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Monster Hotel Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Running a Perfect Hotel

We’ve been covering a plethora of new games for the iOS platform alone, with no Android version currently available. So with that said, we’d like to apologize to all you Android users out there, as Motion-Twin’s Monster Hotel is, once again, an iOS-only game at the present. This game allows you to build a hotel for your monster guests, as you create your own structure and compare it with what your friends or other players have created. You’ll also be managing the monsters themselves and making sure you get them a room that’s to their liking, and decorating those rooms and attending to your VIP clients.

All in all, your objective is to create the best possible hotel and manage it to the best of your capability. And if you need some help with doing this, read our Monster Hotel tips and tricks guide so you can keep those monsters happy and keep their hotel spiffy.

1. Know Your Monsters

By tapping each monster, you can check what type they are, and that means finding out their likes and dislikes. You can also determine more information on the monsters once they’re already in their rooms – check the top left corner of the room, and you’ll see their preference in the form of a thought bubble over the monsters’ head.

2. Make Sure The Rooms Are In The Same Block

When it comes to building new rooms for your hotel, you should try to keep them all in one block, which would allow a broader effect for all your monster guests. You can also unlock new rooms once you acquire inspectors and max out their happiness level, though the monsters won’t be checked in there overnight, even if they’ll be happier. They will most likely find other places to make themselves happy, such as the bar, where you can serve them beer.

3. Keeping Your Inspectors Happy

We did mention hotel inspectors above, and we did hint that you need to keep them happy too. But how can you do this? Most of the inspectors have specific likes, but in general, those who don’t like a specific monster type can be kept happy if you serve them as much beer as possible, thus making them too drunk to care – we think. You can also place monsters next to inspectors, which would increase neighbor happiness, or the happiness of all monsters in one floor or column. Making an inspector as happy as he possibly could would unlock new rooms, earn you gems (the game’s premium currency), and add another star to the hotel.

4. Earn More Gems, Here’s How

Next up, we’ll show you how to earn more free gems, which can otherwise be purchased with real money. As mentioned above, maxing out an inspector’s happiness could get you free gems, though VIPs will randomly gift you with gems if you max out their own happiness. Their rewards won’t always include gems, though; in most cases, you’ll only receive gold, which is the primary form of currency. You can then use gems to upgrade certain areas of your hotel to make it better and attract more monsters.

This is our collection of Monster Hotel tips, tricks and hints. In case you know additional hints for this game, don’t hesitate to let us know!