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Global City (Mobile Game) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Turn Your City into a Thriving Megapolis

Global City is a unique city-building and management simulation game from B.V, a company that’s behind mobile titles such as Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia and Hustle Castle. From mining and processing different materials to build your city down to engaging in sales and trade of resources for profit, Global City provides you with a full-scale city management experience that will put your designing, planning, and multitasking skills to a test.

global city guide

With considerably an abundance of loosely similar games in the mobile gaming industry alone, Global City sets itself apart from the pack with the quality of its overall package. Not only does it present superb graphics and design by mobile gaming standards, but the amount of engaging and immersive content it offers likely surpasses any similar game you have played before.

Global City offers simple and straightforward gameplay mechanics that are sure to be picked up by players of all ages with relative ease. The initial minutes of your dive into the game are spent on a tutorial session, walking you through all the basics of production and upgrades. As new structures and features become available, you will also be provided with a brief guide on it.

global city buildings

The game makes it possible for anyone to make progress regardless of how they go about managing their city. There will certainly be hiccups in production along the way but each one can be prevented with the right planning and control. If you caught yourself in a slump or simply want to have a highly progressive city all throughout, then you have come to the right place. Be sure to read our Global City beginner’s guide for some useful tips, tricks and strategies to turn your city into a thriving megapolis!

1. Follow The List Of Main Tasks First

Global City certainly has plenty to offer even at the start of your city management adventure. The tutorial is very helpful to introduce you to the basics but the pace at which your city grows can still be a little overwhelming, especially for complete beginners. Everything you do basically earns you EXP, enabling you to reach new levels and each new level reached gives you access to more and more structures and features.

At some point soon enough, you will basically be left to proceed with taking care of business on your own, with a lot of liberty as to which structures to build and upgrade as well as which resources to mine or produce.

global city tasks

While absolute freedom to decide is always welcomed and goes in line with the idea that you can move forward however you choose to do so, it is best to have something that works as your guide towards progressing more efficiently instead of second-guessing your every next move.

Global City provides you with a ready list of tasks to accomplish. You can access tasks via the assistant icon at the lower left side of the screen. The most basic objectives relating to the growth and development of your city can be found under “Tasks”, which is the first tab of the window. This is where a seemingly infinite set of objectives appear that guides you on what to build or produce next.

Under the Tasks bar, several objectives will be available at a time. How they are arranged on the list bears little significance and you can choose to pursue any item on the list, for starters. This is very much comparable to main quests in an RPG where completing a task can give rise to a connected task later on. As new objectives become available, though, it will still be easy to distinguish the earlier tasks given that some of the new targets will be impossible to progress due to resources that can only be produced or generated by pursuing the earlier quests.

leveling up in global city

Each task you accomplish earns you EXP and coins as rewards and as you will continuously be in need of both, pushing to accomplish one quest after another is important. EXP leads to reaching new levels that unlock the rest of what Global City has to offer and as much as coins stand as the basic currency in the game, you will quickly come to discover just how much of it you will need to develop your city.

There will surely come a point when you simply will find it temporarily impossible to complete every task on the list. In such scenarios, you can still engage in accomplishing other goals as well as engage in various other activities.

Tasks serve as your guide towards progression but it hardly encompasses the whole of what you can do to develop your city. Pendency of tasks may be attributable to lack of coins or specific resources that can be generated or produced over time and there are numerous ways to make progress towards acquiring them.

2. Expand And Organize

One of the clear indicators of growth and development in your city is its physical expansion and with every lot you unlock comes more space for you to put up more structures. Territorial expansion will naturally be very easy at first, requiring only materials you can easily mine or produce. As your territory expands, however, acquiring new lots will become more and more challenging, having unique territorial expansion resources that will not be readily acquired within your city.

A typical part of tasks set before you in Global City relates to constructing different structures within your city. You can easily access available structures via the hard hat icon at the lower right side of your screen. Residential buildings start as the most basic structures as you need to increase population to man jobs in the commercial units in your city. Water and power are essential as well to ensure the city’s survival and will have to be aptly provided for the city to function.

global city warehouse

There are, of course, numerous types of factories to unlock and construct as you make progress. These facilities provide you with various resources that are needed to build and upgrade different structures and can also be sold for coins. Commercial units require specific number of people, on top of power and water supply, to generate coins and EXP for your city over time.

Although amenities may initially look like cosmetics that make your city more beautiful, these items actually serve a purpose. Some residents require certain level of amenities and you need to satisfy the condition for them to count towards your population.

Considering all these different structures, maintaining balance across the interrelated needs is of utmost importance. As you expand your city’s territory and have more free space in your hands, though, you may want to take a bit of time to organize everything before actually using the free areas to put up needed structures.

Global City actually lets you alter your city’s layout quickly and conveniently. From how roads are built down to where each structure sits, you can make changes as you please at any time. There is a road icon on the right side of the screen that lets you pave new roads with ease as well as remove them as you wish.

global city layout

Additionally, tapping and holding on any structure will let you pull it up and relocate it to whichever location it can fit in. While this function will let you fully customize how your city will look like, the best use of this feature is to, of course, organize your city in such a way that it functions as best as possible.

With amenities impacting residential structures, it becomes important to devise a plan where each amenity can be fully utilized by as many residential buildings as possible. With this in mind, it is recommended to group structures as well by their type, like grouping residential units together just as much as you would bring factories close to one another, if possible.

Keep in mind as well that each building must be near the road so planning the layout of your city is of great importance. Whenever you plan layouts, always consider it not just for the city’s present situation especially since expansion will be available for quite a long time. Even if there are still plenty of areas and territories to unlock in the early part of your journey, you can already scroll in different directions to see just how vast the city map in Global City actually is.

3. Inventory Management Is Crucial

With continuous mining and production, resources pile up really quick in Global City. It would be very easy if there was no limit as to how many resources you can keep but that would certainly chisel off a huge chunk of the adventure’s challenge, most particularly in terms of having to plan and strategize. Global City has a storage limit mechanic that initially limits the items you can carry to 20 at a time. Although this limit can be increased using storage expansion items, it is best to learn how to manage your inventory as early as possible.

global city warehouse

Inventory management is closely tied to using the tasks feature as your guide towards progression. You basically need to take on one task at a time or at the very least set prioritization queues in terms of which resources go for which task. Mining and production of items should then follow specific needs and as much as you would want continuous production, it should be done while keeping present tasks in mind as well as available storage space.

Even if you limit mining and production of resources based on one or a couple of pending tasks, not all inventory slots in your warehouse are dedicated to production resources. Special items used for expansions and upgrades also end up in your warehouse and take up valuable space. Considering, however, the random element of obtaining these special items, each one should be considered as indispensable especially early in your game.

global city inventory management

By tapping on your warehouse, which can be found around the lower area of your city, you can see all its contents. The number of items you have, as well as the current maximum number of items you can hold will always be shown on the top of the screen as well. You can easily tap on any item and sell them if you need some extra space fast. However, the selling price accorded to this method is very low compared to its real value.

Once you have built the Global Exchange Center, you can begin putting items up for sale for other players. You will start off with just 3 open slots for the items you want to sell and there are limits as to the quantity each one can hold as well. Although a price is assigned by default, you can always make adjustments to it. Selling items here may take some time but it is a great way to dispose of extra resources and earn extra coins.

global city global exchange

Note as well that the Global Exchange Center can be an easy source of resources you are in dire need of. In the event that specific expansion and upgrade items you need have proven too difficult to obtain, you can always purchase one from traders in Global Exchange.

4. Take On Orders And Projects As Well

After spending some time building and exploring in Global City, you will realize that it is not comparable to an ordinary city and regardless of how you design its layout through the many different structures you can build, there are certain areas specifically allocated for unique operations. In essence, this is what contributes to making your city have access to everything it needs to prosper although it takes time and effort to be able to unlock everything.

The assistant menu you can access at the lower left side of the screen holds more than just the tasks that serve as your main quests in Global City. There are Orders, Projects and Hotline as well that provide you with additional objectives to complete. Although we consider the main tasks to be of utmost importance, progressing through projects and taking on orders also contribute to your city’s growth and development.

global city double-deck ship

Projects are essentially a group of objectives that lead to the opening and development of special features in your city. The Port, for example, is among one of the first you will be able to use and will be your initial key to obtaining expansion and upgrade items you cannot obtain anywhere else.

There will also be a cargo airport and railway system to unlock later on as well as other unique facilities that will help your city prosper. Each project consists of stages to complete, requiring a wide variety of resources in each one.

With the port operating, you can basically start selling off needed items that you can either farm or produce in your city. In addition to the coins earned per order, a bag of random rewards will also be earned after sending the order.

global city projects

This bag holds the expansion and upgrade items you need for your city, making it essential for you to keep attending to orders. There are no time limits within which you must cater to the orders but a new one will become available a few minutes after the previous one has been taken care of.

The Hotline serves as a means of informing you about critical issues. Having a full warehouse, a need for more housings, or even a necessity for more power and water sources all fall within this category. Although you may only hardly see issues listed here, it is best to keep this list empty at all times.

5. Save Cash For Production Slots

Cash serves as the premium currency in Global City and is expected to be far more challenging to acquire than coins. Although coins are highly useful in a variety of scenarios, some items or improvements can only be obtained by spending cash. Cash can be used to purchase coins and can be utilized for convenience as well in terms of instantly buying specific materials you need or cutting down waiting time for ongoing construction.

You can earn 3 cash with each level up and be presented with an opportunity to earn an extra 1 if you play a short video ad. Special event objectives cleared also earn you cash and there are regular freebies in the shop as well as daily login rewards that can earn you cash as well.

Instead of going for items or benefits you can obtain through other means, however, we recommend holding off on spending valuable cash. Instead, you should save up your cash and spend them instead to purchase extra slots for your production lines.

global city production slots

By default, your facilities for mining resources as well as the ones engaged in processing raw materials into finished products only have 2 slots for items queued. Although having just 2 slots is relatively acceptable to work with considering turnovers as well as having similar types of structures to double capacity later on, having more slots for queues will prove to contribute to your efficiency in the long run.

Despite careful planning and masterful execution of objectives, you are still likely to have challenges resulting from limitations imposed by your warehouse. There will certainly be instances when you will have your slots completely filled up, halting the production and processing of other resources as an effect. With also no sure way to predict the next set of items you will need to have, accomplishing one task and seeing the next one in line will often be the clear indicator of what you need to produce next.

Production is naturally expected to be far from instant as well and the more complex products your facilities produce take some time to complete. In this sense, it is only best to have as many queue slots as possible and have them active especially if you will be offline and away from the game for a while.

As far as selling items on the Global Trade Center goes, products that are easier to obtain will yield the lowest price tags. On top of current and future needs for processed items, queuing in some extra is useful as well for extra coins through selling.

6. Take Advantage Of Special Events

The reward system in Global City relative to completing tasks and engaging in trade is actually more than fair enough to have players experiencing growth and progression every step of the way. Most especially for the more active city builders, there are hardly any limits as to how fast coins and resources can be earned, with only production times and building construction periods serving as temporary barricades toward continuous growth.

global city rewards

In addition to instant rewards earned from completing tasks, projects, and orders, Global City provides excellent opportunities for players to acquire even more rewards through special events held. For the most part, you can check available events through unique icons at the left side of your screen. These events are often inter-related and do not necessarily entail extra effort.

Special event objectives are always directly related to the usual activities you engage in to grow and develop your city. Special events are offered for a limited period of time and the rewards you can earn are mostly difficult to obtain outside of these events.

For the best results, make it a habit to peek into each special event and take note of the goals and objectives. You can certainly achieve some of them without knowing the specifics, but it is best to use the target goals as an additional guide for your progression.

global city event points

And that wraps up our beginner’s guide for Global City. We are certain that there are still plenty of advanced features and contents we have not delved into with this guide but we are confident that the tips and strategies we shared with you here extends their applicability across all contents you will uncover. If you have more tips, trips, or strategies of your own you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comment area below!