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Blocky Climbers Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Tastypill’s Blocky Climbers makes no bones about what it is – it is a casual climbing game that involves a lot of hopping and jumping as you move your blocky cube duck upwards, avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way. There aren’t too many bells and whistles to this game – it’s all about climbing as high as possible and scoring lots of points so you can unlock “friends and characters.” Timing is paramount in this game, which can be described as a cross between Flappy Bird and Crossy Road in terms of graphics and mechanics.

There really isn’t much here to do except score as high as possible and unlock as many new characters as you could. Check out these Blocky Climbers cheats, tips and tricks if you need some help in doing both.

1. All Jumps / Taps Are Worth A Point

You don’t get rewarded for the length of your jumps here – every tap, or every jump is worth one point each, regardless of whether you go for a short or a long jump. Short jumps are best in most situations, except when you’re trying to leap over a gap or finish a challenge. Short jumps, in addition, make it easier for you to count how many steps you have remaining before the next gap.

2. Always Go For The Diamonds

Whenever you see a diamond, go get it. These gems serve as the game’s currency, and that’s what you’ll need to unlock new characters. And if you’re trying to score more points, gunning for the gems will give you something that can motivate you to move further and ultimately get a higher score.

3. Watch Ad Videos To Get More Diamonds

Aside from gathering diamonds naturally as you make your way up, you can also earn them for free by heading to the in-app store and watching an advertisement video. Watching ad videos gets you 50 gems per view, so if there’s an ad to watch, go ahead and play it – that’s 50 diamonds, all yours, with no effort whatsoever. You can quit the game and start it again if you want to get new videos when none are available to watch.

4. Make Quick Jumps

Blocky Climbers is one of those casual games that has time limits, and its description does mention that it’s a fast-paced game. By making faster jumps, may they be short or long ones, you have a better chance of resetting the timer. Remember that you lose a level if the time runs out, but if you’re able to reset the timer, you can move on to the next level and get ten points for doing so.

5. Take A Break

This is probably standard fare for casual games, but when playing Blocky Climbers, you’ll be better off taking a break every now and then. Frustration leads to poor games, but if you rest every now and then, you can return to the game feeling refreshed and ready to outdo your previous high score.