to help you progress faster in the game or provide different kinds of perks that make it easier, more convenient, or simply extra rewarding.

One of the most basic ad boosts everyone will certainly appreciate relates to free energy. Given that you only have 3 energy at a time to take on home design requests, you will easily expend it all in just a few minutes of playing.

decor life unique stuff

Although if you do take some time to finish tending to a request, chances are that your energy will be full again by the time you get back to the neighborhood, it is still possible for you to need some extra energy. If you are out of energy and cannot wait for the cool down period to have it replenished, you can always just play a short video ad to gain an extra energy.

Finishing a project earns you 15 gems and gems are a valuable resource since you can use it to replay previously completed projects as well as renovate your own home. If you play a video ad at the end of a project, you can claim 45 gems instead of 15 and basically triple your gain for the hard work done. Each project completed also gives you a random item that you can use to decorate your home and, again, playing another short video ad gives you a chance to open another random project completion reward item.

decor life reward

With the right enough arrangement of items on any of the projects you take on, a perfect rating of 3 stars can be certainly earned. Decor Life further provides extra means to make it easier for you to do so. On top of the regular boxes that contains the usual items to decorate the room with, there is a special box that you can open as well by playing another ad boost.

Finally, considering that not all means of enhancing a room’s appearance rests on the contents of the new items as well, ad boosts are also present when you are choosing from available paint colors or furniture styles to place in the room.

There will always be 2 regular choices that you can instantly choose and then there’s a third choice that you can use after playing a video ad. Typically, the ad boost choice is the most attractive choice there is, although it hardly has any bearing to the ratings you get whatsoever.

decor life curtain choice

There you have it! This wraps up our collection of tips for Decor Life. The plethora of items and projects you will encounter in your unique adventure is sure to uncover plenty more surprises than what we have covered in this guide. However, we are confident that the tips and strategies we presented will apply equally well on the rest of possible challenges you will meet. If you have more tips, tricks, or strategies beyond what we have discussed, feel free to share them with us below!


Tuesday 6th of December 2022

is there a way to put items back in the box in your home cuz I have no place for some of these bigger items like the arcade


Wednesday 19th of October 2022

How can i save the decoration in my house from the box ,cause everytime i arrange them the next time i opem the app there in the box as it was at the beginning

Blueberry Moosemama

Thursday 13th of October 2022

Does anyone know how or why my personal home/room keeps resetting? Every time I go into setting it up and I leave it resets and I have to go at it again... Idk what is going on!


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

@Blueberry Moosemama, SAME! It’s so annoying because sometimes I’m playing and a black screen shows up and there’s no X or exit button and I have to close the game and it restarts all the things I already put in. And if I get off the app for over 10 minutes, it restarts.


Monday 17th of October 2022

@Blueberry Moosemama, same! I need this fixed too :,(


Sunday 4th of September 2022

hello! i love this game and i was wondering if there was any way i could remove items i dont want from my personal home?


Thursday 25th of August 2022

what to do when something is stuck and not getting out??


Thursday 25th of August 2022

@Jennie, try reseting the game