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Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms: An Open-world Sandbox RTS Now Available for Mobile Devices

With a global reach, character-filled art, and incredible attention to details, Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms is an epic sandbox game that you can play at leisure anytime, anywhere.
A real-time strategy game, Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms features three kingdoms that you are expected to unite by winning battles, spying, using your diplomatic skills and forging alliances, and maintaining your troops and city.

You will play as a warlord and start off by owning a small piece of territory. You will need to build your city and army, send your troops out to mine resources, and expand your territory. Funding your military quests requires silver, iron, and silver that you can earn by harvesting and mining. And, of course, continuous recruitment of new military forces.

total warfare epic kingdoms

All in all, if you have global domination goals, you need to perfect the art of warfare. You can level-up up your warlord’s talents as you see convenient and build up the ideal army by choosing the unit type that best suits your domination goals. There are various available unit types (e.g. infantry, cavalry, or archers) and hundreds of different warriors with specific sets of abilities and attributes to choose from.

You can either play defensively or offensively, and choose the military engagement that you deem ideal in each situation: sneak attacks, sieges, feints, huge alliance battles, or defensive battles. Or you can opt for cunning strategies such as scouting, scheming, or sowing discontent among the enemies.

Seasons play an important role in Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms. For instance, if you recruit in springtime, you will get 25% more soldiers. If you harvest in autumn, you will get 20% more food. So keep seasons in mind when planning your military endeavours and avoid important debuffs by sending your troops on military quests in wintertime. In case you need some tips and tricks to start off on the right foot, then be sure to check out this Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms beginner’s guide!

If you are ready for a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience, you can download Total Warfare – Epic Kingdoms for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.