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Need a Hero Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Complete All Levels

There are more and more Match 3 games that eschew the tried and tested for something new and adventurous, while keeping the same basic mechanics that make these games so simple, yet addictive. And while you can no longer call RPG/adventure game and Match 3 hybrids unique or new, you also have to credit developers who go this route. And that means developers like Alis Games, maker of Need a Hero, a Match 3/RPG hybrid that promises to save gamers who are “tired of boring Match 3.” In this game, you are the hero out to save the princess, who is imprisoned in the tower and in need of your help. You can unleash spells and do battle with “horrible and hilarious” monsters, and that is not a typo – as a lighthearted RPG-ish title, you should definitely expect some rather unconventional enemies in the game.

You just may be the hero the princess needs, her proverbial knight in shining armor. But before you go off on your quests, we suggest you read these Need a Hero cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Before Attacking, Put An End To Your Chain

Need a Hero’s tutorial stresses that it’s best to go for long chains when matching pieces. That is indeed true, but there is one certain instance where it doesn’t quite work that way. Look for the exclamation point on your rage bar once you’ve successfully matched enough enemies to launch an attack. That’s where you can stop your chain, as all matches thereafter won’t carry over once you’ve launched the attack.

2. Don’t Rush It When Making Your Chains

Long chains are indeed the way to go, but if you want to make them as long as possible, you’ll want to take things slow from time to time. The game doesn’t put you under any sort of time pressure, so you can take as much time as you need to make sure you’re making the right move(s). One bonus tip to keep in mind is that you can match pieces diagonally.

3. Work On Gathering Your Spell Tomes

There are other benefits to matching a specific number of enemies on the board. These include spell tomes such as the first, Fire Explosion, which matches all surrounding enemies once you create a chain, and Water Wave, which works vertically and horizontally when taking out enemies by the tome. Tomes can help you make quick work of your board, so keep on making them whenever you could.

4. Replay Levels, But Play Them At Harder Difficulty

One twist in Need a Hero is that you can indeed grind levels, albeit at higher difficulty once you’ve completed them in normal difficulty. That may sound like more work, but it also means better rewards. Replay those old levels once you’ve become stronger and it might not be as hard as you think.

5. Create New Equipment For Your Hero

The game also allows you to create new weapons and armor for your hero, which would require certain materials, as well as coins. Visit the in-game world’s material locations regularly so you can be sure you’re crafting the best gear for your hero.