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Stone Grass Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Ace Every Level

Stone Grass is the latest casual simulator game from Freeplay Inc., home to other hit mobile titles such as Count Masters – Stickman Clash and Fidget Toys Trading: Pop It 3D just to name a few.

Similarly to the company’s other games, Stone Grass features simplistic gameplay mechanics and controls, making it very easy for gamers of all ages to pick up and enjoy. Stone Grass is suitable for players who particularly prefer games that let you progress even with the smallest amount of free time you can dedicate to it. However, its addictive element and lack of any limitations as to how far you can go in one sitting can also keep you hooked on it hours in one sitting.

With your lawn mower, Stone Grass sets you up for a simple task of cutting down grass in each level as well as selling them for coins. Coins are then exchanged for various upgrades that will help you mow grass faster and more efficiently.

stone grass guide

As simple and as straightforward all this is, strategy can still play a vital role in determining just how fast and efficiently you can hop from one level to the next. Of course, Stone Grass is not a race towards some finish line and is primarily designed for a relaxing, wholesome mobile experience.

Stone Grass does not come with much of a tutorial and one is certainly not needed. All you need is to tap and hold anywhere on the screen to navigate your grass cutter to anywhere you want it to go. Although there are several structures that can be unlocked as your progress through the levels, your usual route basically involves the grassy areas along with the market and upgrade shop back at home.

Even complete beginners are assured of making progress in Stone Grass regardless of how and how often they choose to dive into it. However, if you are one to itch over seeing what each new level brings to your adventure, then we have you covered. Be sure to read on, as our Stone Grass guide has a bunch of tips and tricks to clear all levels!

1. Get As Many Free Upgrades Before Working

Although using a lawn mower in real life is often seen as a chore that people hardly want to consider as a fun activity, you will likely find yourself wanting to test your lawn mower’s circular blades out on the grass as soon as you dive into the game. This sensation will further be reinforced once you see grass that have different colors.

One of the key features in Stone Grass, as you will soon enough discover, is that grass in Stone Grass have different durability as well and these colors are their indicators, making harvest on the farther area of each level a lot more difficult to cut than those on the entrance or close to it.

stone grass upgrades

By default, your grass cutter will be powerful enough to easily and quickly cut through the first set of grass you encounter but, even on the first level, you will feel a lot of resistance from the farther, differently-colored grass already. As such, before you proceed to the grassy area and start your adventure, we recommend stacking up on some upgrades first, more specifically the free ones being offered in the upgrade structure.

Upgrades generally cost coins with increasing amounts proportionate to the upgrade level. However, Stone Grass provides free ways for you to purchase some upgrades in line with its ad boost features. Fully knowing that you will want to keep upgrading as you move forward through the adventure’s many levels, it becomes only logical to purchase and use these upgrades sooner. By doing so, you will be able to cut all grass with relative ease and even enjoy faster accomplishment of all tasks before you for several levels to come.

stone grass vehicles

Although we recommend taking all free upgrades as soon as you can, it is okay to take breaks from it from one level to the next as well. For now, though, what matters is that you have enough enhancements before you begin to take on the task at hand.

There are numerous different upgrades available and you will want to look into each of it later once you are ready to spend coins on some of them. For starters, having free upgrades obtained stand as priority one and then you can jump into cutting grass and then collecting and selling them to afford more upgrades.

2. Focus On The Cutting Tasks First

With your all-purpose grass cutter that comes with its own cargo to transport the grass you have trimmed, it would seem that it is only practical to cut the grass and pick it up all in one go. Although some of the harvested grass do automatically end up in your cargo, though, a lot of them tend to be left on the ground and you will have to go out of your way or make a second pass to pick them up.

Considering everything, there are no time limits in Stone Grass within which you should complete a level. You can choose to go about cutting down grass and picking them up any way you want, even without much care as to how you go about it. However, efficiency dictates the need for a process or a procedure and, in this case, the best way to go is to have separate runs for cutting grass and picking them up and selling them.

stone grass cutting

For starters, it is important to know that earning stars and being eligible to proceed to the next level on the map is based on the amount of grass you have cut, relative of course to the total amount available on the current level. You can always choose to exit the level through the bottom area upon cutting enough grass to reach a 1-star performance, but the coins and gems to obtain for the second and third stars are important to grab as well.

Likewise, actually grabbing the cut grass and selling them is your bread and butter, so to speak, as you need coins to purchase various upgrades and make it ever easier to perform your tasks moving forward.

Despite its simple and straightforward controls and gameplay mechanics, cutting down grass in Stone Grass may be easy to do but challenging to fully master. If you want to ensure that a complete harvest on a level is at its optimum in terms of speed and efficiency, then every inch of movement should have value, whether ensuring that there is always grass being cut, or being loaded for sale.

 Although it takes some practice to run the grass cutter as perfectly as possible, especially around corners of the level, strategizing around each run should begin at the earliest possible time.

stone grass task

We recommend following a pattern on both the cutting and loading process. Either left to right or vice versa works so long as you choose to cut everything up first before starting to focus on loading and selling them. This way, you will be more focused on ensuring that every inch of the land has been cleared, before strategizing again on the most efficient way to load and sell them.

Considering that you want to secure all 3 stars before leaving the current level, you should know that you do not necessarily have to cut everything completely. However, doing so will ensure a smoother flow of operations especially since you will never have to head back towards an area you passed through before just because you missed a few blades of grass or so.

3. Utilize The Cart For Faster Transport And Selling

Noe that you have supposedly cut all the grass in the level and have secured a 3-star rating for it as well, it is the best time to start hauling every bit of grass on the ground and continuously convert them into coins. Although you will naturally be able to pick up some cut grass immediately after cutting them, it is highly unlikely that you will have a full cargo soon and there will be more for pick up at this stage.

As you on your way towards picking up the grass to sell them, you are likely to discover random boosts lying about the field. Also, at the center of the field will always be a cart that you can use to instantly transport the grass that you are carrying back to the store. Initially, you might think that the 15 to 30-second video ad is not worth to play for the perk of being able to use the cart. However, even on just a single trip, unlocking the cart saves you more time especially in larger levels.

stone grass cart

The cart in Stone Grass is not only going to be active for a single trip. As soon as you completely fill it up or if it has some cargo and you stop putting more, it will automatically transport its contents to the grass buyer and head back to its original spot afterwards. It will take as many trips as needed so long as you still have some grass to load up to it.

Note, though that your lawn mower’s carry capacity will normally be higher than that of the cart, depending on upgrade levels. If you are full and wish to unload on the cart, it may leave once it is full even if you still have some grass left in your trunk.

With the task of cutting grass out of the way leaving you to only focus on collecting, transporting, and selling grass, you can multitask in terms of gathering your products and unloading to the cart almost simultaneously.

4. Balance Out Upgrades Based On Cost

Playing ads to get some upgrades for free is certainly a huge help, giving you a tremendous boost to productivity especially in the early levels of Stone Grass. However, it goes without saying that more of the upgrades should be purchased using the coins you earn from cutting and selling grass. While there are also no right or wrong ways to go about upgrades. There are general strategies to consider that contributes to your overall efficiency across every level you visit moving forward.

The first strategy you need to consider is that you should keep as little amount of coins idle as much as possible. Just like in idle clicker business sim games, the idea is that every bit of investment you make through spending coins will indirectly cause for an increase in your profits moving forward. Although all upgrades relate to improvements in the performance of your lawn mower and your cart, you actually need to remain as active and efficient as possible to feel the impact of the upgrades that you purchased.

stone grass saw upgrade

Stone Grass holds 7 distinct upgrade options divided across 3 categories. There are 3 upgrades for the saw, 2 upgrades for the truck, and 2 more upgrades for the trolley or cart. For the saw, you can upgrade to add more saw blades, add more prongs to each one, or increase the speed of its rotation. Each type results in higher power for the saw.

For the truck or your lawn mower itself, you can upgrade to increase its carrying capacity or upgrade to improve its movement speed. Finally, for the trolley or the cart, the upgrades available also include giving it higher carrying capacity as well as improved moving speed.

Considering the overall impact of each upgrade, we see each upgrade option basically being equally important. What should decide how you prioritize upgrades should therefore be based on each one’s cost. Upgrade costs increase with each new level reached so the best way to go about it is to always choose the most affordable one available.

stone grass truck upgrade

By doing so, you will ultimately get more upgrades purchased with the same amount of coins spent and while this may seem hardly noticeable in one session, it will still benefit you even in the smallest ways to make efficient use of every coins you earn.

As of this writing, we were basically able to max out the first upgrade, which is adding blades to the grass cutter largely, if not entirely, through playing video ads. If you experience the same, then you will likely be only considering the remaining 6 upgrade options for the coins you earn. In any case, coins are sure to be earned with each level you complete, so make it a habit to stop by the upgrade shop and spend your coins on upgrades before exiting out to the map and going on the next level.

5. Only Sell When The Profit Boost Is Active

Ads in free to play mobile games have been around for quite some time and have been generally accepted as a necessary part of most free games. This is of course, considering that free games, most especially those that fall within the casual category, do not really rely on micro transactions or any in-game stores to generate income necessary to keep the game available for everyone to continuously enjoy.

Although admittedly, Stone Grass has its big share of ads that pop up during gameplay, it also offers plenty of ads that fall within the ad boost category. For the uninitiated, ad boosts are the type of video ads that will only be shown if you choose to play them and will always come with distinct benefits that can tremendously boost your progression in the game.

selling grass in stone grass

On the other hand, every other video ad that plays without your permission can be skipped, usually within 5 seconds after they start playing.

Ads can be a big turn off for some players, especially those who find ads intrusive or distracting at the very least. For us, however, we simply see it as an indicator of rest periods for your eyes and your hands. After all, it is never a good idea to keep your eyes hooked on your device for long periods at a time. In some cases, ads make it a good reason to play such mobile games while watching a movie or when you do not intend to focus exclusively on your game.

We already mentioned earlier that it is a good strategy to stock up on free upgrades early on before you start mowing down some grass. One of the other very important ad boost comes from the structure where the hay that you collect will be sold off to. Playing a 25 to 30-second video ad will give you a 20% increase in sales price for 5 minutes and it is a must to take advantage of this if you want a much faster progression across the levels in Stone Grass.

stone grass booster

In essence, this 20% increase in earnings perfectly aligns to our earlier strategy of segregating the task of cutting grass from picking them up and selling them. What you would basically do is activate the profit boost once you are ready to start selling grass. The boost time of 5 minutes is certainly more than enough time to ensure that you sell all your harvests in a level before it runs out. If there is plenty of time left, then you can simply exhaust it by purchasing upgrades or doing the preliminary tasks at the start of the next level.

Relative to ad boosts, there are plenty of power ups available that can be activated thru ad boosts as well. While cutting grass, you may uncover some of these boosts but in some cases, they will also have an icon at the right side of the screen. The magnet boost, for one, is a really nifty power up that obviates the need for you to pick up hay from distant areas, making the gathering and sales part of your operation much more efficient for a limited period of time.

6. Go For Triple Gems Each Time

Although there is nothing to stop you from exiting the level and taking on the next challenge once you have reached a 1-star performance, we recommend always striving to secure all 3 stars. Doing so will earn you 5 gems, which is a premium currency you can spend for various effects, mostly as a substitute for playing ads. One of its exclusive uses, however, has no alternatives and that is the shop where you can purchase different skins for your lawn mower.

stone grass triple gems

Although obtaining just 5 gems per area seems like a long grind, Stone Grass provides an ad boost as well to speed up farming for gems. This ad boost presents itself to you as soon as you reach a 3-star rating on each level. Instead of claiming the usual 5 gems, you can play an ad and take home 15 gems instead.

It will still take some time to save up enough gems to collect each and every available design for your grass cutter, but it will effectively be shortened with the help of ad boosts. For the rest of the instances where you can spend gems, we recommend choosing to save them instead.

stone grass shop

And that wraps up our guide for Freeplay’s mowing simulator, Stone Grass. We certainly hope that you enjoyed the simple tips and strategies we uncovered and that you enjoyed reading it as well. If by chance you stumble upon some additional tips, tricks, or strategies we have not mentioned in this guide, feel free to share them with us in the comments!


Friday 26th of August 2022

Is there only 30 stages?

Christian De Haven

Monday 17th of October 2022

@Tom K, it sucks to have spent $10 to only have 30 levels and very minimal play in the barnyard.

Tom K

Wednesday 12th of October 2022

@Debbie, Yes. Only 30 levels.