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Tower Dash Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score and Earn More Gems

Tower Dash is an addictive new game by BoomBit, a casual game maker that has given us Bird Climb and Spider Square in the past. This is one of those super-casual titles where everything is controlled by one touch – basically, you just have to shoot threads to climb the tower while avoiding the obstacles. That may sound like all there is to it, but not only can you collect diamonds to unlock new characters (a seemingly standard feature of these games), you can play in multiplayer mode against players from around the world. That sets it apart from most other games in this genre.

Unfortunately, Tower Dash is only available on iOS as of now, though games of this kind usually arrive on both iOS and Android platforms. So now that we’ve taken care of the game’s basics, we shall now be sharing with you some useful Tower Dash tips and tricks to help you climb – and score – higher.

1. Shorter Taps Are Better

The mechanics of the game are excruciatingly simple – just tap once to shoot to the left, tap again to shoot to the right. Generally, you want to make your taps shorter and quicker, as you’ll be moving more “gently” to the side you’re shooting from. In other words, using the “short and sweet” approach will move you upward faster. But if you need to move out of the way because of an obstacle, use a tap-and-hold gesture instead and you’ll move farther to the left or the right side.

2. Alternate Your Tapping

You can climb faster in this game by alternating your taps between the left and right thumb, and to make these taps correspond to where you want to fire your web. Naturally, the one-touch mechanics cannot determine whether you’re tapping with your left or right thumb, so you’ll want to associate direction with the thumb that you are using.

3. How To Farm For Gems The Easy Way

You will be rewarded with ten free gems each time you beat your high score. As such, you can rack up those gems easily by starting out with some really low-scoring games, then gradually working your way to a higher score, as long as you’re able to do that. Bump into a wall or obstacle right away if you want your game to end early so you can deliberately register a low score. Playing to “win” right away will only make it harder for you to beat your high score.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Get Free Gems

In addition to the above strategy, you can also watch advertisements for ten free gems. Keep on doing this as long as there are ad videos to watch; if there aren’t any, you can return to the game after about 20 minutes and the videos should be back.

5. Don’t Use Those Gems Too Frivolously

After losing a round, you can continue by paying ten gems or watching an ad video. Doing this will allow you to start where you ended the last time around. You are allowed one video restart and one gem restart per round, but we would advise you not to use gem restarts too often if you want to unlock new (and merely different-looking) characters.