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Emoji Jump Cheats & Tips: 5 Hints to Get a High Score

Emoji Jump is the creation of Kumuva Digital, a super-casual game that is only available for iOS devices at the moment. According to the game developer, all you have to do is tap to make your emoji jump, avoid evil emoji, collect cookies for bonus points, and jump as high as possible to get more points. Your ultimate goal, according to Kumuva, is to get as many points as humanely possible. It’s casual, it’s easy to play, yet at the end of the day, it’s hard to master. Here are some Emoji Jump cheats, tips and tricks to help you get a high score and stay clear of those evil emoji that get in your way.

1. Jack Up Your Score, Here’s How

You have two ways in which you can collect points in Emoji Jump. First is to leap over the barriers, which are essentially a whole clump of emoji on top of each other. Cookies will also help you jack up your score, and each cookie will earn you one additional point. Focus on gathering cookies if you want to score more points in Emoji Jump.

2. Play Without Ads

When playing casual games, it’s usually a good idea to play without advertisements. After all, pop-up ads can throw one’s focus off, and focus is very, very important in these “easy to play, hard to master” titles. So if the ads are too much for you, switch your phone to airplane mode or manually turn off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. But if you’re practicing and not actively focusing on beating out your old high score, then that’s when you can play with ads and help the developer’s cause.

3. Avoid Devil Emoji And Obstacles At All Cost

These are the game’s antagonists, and once you hit one of them, that’s the end of you, and the end of your game. But they’re not the only things that could end your game instantly. Hitting a barrier and falling off the stage will also kill you immediately. So with that in mind, take it easy when jumping, and be alert for the devil emoji and the obstacles. “Take it easy when jumping” is arguably the most important, as your character jumps a uniform height regardless of how hard you tap on your display.

4. Jump To The Side Of Your Display To Evade Devil Emoji

Hitting the side of your screen won’t end your game – it will simply have you shifting direction. This will be very useful when avoiding the aforementioned devil emoji, and it can also help you if you’re trying to avoid obstacles that are on the far left or far right. Just be sure you won’t be hitting something once you change direction.

5. Take A Breather Once In A While

To avoid playing frustrated, take a rest every now and then. It could be a 30-minute break or longer, or even a bit shorter than a half-hour if you want, just as long as you can return more relaxed and avoid making frustration errors.