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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Level Guide: How to Beat the Roadmap Levels

We’ve got another set of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and tricks, and it’s no surprise why this Scopely title is getting a lot of attention as of late. It’s a recently-released game, after all, that is based on one of television’s most popular series, as well as the graphic novel series that had inspired it all. This is an RPG title that, of course, has you battling zombies in Woodbury, though aside from zombies, you’ll also have to deal with other survivors in this game.

When it comes to the main levels in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, these levels are easy enough to complete. However, the roadmap levels have proven to be quite challenging for many a gamer. These are special levels that include Michonne’s story, and a number of different boot camps. Scopely continues to add more of these levels over time, and as you complete these tough levels, you can expect bigger rewards than you would from the main levels. So with that said, here are some strategies you can use to beat these roadmap levels.

1. Be Aware That Walkers Dominate These Levels

In most cases, the roadmap levels will primarily feature Walkers. You can instantly kill them with headshots, which count as critical hits. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to have survivors who have Critical Hit as their Adrenaline Rush skill. They’ll serve you very well when trying to get rid of those pesky Walkers.

2. Most, But Not All Walkers, Have Traits

Generally speaking, Walkers do not have any traits you should be keeping in mind. That means it’s more important to simply make sure you have a strong team of survivors, rather than checking to see if they have the proper combination of traits. We did tell you previously about some ways you could get more rare characters, and if you followed those tips, you probably have some; be sure you’re including these three-star and above survivors on your team. As a reminder, some of the ways you can get rare characters include leveling them up with characters you’ve trained in the training ground.

3. Ensure Your Survivors Have The Best Weapon Possible

This should probably go without saying, but just to remind you of how important it is, all your team members should have the best weapon they can use at the moment.

4. Take Advantage Of Adrenaline Rushes

There are other Adrenaline Rushes aside from Critical Hit that you can use to your survivors’ advantage. Healers are nice to have around so you have someone to nurse your survivors back to health. Survivors who have spray or splash damage attacks would also serve you quite well. That’s because Walkers move around in large groups, which makes splash damage a very practical way to get rid of them.

5. Play Manually Against The Tougher Walkers

Auto Battle is a great tool to have as it allows you to breeze through battles and let the computer AI do it all for you. But it won’t help you much against tougher Walkers; in such a situation, play manually so that way you’re able to target the Walkers who are closest to your characters. Auto Battle, unfortunately, isn’t smart enough to deal with these tougher situations, so it will behoove you to do the dirty work yourself.

6. Have Ample Supply Of Necessary Items

You would also want to have a lot of items at your disposal when you’re playing the roadmap levels in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. By this, we don’t just mean healing items, but also items that deal out splash damage. This riffs on the above mentioned tip, but we’re mentioning it separately because this could further magnify the damage you do against the Walkers, especially when things get extra-tough. These items, conversely, shouldn’t be used much, if at all, when playing the main levels.

7. Join A Faction

Joining a faction is another thing you can do when playing the roadmap levels, though by this time, you probably have your own faction. Faction helpers can be placed in the sixth slot when you’re playing roadmap levels. Remember that there is strength in numbers, so having a total of six survivors instead of five could throw off those Walkers. You should also make sure that your faction has several four-star or three-star leaders, or better yet, a five-star leader.

8. Complete The Roadmap Levels As Soon As Possible

We probably should end up by saying that roadmap levels are all time-limited – they won’t be around forever, so go ahead and play them while they’re still there! Once again, these aren’t easy levels, but you will certainly be better for completing them when you receive your rewards.

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