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The Unbeatable Game 2 Cheat Sheet: Answers & Solutions for All Levels

The new update for the Unbeatable Game 2 arrived for iOS devices two weeks ago, and while it’s not yet available on the Play Store, we hope this Architect Games title will make it to Android phones and tablets in due time. That said, this is the sequel to The Unbeatable Game, and according to Architect, “very few” were able to beat the original title. The follow-up, however, is even harder than the original, with “more intensive and exhausting questions” that will “(leave you) in tears before you even know it.”

Architect also adds that you have to play The Unbeatable Game (the original) before moving on to the new title. However, we want to spare you the trouble and give you our The Unbeatable Game 2 answer key. If you want to complete all the levels to this game, then read on by all means, but we suggest only looking at this answer key if you’re stuck; you wouldn’t want to take all the fun away from the game, right?

Level 1: Tap on the word “quickly.”

Level 2: Go inside the triangle and tap on the letter “A” in the lower left angle.

Level 3: What’s the opposite of nitrate? “Dayrate.”

Level 4: Drag the squares found in the bottom row and move them to the top, so that way, you get a perfectly unbroken rectangle.

Level 5: Five holes in the bucket.

Level 6: No need to think hard about this one; to turn Centimeters into Meters, just erase the prefix “Centi” by repeatedly swiping over it.

Level 7: Tap the word “circle” and tap on the actual circle – that’s tapping the circle two times.

Level 8: Tap on the number 8 in the Trials box.

Level 9: How can you stop the rain? Use both thumbs to split the clouds apart.

Level 10: Drag and drop the small pieces of paper toward the trash bin, then do the same to the question.

Level 11: Don’t tap on the largest number in terms of numerical value then move down; tap on the one that’s located highest on the screen, then tap on the number below it, and so on. When the game says “highest number,” it means that literally.

Level 12: Tap on all three at the same time – they all have a brain.

Level 13: Tap on the check, as each of the lines are straight.

Level 14: Just like you did earlier with “Centimeter,” erase the prefix “Uni” by swiping on it so that you can prove you’ve got a unidirectional line.

Level 15: Use your thumbs to split the dotted triangle apart so you can fit the objects inside.

Level 16: Place the decimal point before 999,999 so that way it becomes .999999 – that’s your smallest number right there.

Level 17: The square in the center of the cube is the smallest.

Level 18: Tap on all three, then tap on Check.

Level 19: Nothing to it here – just swipe the balloon strings from left to right.

Level 20: Do nothing for five seconds. Seriously – do nothing to move on to the next level.

Level 21: Tap the equation after flipping your phone over.

Level 22: You, meaning “yourself,” are the smartest person.

Level 23: Simultaneously tap on “all” and “colors.”

Level 24: Drag on the vertical line and move it from the plus sign to the 6.

Level 25: Drag the bathtub away from Sandy.

Level 26: As the elevator is already on the top floor, simply hit on Check.

Level 27: Move the lake in so that the entire body of water is floating right above the diver.

Level 28: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, R. Take note that the letter X should be filled in with an R.

Level 29: All the ropes must be cut except the pink and black ones.

Level 30: Shake your device and that’ll empty the trash can to make the floor dirty.

Level 31: Drag the underscore to the side, creating a minus sign. Tap on 4 and you’ve got -4.

Level 32: The answer here is the word “frog” – tap on it.

Level 33: Go to the lower right hand side of your display and tap and hold on it, moving your car forward.

Level 34: Go to the lower right hand side of your display and tap and hold on it, moving your car backwards.

Level 35: Turn the phone to the left in a 90-degree angle. Tap and hold the lower right hand side of your display.

Level 36: Same instructions as above –just tap and hold on the lower left instead.

Level 37: Three pairs of feet.

Level 38: To come up with “No! He shouted. Do it now!”, move the exclamation point to the right.

Level 39: Tilt your device until you can find earth, then tap on it.

Level 40: Use two fingers to pinch and pick the ice cube up. Let go of your display so you can drop and break the ice.

Level 41: To make the elephant walk to the sugar cane bush, move the bush towards the elephant.

Level 42: Use two fingers to lift the weight, then hold it over the word “Stuck” for five seconds.

Level 43: Point the arrow down by turning your phone left in a 90-degree angle.

Level 44: 45.

Level 45: Make the human show up by swiping up thrice, then tap on the person.

Level 46: Tap twice on the green button, and swipe left once the button turns yellow. The button will turn green again, which is your cue to tap it twice.

Level 47: Put the pencil’s tip down by turning your phone to the left.

Level 48: Drag all the dots behind the period at the end of the sentence so you can hide them.

Level 49: Here’s how to find what’s divisible by 3 – tap the numbers 2 and 6, turn your phone over, then tap on the 9, which is actually an upside-down 6.

Level 50: 2000 ended in the second millennium.

Level 51: Tilt your phone so that the arrow points to you.