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Bird Climb Cheats, Tips & Hints: 5 Tricks to Take You to the Top of the Leaderboards

Bird Climb is a mobile game by Boombit that, like many other simple, yet addictive and frustrating casual mobile titles, is available for both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do here is to tap on the display, and that will allow you to fly your bird and have it avoid obstacles. You can collect gems as you achieve higher scores and that’ll allow you to unlock more characters. Furthermore, you can also challenge your friends in multiplayer mode, and strive to be the top-ranked player in both friends and global leaderboards. But unlike other Flappy Bird-esque titles, there are some twists, such as easy and normal difficulty modes, and support for smartphone peripherals. Having given you a brief run-through of the game, let’s not waste much more of your time as we offer some Bird Climb cheats, tips and hints for a higher place on the leaderboards.

1. Know How To Tap The Right Way

Tapping fast would allow your bird to climb at a faster pace, while tapping slow will have your bird staying at relatively the same level, only climbing by a bit but not by more. Fine-tune your tapping strategy based on the obstacles you encounter, and always aim for the safest part of the level.

2. Take It Easy

There is no time pressure in Bird Climb, so you should take it easy and only go up fast when you know you can. Save your death-defying moves for situations where you have to go past a plethora of obstacles, and as a bonus tip related to this, timing is key. There’s no time pressure indeed, but having good timing will always be to your advantage.

3. Don’t Overprioritize The Gems

Gems are Bird Climb’s premium currency, but you don’t want to make collecting gems your primary focus of the game – remember, we’re here to teach you how to improve your score. If you want to keep on climbing, may it be in the game itself or on the leaderboard, you want to judge your attempts to gather some gems – it may be better to skip a gem if it means finding a good opening instead.

4. Use Your Revives Wisely

This is arguably the most important tip we have to share with you. Gems can be used to revive your character, but you don’t want to use any revives if your game is over below Level 10 or so. It’s not going to do you much good if you use a revive so early on in the game. It would be a better idea to save up those gems and only use them for revives, say, after you’ve had your first game past Level 15. Also remember that revives cost 10 gems for the first one, 20 gems for the second, and double that for each succeeding revive.

5. Take Regular Breaks

Bird Climb can be a frustrating game to play, and a lot of casual gamers know that frustration can pile up when you’ve played one bad game after another. If that happens, take a rest and return about after a half-hour or so, or maybe 15 minutes later, so you can get back to Bird Climb feeling mentally – and physically – refreshed.