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Storm Age Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Stunning Tips for Mastering the Game

Storm Age is referred to by developer Storm Master (touche) as an “epic 3D strategic RPG of exploration and battle.” Your objective is to save the world from the Scourge Legion, as you head to Floating Island, where you can then collect as many heroes as of possible out of more than 50. You can recruit thousands of troops, and make use of the city-building mechanic to get creative with your home base.

Like many other mobile strategy games and RPGs, this is a game that could take quite a while to master. But we can make that process easier for you with this quick Storm Age cheats and strategy guide.

1. Leveling Up Requires Patience

When trying to level up, it’s going to be more challenging than usual for you in this game. But your patience will be rewarded, because as you level up your player level, you can unlock more items. We would recommend going to the last dungeon you had successfully completed, and using your raid scrolls (one at a time normally, but up to ten at a time for those at VIP Level 5). This is a fantastic way in which you can increase your player level quickly.

2. Level Up Before Using Exp Items

Whether you’re using the EXP Salve or any other item related to experience points, you have to increase player level substantially first. Remember that your fighters can only level up relative to your player level; this makes leveling up virtually unnecessary ahead of a raid. This is because typical battles are good for leveling up your heroes at the same rate you, as the player are leveling up. If you’re leveling up slower, you may want to move on next to the expedition battles, which is then where you can earn more EXP for winning in a battle. After this, repeat the raid scroll process, or raid the elite dungeon, with twice the EXP as a prize.

3. Work On Those Decorations The Moment You Unlock Them

Decorations should be worked on as soon as they’re unlocked, and as long as you have enough gems to pay for them. These decorations bring permanent stat improvements to your entire team. Build decorations can also be used in the arena, or as a wildcard of sorts in an especially toxic dungeon event.

4. Don’t Neglect Upgrading Your Equipment

Sure, it is very important to upgrade your player, but not as much as it is to upgrade your equipment. And once you’ve got all slots filled up, you can evolve your equipment, or put it on a higher color level as it becomes stronger. If you have all the equipment corresponding to a certain color, that’s the only time you can perform an upgrade to a higher color. Evolving, however, is quite expensive, as it can cost you new types of gems, which you’ll typically find in higher expedition levels.

5. Get More Gems, Here’s How

Aside from the Sanctum Store, you can find them in higher levels. You can also challenge elite dungeons to give you gems that are more likely to match with the equipment you’re trying to upgrade or evolve.