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Gravity Battle Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints for Ruling the Universe

Gravity Battle is a new space combat title for the iOS platform from developer Wenjin Wu, and it can be described as an unofficial Gundam-inspired game. As far as the game’s story is concerned, there’s a war across the universe, and it’s up to you to win that war. You can choose from a number of different robots and expand your mechanical forces as you gather resources and loot and try your best to “occupy the planet” when everything has been said and done.

Do you want to become the master of the universe? The game isn’t asking you to be He-Man, but again, you get the idea – the goal here is to reign supreme. Now, our exclusive compilation of Gravity Battle cheats, tips and tricks will come in handy as you play towards that goal.

1. You Can Speed Up Your Battles In Many Ways

The game allows you a couple of options when it comes to speeding up the battles. You can double the animation speed, which is a great way to make things go faster. You also would be able to skip the whole battle from the second turn onwards, though you cannot skip during the first turn unless you’re a VIP player. Then again, if you skip after the first turn, that can still save you a whole lot of playing time.

2. Use Your Main Character to Enhance Others

This main character is pretty much your party’s team leader, and any enhancement actions available for the other members would be based on your main character. You can enhance your other characters by sacrificing Mobile Suits (more on them later) whom you no longer need, or by making use of energy cubes, though the latter method only allows you to enhance them by one level a time. Main characters, on the other hand, can only be leveled up by gaining experience points in battle, and using them.

As a bonus tip, you can use skips or raid tickets to automatically beat levels that you’ve already completed with a perfect three stars. In other words, you’ll want to grind it out, though you can do this quite quickly with the aforementioned skips and tickets.

3. What Else Does Your Player Level Influence?

The level of your main character can also influence a few other things. You’ll get free stamina restorations as you level up, and you can also unlock all the restricted areas as you go along. Keep on playing until you’re all out of stamina without being capable of immediately leveling up, then complete the process with your raid tickets.

4. Spend Your Gems On Mobile Suits

Gems are one of Gravity Battle’s forms of currency, and you can spend them on new Mobile Suits. You’ll want to save up enough diamonds so you can buy the rare Mobile Suit summon, which is worth four to five stars. You’re allowed a maximum of three at a time, so it’s important to focus on the rarest ones possible. Common MS summons, meaning those worth one to three stars, are usually replaced in short order.