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Swap Cops Tips & Cheats: 4 Tricks to Remember When Playing the Game

New iOS game Swap Cops is a turn-based strategy title by developer Christopher Savory, and just to let you know, this is the same guy behind the entire Swap Heroes series. He describes this game as a chance for you to build your team of mighty cops and blast your way through an endless supply of missions and enemies. Savory also calls the game casual, and if you put everything together, this is theoretically one of those endless game. There are 12 different policemen you can unlock and play as, turn-based gameplay, and a number of achievements for you to unlock.
The game’s description doesn’t provide much more insight on what the game is really about, but if you’re looking to go farther down that list of “endless” missions, we have got some Swap Cops tips, cheats and tricks you can put into use the next time you play the game.

1. Levels Get Progressively Harder, And You Cannot Grind

As you may expect, Swap Cops becomes harder as you progress through the game’s levels. That’s fair enough, we’d say, and probably you’re thinking that this is one of those games where replaying completed levels can earn you more coins. Sadly, that isn’t possible, as the game prevents you from “grinding,” or farming for coins by completing something that’s already been done

If it’s any consolation, you get coins for the enemies you kill, even if you lose a level. And you can also watch ad videos to get 50 free coins per video watched. Just be prepared to pay a lot of coins if you’re planning to upgrade your lineup with more powerful cops.

2. Double-Tap Quickly To Heal More Than One Cop

Any time you’ve got two cops who need to be brought back and healed to a hundred percent, you’ll want to double-tap quickly on top of their heads. Keep doing this until they go to the back spot, and once you’re there, double-tap on the back spot and the empty spot until you see them back to their normal spots.

3. How To Use The Swapping Mechanic

The game wouldn’t be called “Swap Cops” if there wasn’t a swapping mechanic involved, and here’s how you can get the most out of this. Choose the cop you want to swap based on those with the least health, and place them in the back row. If everyone in your team of cops is in good health, tap on the back cop so as to allow everyone in the team to shoot. They won’t, however, use their skills. That actually brings us to a rather simple tip regarding swapping – pick the team member you wish to swap based on the skills you’re planning to use.

4. Everybody Dies Once One Cop Kicks The Bucket

This is another frustrating aspect of Swap Cops, but part of the challenge therein. Even if only one of your cops is killed, that’s going to end your game. This makes it even more important to keep a close eye on everyone’s health, and to watch out for enemies that are flashing red, as they can throw some nasty close-contact attacks on you.