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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Tips & Tricks: How to Level Up Your Survivors Properly

Ready to head to Woodbury and put a stop to the nefarious Governor? The Walking Dead: Road to Survival lets you do that on your iOS or Android device. Scopely’s new TWD title allows you to build a team of survivors that you may certainly know if you’ve read the books or watched the TV series, and you can deploy this team against zombies and other survivors alike. Each choice you make determines whether you fight on the side of good or the side of evil, but as you make these choices, you will also need to make sure your characters are leveled up properly and upgraded in such a way they can catch up with the game’s increasing difficulty.

This list of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and tricks will help you in doing exactly that – doing the right things so your characters can be properly leveled up and upgraded.

1. How To Level Up

This isn’t, by any means, rocket science. Basically, you select one character to be the recipient of the level-up, while sacrificing other characters. This is similar to how you would “evolve” characters in fantasy RPGs, as the characters you sacrifice will be gone forever, but the target character who benefits from the leveling up/evolution becomes much stronger.

2. More Tips On Sacrificing Characters

If you want to earn some additional experience points when upgrading, you’ll want to sacrifice characters who have the exact same persona or trait as the target character. For example, when talking same personas, you should ideally sacrifice Rebels if the beneficiary is also a Rebel. Also remember that the target character will also get more XP if you sacrifice characters with a higher star rating.

3. Upgrade Your Training Ground

Having a functioning Training Ground and regularly updating it allows you to have a better chance at scoring some rare characters, as we had discussed in another set of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and tricks. And if you ever get a rare character you won’t be needing in the future, you can sacrifice that survivor and allow the beneficiary character to get a whole lot of XP through the level-up.

4. About Instant Upgrades And Leveling Up The Same Persona

There are other advantages to leveling up a character by sacrificing those with the same persona, regardless of them having the same or different traits. One of them is that you have a better chance at getting an instant upgrade, or not having to level up to the maximum level. You can further improve this chance by making more same persona sacrifices.

5. About The Maximum Level

As a rule of thumb, the maximum level is ten times the number of stars of the character being leveled up. Three-star characters, for instance, have a max level of 30. Traditionally, your character has to be at max level if you want to upgrade, and you’ll need to have specific ingredients in order for the upgrade to go through. We did cover these ingredients in another set of tips and tricks, and if you can find them, that will allow you to go forward with the upgrade.

Do you want some more tips on how to level up your characthers in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival? If so, you come to the right place, as we have another guide on how to upgrade you characters in the game.

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