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Transit King Tycoon: Transport Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the King of the Transport Industry

Transit King Tycoon: Transport is a pickup and delivery transport business sim game from BON Games. Although there are currently a good number of loosely similar games on mobile platforms alone, Transit King Tycoon: Transport sets itself apart with its own brand of city-building and business management gameplay mechanics unlike any other.

transit king tycoon transport tips

The basic gameplay mechanics in Transit King Tycoon: Transport centers around transport of goods from numerous production areas to different consumer areas. Although it is as simple and straightforward as anyone would presume, you can expect a huge increase in productivity and progression to take place based on time spent in your virtual business as well as using strategies along the way.

Transit King Tycoon: Transport is still a casual game, and as such offers plenty of freedom for players to go about their business in their personal way. With a quick and simple tutorial to greet you on your first minute or so, even complete beginners are guaranteed to easily grasp all the basic concepts of the game.

transit king tycoon transport fuel capacity

However, if you are raring for progress and aiming to become a top transit tycoon, then you came to the right place as our Transit King Tycoon: Transport beginner’s guide includes a bunch of tips and strategies to achieve that.

1. Follow The Job List Targets

The tutorial in Transit King Tycoon: Transport takes you through a couple of requests and introduces you to your basic source of EXP, coins, and other rewards. With new requests continuously pouring in as soon as you clear one of them, you are likely to get hooked on tending to requests without even checking on the other tasks at hand that contributes to your progression.

While there is nothing wrong with continuously tending to available requests, especially given that every order satisfied readily converts to EXP and coins earned. For efficiency’s sake, though, it is best to align your activities to completing job list objectives, as doing so will enable you to earn even more rewards and reach new levels faster.

transit king tycoon transport goals

Although one of the current targets can be readily seen at the upper right side of your screen, it is recommended to click on it and check the full list of job targets. Jobs are categorized by levels and you have to complete the current one before you can start pursuing the next.

It may be a little confusing for beginners, but you can check the job list objectives by clicking on the appropriate level on the left side of the window. The objectives you need to meet will be presented on the right side and once everything has been cleared, you should be able to claim the job list level rewards.

Although the objectives listed in each level aligns directly with the usual activities you engage in, using it as your main guide towards progression will help you focus on each objective more firmly. In some cases, blindly playing without having specific targets in mind can lead you to redo some of your accomplishments since completed actions prior to the appearance of specific targets will not be counted.

transit king tycoon transport job list

In any case, you can consider the job list as your main missions that progress from one level to the next and in the event that you are currently unable to satisfy one of the objectives, then that would be the time to explore other things and tend to the usual product requests.

Keep in mind that while there are soft limitations in Transit King Tycoon: Transport that make it seem like you meet temporary dead ends, there will always be a plethora of activities to engage in for the most active of tycoons.

2. Consider The Right Vehicle For The Job

One of the most exciting features of Transit King Tycoon: Transport lies at the core of its gameplay and considering that your virtual business revolves around performing transport services, you can expect that there will be plenty of vehicles to collect. Each vehicle is not just unique in appearance, as each one has different traits as well.

Although the first 2 available vehicles can carry just about any type of cargo, some of the latter vehicles to unlock can only carry specific types of items. Each vehicle also has different stats like quantity or carry capacity, fuel consumption, maximum speed, and loading speed. At first glance, you might consider that vehicles who can carry more items are always the better ones but it is not the case across every possible job.

transit king tycoon transport vehicles

After clicking on an item ordered as well as the source for it, beginners will naturally be inclined to select the first available vehicle that pops up on their screen by hitting the “add” button. Although this is alright in the initial moments of your adventure, you have to make it a habit sooner than later to choose from among the available vehicles as to which one to give the job to.

Suppose you only need to transport about 2 or 5 units of a specific item, the highest class of vehicle available will be shown to you first, even if it can carry over 20 units in one go. Consequently, if the next order you take on requires over 100 units or so and the higher capacity vehicle you have is busy with the smaller tasks, you will be compelled to utilize vehicles with a more limited capacity for the bigger job.

This basically leads to a less efficient flow of operations as some of the vehicles assigned will take more trips and take a little longer to complete a job. Ultimately, what you need to consistently be able to do, is to plan ahead before taking on orders in such a way that the most suitable vehicles in your employ will be assigned to the job that best fits them.

3. Be Prudent When Managing Your Vehicles

Transit King Tycoon: Transport hosts more than enough vehicles to quench any tycoon’s thirst for variety. Vehicles can be classified between regular and premium ones, though, with the latter only purchasable using notes, which is a premium currency in the game. The regular vehicles, on the other hand, are locked behind tycoon levels and you need to reach certain level milestones to unlock each of them.

While premium vehicles as well as regular vehicles that unlock later on are in several ways better than the earlier ones, there is no such thing as a useless vehicle in Transit King Tycoon: Transport and you can very much proceed with your usual tasks regardless of the vehicles in your employ.

transit king tycoon transport vehicle management

As far as efficiency is concerned, however, having access to better vehicles will naturally cut down delivery time as well as improve overall operations considering the generally better stats that latter vehicles have.

Every vehicle starts off decent enough when you unlock them, considering the price, and each one can still be upgraded. Upgrades, just like the vehicles themselves, are also locked behind level milestones. While coins are primarily used for upgrading regular vehicles, premium vehicles mostly require premium currency to upgrade as well. Similarly, vehicles and upgrades locked behind level requirements are also instantly unlockable if you are open to spending in-game cash.

transit king tycoon transport vehicle upgrade

A typical impression of an upgrade may leave you with an idea of increase across all stats, most especially the carrying capacity of the vehicle. This is, however, not the case in general. Before upgrading, you can see the upgraded stats and it should be a solid indicator of whether or not you should proceed with the upgrade. Coins may run abundantly especially in the early hours of your transit king career but there are plenty of other uses for it, which is reason enough to exercise prudence in its consumption.

Another important point to consider is the limitations on how many vehicles you can keep and operate at the same time. Your garage initially has a cap of being able to hold only 20 vehicles at the start of your career and requires notes to be expanded. Likewise, you have a soft limit on available drivers as well, which basically limits the number of vehicles you can keep on the road simultaneously.

transit king tycoon transport garage upgrade

As you continue to reach new levels and unlock and purchase better vehicles, your free garage space will continue to dwindle. As an alternative to expanding your garage to be able to cater to having more vehicles, you also have the option of selling some of them. In this regard, it is best to already be aware of this turnout from the early hours of gameplay as knowing about these things will help you decide on which vehicles to invest in and which ones will be let go sooner or later.

4. Make Improvements To The City

Pushing to reach higher levels to unlock more vehicles as well as the ability to upgrade them is not the exclusive motivator in Transit King Tycoon: Transport for players to get hooked on it. Although the core of your business basically centers around the vehicles you manage and operate, Transit King Tycoon: Transport lets you show some love to the city you operate in as well.

Consumer areas, production sites, and even the roads themselves can be upgraded is well, ensuring more than plenty of things to look forward to and invest in as you traverse the road towards being a top tycoon.

With regard to the consumer locations, simply tending to their orders or requests earns EXP for them and levels them up. A consumer town with a higher level will have more orders at a time, meaning it will take more jobs for them to run out of requests.

transit king tycoon transport city improvement

Likewise, the higher a consumer area’s level, the more likely it will have requests that require units by the thousands. Given that every item you bring into these towns earn you coins, higher level consumer areas will naturally yield you more income in return.

The production sites, on the other hand, can be upgraded in 2 ways. The basic way is to upgrade them by providing the needed upgrade materials and spending the required number of coins. The usual materials needed in upgrading production sites are the same as the usual item you produce but in large quantities. Alternatively, you can spend notes to instantly upgrade the production sites but given that premium currency can have more important uses, we recommend against it.

Upgraded production sites will be able to load up vehicles faster and, in case of manufacturing ones, can hold more items as well as produce the faster. One important thing to remember, though, is that a production site will be inaccessible for the duration of period that it is being upgraded.

Although you can pause an upgrade in process, it is best to plan accordingly before initiating an upgrade, ensuring that no part of your operations will be impeded or halted by the upgrade process.

transit king tycoon transport options

The roads your vehicle travels on in Transit King Tycoon: Transport also has upgrade levels. Starting off with what appears to be a dirt track can slowly be improved through spending coins. Like everything else, you also need to reach level milestones to be able to improve roads to the next level and beyond the aesthetic improvements that can be seen, roads of a higher grade also improve the speed at which vehicles run on them.

Improving the city in Transit King Tycoon: Transport is not just entirely about upgrades here and there. There are new structures that you can build following reaching the level requirements to do so. While territorial expansions come as the biggest reward that follows meeting certain level milestones, some upgrades require a bit more effort and resources to operate following their availability.

The sea port is certainly a boost towards the way you generate income but once it becomes available, you will need to make it operational following the delivery of needed resources, much like upgrades down on existing production sites. There are also structures that you will need to put up yourself, such as warehouses, gas stations, and bus stops among others.

You can check on the structures you can build via the hammer icon at the lower left side of the screen. This is where you can build roads outside of doing so when a certain area is beyond your vehicle’s reach. Keep in mind as well that you can tap on roads you have already placed to make adjustments to them later on. Laying out roads may be temporary as you may want to make changes or alter the whole city’s visage at a later point in time.

transit king tycoon transport road upgrade

At this point in time, you should already be aware that vehicles run on fuel, which gets consumed based on the number of minutes they are on routes. As it will require some effort to consistently keep tabs on the remaining fuel of each vehicle you have, placing gas stations strategically can help ease that burden. Gas stations work in that they replenish some fuel for vehicles that pass within their area of effect. With each upgrade, gas stations also have increased area of effect, fuel generation, and max capacity.

The bus stop essentially serves as a source of commuters and, as awkward as it may sound, commuters are like resources that you will also need to deliver to certain cities that request them. What is unique about bus stops is that the commuters generated will often be too little compared to what you need to provide which means that one vehicle will be sufficient to take on such tasks on its own.

Bus stops can also be upgraded but after meeting the level requirements. There are also relatively limited types of vehicles that can transport commuters.

There are different kinds of storage units or warehouses that you can build. Sometimes, it pays to be prepared with requests for items that need to be manufactured and warehouses will serve as your extra storage for different end products that your facilities produce. Be sure to place the warehouses close to the relative manufacturing plant as you will also need to have the products transported to these warehouses.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As Possible

There are hardly any offline games nowadays and games that require internet connectivity are presumed to exhibit multiplayer aspects, whether through competitive gameplay, cooperative, or a mix of both. In any case, an online game will also more typically have an alliance system as part of its basic features and in Transit King Tycoon: Transport, just like any other game that has one, it is very important to join an alliance as soon as possible.

In addition to the different structures you can build as we discussed above, one of the most important ones to put up as soon as possible is the alliance office. It is basically required for you to be able to create an alliance of your own or join up with an existing one. For beginners, we naturally recommend joining an existing alliance first to learn all the ropes of organizing players in the alliance and ensuring its smooth operations.

transit king tycoon transport alliances

Being in an alliance comes with its own set of added perks and leaves no disadvantages whatsoever for any of its members. The building with a crown icon at the upper right side of your screen is a shortcut to visiting the alliance feature. Before joining up with an existing one, you can easily choose from among a list of alliances with open slots. Once you join up, you can immediately enjoy the added perks but you will also need to remain active to reap its full benefits.

Remaining active, as far as being a member of an alliance is concerned, does not necessarily entail having to exert extra effort. Each alliance will have a set of projects that are available for a limited period of time.

These projects are directly in line with the usual activities you engage in such as refueling vehicles, delivering specific items, or even completing contracts. You will need to choose from among the available projects which one to take on and, in doing so, you will earn project points as well as EXP for your alliance.

transit king tycoon transport alliance project points

Accumulated project points that reach a certain milestone will benefit you as well as the rest of the alliance’s members. An alliance that remains to be active and reaches new levels will unlock additional boosts that apply to each member. This also lead to having more member slots within the alliance that ultimately provide opportunities for even faster growth moving forward.

6. Take On Contracts As Often As You Can

Within the list icon at the upper right side of your screen are contracts, which is essentially half of the goal you have in Transit King Tycoon: Transport. We still consider the job list as the most important set of targets to focus on but contracts are an excellent opportunity to earn extra EXP, coins, as well as notes.

Likewise, contracts very much align with what you would normally do if you actively play Transit King Tycoon: Transport, which means that the only extra effort needed is actually activating or accepting the contract.

transit king tycoon transport contracts

Contracts need to be accomplished within a limited period of time but not fully satisfying the requirements does not mean not receiving anything. Contracts have completion ratings from 1 to 3 stars and as much as the max rating is recommended, it does become very challenging at times to consistently be able to accomplish the tasks.

You will only start out with being able to take on a contract one at a time. At levels 15 and 25, though, the number of available contracts will increase, enabling you to take on up to 3 separate contracts simultaneously. Keep in mind that a new contract will become immediately available once you have completed one with maximum ratings or if it has expired.

7. Take Advantage Of Freebies And Ad Boosts

The immediate pay off you get out of producing and delivering goods to customers in Transit King Tycoon: Transport, in tandem with extra rewards from job lists and contracts, are at the very least fair enough to sustain your basic needs even after you have reached higher levels.

Costs of expansion and upgrades do grow over time as well but with the increased profits you naturally rake in, progression will be felt every step of the way in your road towards becoming the top transit tycoon.

transit king tycoon transport coins

Beyond all that, however, Transit King Tycoon: Transport still provides plenty of freebies and ad boosts that can further propel your business’ growth and development an if you are raring to grow your transport empire at the fastest and most efficient rate, we recommend that you take advantage of all these extra perks.

The icon on the lowermost left corner of the screen is your access to the in-game shop. There are daily login rewards you can claim along with extra rewards if you log in without fail for consecutive days. The in-game shop provides free coins and notes that you can claim once every 3 hours and additional rewards can be claimed as well if you choose to play short video ads for each one.

transit king tycoon transport daily rewards

If you have played several free mobile games before, then you should already be familiar with the presence of ads in most free games, most especially those belonging to the casual genre. There are no ads that pop up in Transit King Tycoon: Transport without your consent and the only video ads you will see are exclusively self-initiated that offers extra rewards.

On the left side of your screen, there is an ad boost icon you can click on to see the list of rewards you can claim for each video ad you play as part of the daily rewards. With boosts and notes forming part of these rewards, you certainly should not miss out on any of them.

transit king tycoon transport ad

Likewise, if you run out of fuel or need extra drivers for a limited period of time, you can also click on the “+” icon beside these resources at the top of your screen to play ads and earn bits of them. You can also tap on a city with currently no requests and play a video add to refresh their status.

8. Partake In Special Events

The regular set of activities you engage in Transit King Tycoon: Transport as part of your quest towards being the top transit tycoon leaves you with a plethora of planning and multitasking sessions to keep you busy whenever you dive in. While performing the usual feats will net you instant rewards, along with additional ones for goals and projects you accomplish.

transit king tycoon transport event

On top of all that, Transit King Tycoon: Transport also holds unique time-limited events on a regular basis and whenever you see an icon at the right side of the screen with a timer on it, it is recommended to check it out quickly. At the time of this writing, a Mother’s Day – Spring March League Event is taking place and just like all other special events, presents players with opportunities to earn extra rewards.

Just like job lists, contracts, and alliance projects, accomplishing objectives et within the special event targets do not necessarily require extra effort. It only entails maintaining the usual amount of time and effort you put in on your virtual empire but provides added incentives based on your activity. There are points to earn based on metrics relative to the usual accomplishments and these points earn you tickets within the duration of the event.

transit king tycoon transport specials

Tickets earned, in turn, can be exchanged for valuable rewards at the Event Shop, giving you an opportunity to purchase vehicles that are either difficult or impossible to claim outside of it. Tickets can also be exchanged for coins and notes but we recommend setting your sights first on the unique trucks. While you can surely accomplish feats relative to special events, it is always best to peek into the specific requirements to ensure that you can progress in it more efficiently.

9. Use Items In Your Inventory Wisely

Just like notes being a premium currency in Transit King Tycoon: Transport, there are special boost items that you regularly earn as part of the usual rewards you get for select accomplishments and daily rewards. These boosts can either be used immediately after you claim them, or be stored in your inventory for future use.

 Your inventory, much like your warehouse and garage, is expected to have limited slots to hold your special items and if you do not use any of the consumables you earn, you may be forced to use new ones on the spot.

transit king tycoon transport inventory

Although you can add 5 extra inventory space at the cost of 30 notes, we recommend simply managing it efficiently as far as practicable. Hoarding items can be a nasty habit but using them indiscriminately can also lead to wastage.

In general, what we recommend is for you to check out every boost you have in your inventory and plan ahead as to when it would be the best time to use them. For the most part, these “best” times should coincide with your availability to actively engage in your virtual business. For example, using a 60-minute boost that gives cities unlimited requests is best used when all cities run out of requests, provided of course that you will be available to play for the next 60 minutes.

transit king tycoon transport extra drivers

There are boosts as well for extra drivers that run for a limited period of time and these will also be best utilized at times that you are actively playing.

The game certainly holds more content than what we can possibly cover in one article but this is where we end our Transit King Tycoon: Transport beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned a good deal from this guide. If you stumbled upon some nifty tricks or strategies we have not yet discovered, or simply want to share your experiences with the game, feel free to do so and leave us a message in the comment box!