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My Perfect Hotel (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow and Expand Your Hotel

Idle clicker business sim titles are perhaps the game genre or subgenre that has surpassed all others in terms of variety. From businesses of different shapes and sizes as well as from realistic to downright fictional, there has certainly been an idle clicker business sim game for it.

While these types of games may not be as popular to mobile gamers who prefer or exclusively enjoy action-packed adventures, idle clicker games can be enjoyed by just about anyone who do not have a lot of spare time to spend on their games.

my perfect hotel tips

Saygames’ My Perfect Hotel is yet another addition to their long list of hyper-casual titles. Although there is an abundance of hotel management sim games on mobile platforms alone, such as Grand Hotel Mania and Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Story to name a few, My Perfect Hotel still manages to deliver unique and immersive gameplay mechanics that even experienced and veteran idle clicker lovers can appreciate and enjoy.

My Perfect Hotel strays a bit from conventional idle clicker business sim titles in that it gives you a more active role, not just in managing the growing hotel, but also in personally taking care of its increasing number of customers.

My Perfect Hotel is not just packed with upgrade and expansion options for you to keep investing in. Prioritization as to how you spend your earned income is among your responsibilities but you will also need to help out across the different areas in the hotel. You will certainly be able to hire help and even spend some cash to improve their performances. However, the rate at which your hotel grows can make it increasingly challenging even with a full roster of hardworking personnel.

my perfect hotel gameplay

My Perfect Hotel is so simple and straightforward that it does not need any tutorials and will instantly let you start you off tending to your newly-opened hotel with little to no introduction. You will go through all the works for starters but you will soon be able to hire some help and ease the load. How active you are in managing your hotel determines your hotel’s profitability as well as the rate at which it grows and expands.

You can certainly make progress in My Perfect Hotel regardless of your decisions and level of commitment but if you want to become an ace hotel tycoon, then read our My Perfect Hotel Beginner’s Guide and fast track your hotel’s growth and expansion!

1. Getting Help Should Be Top Priority

Like supervisory and managerial jobs you take in several industries, being the manager in My Perfect Hotel means being able to do what everyone under your supervision can. For starters, you will have to run the entire hotel operations on your own.

This means that you will be at the reception to receive guests and also be the room attendant that cleans the rooms for the next set of customers. It will certainly be an easy task at first given there are only a couple of rooms available but once your hotel starts to expand, you will certainly have a hard time filling out every role on your own.

my perfect hotel manager

Every bit of help you can get is certainly a valuable one and while profits are conventionally the top priority in any business venture, actually spending some cash to hire help should be considered as your top priority in My Perfect Hotel.

Even if you are able to perform all pending tasks on your own, sustaining it will be a challenge. More so, you can expect that more and more upgrade and expansion options become available as you reach new levels, which means that you will sooner or later be unable to cater to every task.

On top of manning the reception and maintaining the hotel rooms regularly, the hotel will also have restrooms, different products, and even a parking lot to add to the number of things you will need to attend to. Of course, these all go on top of the other half of your role as a manager, which is to reinvest earnings in upgrades and expansions to further boost opportunities for income.

my perfect hotel task

Especially on the early part of your business adventure, hiring some people eases down the multitude of responsibilities on your shoulders. To some extent, however, you will still need to observe some of the employees as some may not be able to perfectly emulate your performance in their specific task. As an example, the first cleaner you take in will take some time to clean up all 3 rooms available. On top of your other responsibilities, therefore, you will still need to assist cleaning rooms and replenishing toiletries.

Considering both management and operations functions lodged on you as a manager, it is best to delegate some of the tasks that you can. Hiring people to man the reception area, clean after the guests, and even refill restrooms with toilet paper will help you focus more on the more crucial aspect of your job.

Prioritizing usage of funds on hiring help does not mean that you will exclusively wait for one to become available to hire or upgrade. Some progression aspects of My Perfect Hotel are locked behind your level and once the milestone level is reached, purchasing an expansion is usually necessary before new people can be hired or upgraded. Considering this, you will need to invest in other things aside from hiring help. Prioritization, in this case, simply means hiring help as soon as they become available.

my perfect hotel cash

One important thing to keep in mind is that none of the hired help you get can pick up cash for you. This means that no idle earnings will be added to your cash if you are not picking up cash left by the customers. The main source of cash will be beside the reception area as payments for the rooms. There are also tips left by guests inside the rooms as well as the entrance to the restrooms.

2. Keep Idle Cash Empty

Just like in any other idle clicker business sim game, My Perfect Hotel lets you earn cash fast. Although it is different from other idle clicker in that you will actually need to pick up cash and have people to help you tend to customers to start raking in cash, the mid to end part of running your hotel business is largely raking in continuous inflow of cash as you walk from one area of the hotel to another.

If you are a complete beginner in the genre or perhaps have played mostly games belonging to other genres, you are more likely to have a mindset of keeping cash with you and saving them for future needs.

As every expense in My Perfect Hotel is actually an investment and the more you invest means the higher your profits can get. Although some expansions and upgrades do not directly result in an outright increase in profits, each one ultimately leads to either faster rate of profit generation or more profits as a result of more customers entertained.

my perfect hotel idle cash

There is absolutely no point in My Perfect Hotel to keep idle cash untouched. While this is okay in other idle clicker games as there are more expensive investments that you actually need to save up for, almost every expenditure in My Perfect Hotel can be purchased outright. For the most part, though, you will just need to consistently pick up cash from the reception and also take advantage of ad boosts that give you extra cash.

As much as possible, the ideal scenario is that you should invest in upgrades as soon as possible, keeping only idle cash that is insufficient for any other purchase. Cash replenishes continuously as there are no ends to the customers that come in and it will only take seconds or a couple of minutes for the money you invested to reap its rewards.

3. Consider The Cheapest Investment Options First

Another common strategy applied to all other idle clicker business sim games can be used in My Perfect Hotel. This relates to how you choose to invest your idle cash in terms of choosing from among the plethora of investment options that become available to you.

As we mentioned earlier, securing the services of employees should be considered as top priority. Given the rate of expansion you can have, though, there will still be a lot of likely investment options left after you have spent on available hires.

my perfect hotel investment

For efficiency, what we recommend is for you to consider the cheapest option first. There may not be much difference in terms of costs early on but once you have purchased a couple of expansions and extra rooms, you will see just how much latter price tags can grow up to. In fairness, expansions and upgrades do increase your net earnings. This means that latter investments practically cost as much considering the rate of increase in profits you have attained.

my perfect hotel under construction

Making a habit out of investing cash following this strategy leads to being able to invest in more things. What you also need to understand is that in My Perfect Hotel, like all other idle clicker business sim games, a more expensive investment does not necessarily lead to a higher increase in boosts or positive effects.

Choosing to upgrade the room cleaner in the starting area, for example, costs less than hiring another one for the next set of expansions with an almost linear increase in prices the further you expand. As far as impact goes, each cleaner performs the same on their base level and will both yield the same speed boost in subsequent upgrades.

4. Room Upgrades Earn You Stars

In addition to hiring help as well as purchasing upgrades to boost their movement speed, unlocking more rooms as well as upgrading them also serve as an important aspect of developing your hotel in My Perfect Hotel. If you notice, there is a numbered star at the top of your screen with a meter on it and this indicates your current level as well as the stars or EXP needed to reach the next level. Considering that stars are largely earned from upgrading rooms, you would want to earn as many of them as you can to reach new levels and continue expanding your hotel.

leveling up in my perfect hotel

Once a room has been upgraded to the next level, you will choose from among 3 different designs each with its own associated number of stars to earn. The third choice can only be selected by playing a short video ad but it is the one that also nets you the most number of stars. We recommend taking this option as you would want to earn as many stars as possible, level up, and unlock more areas for expansion.

Unlocking new areas in the hotel also require cash but it is likewise a basic requirement for you to have more room to unlock and upgrade later on. Levelling up is not just beneficial in terms of unlocking new areas to purchase. Each new level may also bring new items to add to the numerous services your hotel can offer as well as new upgrades for your existing rooms and personnel.

my perfect hotel room upgrade

Beyond all that, there is also a huge cash incentive awarded to you with each new level reached. The amount of cash you can get is certain to be helpful in your quest towards speedy progression and you can even double the amount you can claim by playing a short video ad. Likewise, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as you will always have a need for extra cash and practically never run out of upgrades to invest in.

5. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

My Perfect Hotel is one of those free casual and hyper-casual games that are expected to contain its own share of video ads. Randomly while you play, 5-second video ads may pop up but the rest of the video ads you will see are entirely optional.

These video ads form part of the game’s ad boost campaign and will certainly be appreciated by any player. Although the 5-second random ads may still annoy some players, there is actually a way to completely avoid it without spending any real cash.

You do not actually need an internet connection to play and enjoy My Perfect Hotel because it is an idle clicker game that can be played offline. You simply need to turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data while playing or before running the game. While playing offline let you fully enjoy My Perfect Hotel without any interruptions of any sort, doing so will also prevent you from enjoying the many benefits of the ad boost campaign.

my perfect hotel speed up

For starters, the third option for room design that gives you more stars with each room upgrade is certainly an opportunity that is hard to ignore. Pair that up with another ad boost that doubles the amount of income you get for levelling up and there are already 2 ad boosts to miss. Beyond the upgrades, My Perfect Hotel still offers plenty of random surprises as part of its ad boost campaign that you can simply find hard to resist.

One of the more common ad boost comes in the form of the unique rides you can take. Different ride icons will randomly pop up inside the hotel and after choosing to play the short video ad, the ride will give you a 50% movement speed boost for the next 2 minutes. This is certainly a perk that you should take advantage of especially if you want a more active role in taking care of guests on top of managing the hotel.

my perfect hotel suitcase of money

There are icons that appear within the hotel symbolizing huge lumps of cash if you get them like briefcases, safe boxes, and bags of cash. Coming in contact with these icons will trigger yet another ad opportunity and watching a 5 to 30-second video ad will net you the lump of cash. This is another important opportunity that you cannot afford to leave behind since the amount of cash you can get from this will increase based on your level and the number of expansions in the hotel that you have unlocked.

Another great opportunity to obtain big sums of cash is to take advantage of the VIP guest. VIP guests come in at random and are highly noticeable given their unique glow. They will always stand at the right side of the hotel entrance and stay there for a limited period of time. If you choose to interact with the VIP client, you will have to play a short video ad and we will start walking around, leaving huge trails of cash all around for you to pick up.

my perfect hotel vip guest

My Perfect Hotel may have simple and straightforward mechanics but it can certainly keep you entertained for hours at a time with you hardly noticing it. We sure hope the simple ti[s and strategies we shared will suffice to make you a top tier hotel tycoon fast and efficiently and that you enjoyed reading through all of it as well. If you happen to have spent some time managing your virtual hotel and came across some unique tricks and stories worth sharing, do not hesitate to do so and send us one or a couple down below!

Christy W

Tuesday 26th of March 2024

It says on mine that I have to have a prestige 3 to go any further with the first hotel, anyone how to do that?


Friday 23rd of February 2024

Please can anyone advise ehat are the "Get points for"


Monday 19th of February 2024

Are the "get points" any value ?


Sunday 18th of February 2024

What do the get points achieve?


Sunday 18th of February 2024

Can anyone advise. Does the "Max" line light up when you've completed a hotel ? Thanks