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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Upgrade Guide: 5 Tips on How to Level Up Your Characters

If Fallout Shelter was this summer’s big hit for iOS gamers (it’s now available for Android, as an aside), the remaining weeks of summer and the early fall months may likely be dominated by The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. And we’ve been covering this game so solidly that we’ve released quite a few lists of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and tricks. Yes, it’s like the whole hysteria over Fallout Shelter when it debuted as an iOS exclusive, but you don’t need to worry, as we’ve got this new TWD game covered.

This game, as a reminder, allows you to control and collect some of the most beloved (or hated) characters from The Walking Dead, may it be the TV series or comic book. And while we were happy to tell you last time about some ways you can level up or upgrade in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, we’ve got more for you right after the jump.

1. How To Deal With Four- Or Five-Star Survivors

At some point, you’ll have a really strong, impressive lineup, and that would mean having a couple four- or five-star Survivors. You’ll need to level them up a lot – and we mean a lot – before you’ll be able to upgrade them. Fortunately, we know how to make this all a lot easier. Your Training Camp has to be researched on, and upgraded to Level 11, in order for you to train two- or three-star survivors. Get rid of them and sacrifice them and you’ll have some rarer characters to work with.

2. What Happens When Your Training Camp Is At Level 14?

Here’s the really sweet part about continuously leveling up your Training Camp. Once it’s at Level 11, that will allow you to train three- and four-star Survivors, and you can also use them for sacrifices.

This may sound a bit strange – we did, after all, tell you that it’s cool to have rare characters on your team. But your training camp products can also be used as sacrifices, which would allow for faster leveling up. That may also result in your team having an extremely strong lineup featuring four- or five-star characters.

3. Upgrade Your Food Storages

Additionally, you should be sure you’re regularly leveling up your storage units. For example, the storage for food, if upgraded, allows you to have enough for everyone, and that also means enough for leveling up.

4. More Tips For Sacrificing

If your food is running low, you can set aside your higher-ranked Survivors and make them sacrifices; don’t rush it with regards to lower-ranked Survivors. Although there is no price difference between both options, they both cost the same.

5. Watch Out For Special Events And Missions

Standard, conventional levels will allow you to bump your character to two- or three-stars. But if you’re looking to upgrade your four- or five-star characters even more, your best bet is playing the special event missions. Always be on the lookout for special events and their missions within.