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Grand Hotel Mania Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Manage Your Hotel Empire

Grand Hotel Mania is a hotel management game developed by Turbo Team. Its gameplay is very similar to Diner Dash. You play by tapping on your guests, hotel staff, or amenities to serve, clean, and run your hotel to accommodate as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Each stage in Grand Hotel Mania has a set objective, from earning enough coins or serving a set number of guests to getting like from giving guests prompt service. As you progress through the game your objectives will also grow in variety, though the different amenities and powerups you have access to will in turn also grow, especially the amenities since they can be upgraded.

Now, if you want to build the most comfortable hotels for your customers, then be sure to stay with us and read our Grand Hotel Mania beginner’s guide below!

1. The Basic Hotelier Rundown

When you first start a stage in Grand Hotel Mania, there are several things to take note of.

First off, top leftmost corner of your screen shows how many guests to expect in the stage, which goes down each time you check a guest into a room. It also shows the time remaining for the stage and a progress bar for the stage’s objective. Fill the bar up and the level is won right as your last guest checks out.

grand hotel mania basics

Guests have a timer over their icons when waiting to be served. Keep them waiting too long and they storm out in a huff and you don’t get paid, losing out on significant amounts of coins and sometimes even failing the stage depending on the conditions. This is where the bonus patience from your upgrades come in, giving you precious breathing room to attend to your guests’ needs.

Your bellboy Ted can clean up rooms by tapping on the cleaning utensils in the center then tapping on a used room, where he will proceed to do his job for a couple seconds. He’ll also be able to provide other services as you unlock different amenities in the hotel. Alas, Ted is only human, so he’s limited to holding up to two things at once. He’s quite good at following orders though, as you can tap different interactables to queue his actions, but more on this later.

Instead of waiting for Ted to finish whatever he’s doing before ordering him to do something else, what you can do is tap the hotel interactables in sequence so you can be ready to answer guest needs at a moment’s notice. This is vital for every game of this type, so get ready to flex your micromanagement skills.

2. Amenities And You

Upgrading your amenities, like your cleaning supplies, the reception desk, and the other services you unlock in the game require coins and, later on, premium currency. Like many other games you can just watch some ads every few hours to get them for free. Accessing the upgrades also takes time, as they need to be delivered to your hotel, though luckily the ads also speed up the delivery time in case you don’t feel like waiting.

grand hotel mania upgrades

Each upgrade can give various benefits, like increasing the payout for availing the service (like charging the guests extra for a higher quality sandwich), increasing the amount of patience a guest has while waiting to be served, or decreasing the amount of time it takes for a service to be completed. Of note is the reception desk, which gives a whopping additional 4 seconds of patience to anyone waiting to be checked in our out. It is wise to prioritize this upgrade as well as the cleaning supplies upgrades, as long queue lines due to dirty hotel rooms is a recurring circumstance as you’re serving guests.

3. Some Nitty-Gritty On Levels

In Grand Hotel Mania you cannot replay levels, so if you’re stuck and can’t beat the level you’re on, you’ll have to try powering through it until you finally fulfill that level’s objective. There are a variety of things you can do to help beat that pesky level.

To make sure you have an adequate supply of resources to upgrade your amenities, you can watch ads to double your income at the end of a level and, as mentioned earlier, watch them in the main menu to also get free gems/premium currency.

grand hotel mania objectives

The various hotels you will run generate coins over time, so if you find yourself running low on gold or don’t have any lives to play stages on, feel free to take a break and look forward to returning with a nice boost to your reserves for upgrading whatever amenity you need.

Serving guests while their indicators are still green gives you bonus coins at the end of the level, as well as ‘likes’. Later on, the game also introduces ‘smiles’, which you gain by perfectly serving a guest without their indicators ever falling below green, as well as… – Aiming for consistently gaining likes and smiles will ensure you get more coins to help upgrade your hotel resources.

Though the early levels can be troublesome enough on their own, the later levels up the stakes even more by giving you certain conditions which will result in an instant loss if you fail to meet them. The first hotel’s most distinct condition is an instant loss if Ted discards anything he’s holding. The other is failing to serve just one guest at the front desk.

how to maximize income in grand hotel mania

For the first condition, you’ll have to rely on your reflexes and gamble on making your sandwiches in advance to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by requests or uncleaned rooms.

The second is pretty straightforward, as losing even one guest usually means you’d fail the level anyway from losing potential likes or smiles. The game has a rather thin margin of error for failure. More conditions come in as the game progresses, and some levels even have 2 or more conditions imposed on you at the same time.

4. Making The Most Out Of Ted

Making sure Ted has a sandwich on hand early on is a good way to futureproof yourself for hungry guests, especially since it takes awhile to prepare them compared to the other amenities. Cleaning used rooms the second the guests leave them is good practice as well, to make sure the front desk doesn’t get congested.

making a sandwich in grand hotel mania

The last thing you’d want is a queue of 3-5 guests on your front desk with several rooms still not prepped for use. Having unclean rooms also prevents your guests from checking out, which may result in you losing a lot of potential likes or smiles.

To give an example of the aforementioned action queueing, let’s say there’s a guest at the front desk and the only available room you have is dirty, while another guest would like some coffee. You can tap the following in sequence to have Ted attend to all this while you wait for the other guests to check out: Coffee Machine, Guest, Cleaning Supplies, Room. The sequence will have your bellboy quickly grab some coffee to drop off at the thirsty guest’s room before picking up his cleaning supplies to tidy the room for your tourist friend waiting at the front desk. You’ll run into situations like this as early as the 5th level of the game, forcing you to up your micromanagement skills or face the consequence of a guest leaving in a huff.

5. Some General Tips And Tricks You Should Utilize

You can usually tell whether a guest will want some food or other services by the Z’s that come out of the room doors. The Z’s actually indicate if a guest is planning to check out, so if you don’t see any Z’s, expect your guests to ask for some coffee or a sandwich. If you DO see the Z’s though, expect them to head to the front desk very soon.

If you’re having difficulty clearing certain stages in Grand Hotel Mania, the pre-stage boost items are your failsafe and using even one of them will probably guarantee you the win. The Super Speed Boots increases Ted’s movement speed to absurd levels, the Super Machines vastly decrease the amount it takes for Ted to fix or prepare any of the hotel’s amenities, and…

grand hotel mania fireworks

The in-stage boosts also help for clutch situations. The Fireworks refresh every guest’s patience to green, and the Genie Lamp instantly cleans dirty rooms and makes coffee.

You can gain these boosts from milestones as you clear levels, and from your daily logins.

Once you progress to the second hotel, your hotel rooms gain different colors as well, and checking a guest into his preferred room color gives you bonus coins in addition to the likes, smiles, and pre-existing conditions. You also get more floors to your hotel, so taking Ted’s position into account as he’s running up and down the stairs is key to saving precious seconds as you repeatedly attend to your guests.

In general, if you’d like to maximize coin gain, aim for speedy and accurate service, making sure none of your guests ever go beyond yellow at most, and always keeping a sandwich on hand, because tending to the kitchen is hard work.

There you have it! This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Grand Hotel Mania. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, please let us know in the comment area below!


Wednesday 20th of April 2022

How can I get more smiles? HELP!


Friday 11th of March 2022

How do you complete gold orders


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

How do I get an elevator? I've been playing a lot, but still no sign of the elevator.

Ted LaRocque

Wednesday 7th of July 2021

@Malene, I’m on the 4th hotel which is very difficult. No elevators yet. Must be in the next city

The first hotel is easy. Just try to hold a sandwich as often as possible and don’t clean rooms when no guests are coming. Clean rooms as soon as possible. You only have to worry about timer on order when smiles are needed for a level. I’m on level 312 and haven’t used a help for last 200 levels at least


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

I can get to Paradise Bay, but the idiot standing at the bottom of the screen demanding 50 lobsters is killing me! Argh!!!!!


Sunday 13th of February 2022

@Shelby, I hate that free loader


Friday 20th of November 2020

Tap on the item you want to discard from his hand at the bottom left side of the screen.