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The Walking Pet Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Ketchapp’s latest super-casual title for iOS and Android platforms is called The Walking Pet, and despite the similarity of its name to a popular television series, this game has nothing to do with zombies. It does have something to do with pets, and unlike us humans, it’s definitely much harder for them to walk on two legs. The game’s description says that you can play as a cat, a cow, or a crocodile, and try to walk on two legs and go as far as possible. You can also pick up strawberries, which serve as both food and currency.

Go as far as possible – that’s pretty much the essence of your average Ketchapp game, or any other game that can be filed under super-casual. Likewise, so is this game being easy to learn but hard to master, and extremely frustrating, yet addictive. And we now have some The Walking Pet tips and tricks that can ease that frustration and help your pet walk on two legs for as long as possible.

1. Master Timing For Each Pet

A lot of practice is required, we’d say, for getting timing down pat with each of the available pets. You start out with the cat, and that’s arguably the hardest pet to master when trying to walk on two legs. Tap to step when the cat’s head is fully upright, and maneuver the speed accordingly when the cat tips forward or backward to prevent it from dropping.

2. How To Deal With The Ramps

Ramps are another challenging element of The Walking Pet, but they can be quite easy to figure out over time. Once your pet is on the left side, tap more slowly so that the pet can go up the ramp without tipping over backwards. If your pet is on the right side, you can then speed up your tapping so that it doesn’t tip forward.

3. Be Patient When Collecting Strawberries

At first, watching ad videos may be the only way you know when trying to get more strawberries. But as you walk farther on two legs, you’ll find more of those sweet strawberries, and there will come a point where you don’t need to watch ad videos anymore to get yourself a healthy supply of strawberries.

4. How To Get More Ad Videos

You will indeed have more chances to collect strawberries as you go further in The Walking Pet, but you can get these chances quicker, simply by falling. You’ll then get a video prompt, which comes up at random regardless of your score in a level. Fall quicker and you’ll get better chances of getting a new ad video to watch.

5. Each Pet Poses Different Challenges

We think Ketchapp is finally adding a bit more variety to the characters you can unlock on its games. Each of the new pets you can unlock have different timing mechanics. For instance, you’ll need to move your chicken slightly slower than usual, due to its longer steps and how the game’s physics make its head move back and forth.