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Kingdom Rush Vengeance Arrives November 22 on iOS and Android

The famous Tower Defense saga is now back with its fourth release in the form of Kingdom Rush Vengeance! Ironhide Game Studio has just confirmed that the game will be released on November 22th on both iOS and Android platforms. Though the price hasn’t been disclosed yet, the game is already up for pre-order on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

So rally your army and sharpen your swords because Vez’nan’s reign is about to begin! The game will feature 16 different towers to choose from and defend. You will get to lead Vez’nan’s troops through a hard and long military campaign, making crucial decisions in his name. But worry not, as nine impressive heroes will fight by your side!

If you are ready to put your battle and warfare skills to a test, mark November 22th on your calendar, as the time for difficult decisions and battle cries is approaching!

If you are not familiar with the saga but it does sound like a game you might enjoy, you can always check out the previous releases: Kingdom Rush (available to download and play for free), Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99), or Kingdom Rush Origins ($2.99).