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The Unbeatable Game Cheat Sheet: Answers for All Levels, Walkthrough and Hints

Arctica Software’s The Unbeatable Game is an “ultra-difficult” 3D runner that can be quite addictive, as the game promises, with a simple to learn, but hard to master set of mechanics. And you’ll need a lot to master this game, as its description suggests (more like insists) that you have a Mensa-level IQ, quick reflexes, a fantastic memory, and even a “keen Spidey sense” in order to win.
Beyond the thrilling graphics, there are puzzles aplenty in this game, and we’re now here to solve these puzzles for you. That’s because we shall now be presenting to you our Unbeatable Game cheat sheet – if you want to beat the unbeatable, then simply refer to this guide as all the answers are here.

Level 1
Q: Break the glass.
A: Shake your device to break the glass.

Level 2
Q: What relation is your niece’s brother to you?
A: Nephew

Level 3
Q: Fix the Bicycle.
A: Tap the word “Bicycle”, as it’s spelled wrong

Level 4
Q: The below figure is a right angle triangle. Find Z?
A: Tap the letter Z in the triangle to find it.

Level 5
Q: An organism, when in the morning, has 4 legs, when at noon it has 2 legs, and in the evening has 3 legs. What is it?
A: Humanbeing

Level 6
Q: What IQ question are you on?
A: Tap the number 6 in the upper right corner.

Level 7
Q: Blow the candle out.
A: Blow in your device’s microphone.

Level 8
Q: What you get when you go uphill, then downhill and go across in the middle?
A: Letter A

Level 9
Q: Crete a fire alarm.
A: Tap the red button slowly, then increase your speed: you first have to see some Zs, then more, and then you pass the level.

Level 10
Q: Correct the arrows.
A: Place two fingers on the screen and rotate upwards so that you fix the arrows.

Level 11
Q: What comes next to December 31?
A: Tap the question mark at the end of the question.

Level 12
Q: Cut the rope.
A: Tap the middle of the rope three times.

Level 13
Q: Tap the number which should replace the?
A: 5

Level 14
Q: What time is it?
A: 2 AM

Level 15
Q: Hey, I have got four eyes but trust me, I can’t see.
A: Mississippi

Level 16
Q: Count the number of island rails on the tree.
A: Shake your device to see all the birds, then enter number 5.

Level 17
Q: Tap the order
A: Tap the numbers in the following order: -25, -20, -13, -3, 2, 8, 19.

Level 18
Q: Tap the order.
A: With two fingers tap the words “The” and “order”.

Level 19
Q: If you are enjoying the app, please proceed.
A: Tap the smiley face.

Level 20
Q: Count the number of odds here.
A: 2

Level 21
Q: Quickly tap me and move to the next question once the signal is green.
A: Time your movement right so you tap the “Tap Me” button when the green light is on.

Level 22
Q: Complete the analogy 15:10::5:?
A: 0

Level 23
Q: Find the error in 24 hour clock system?
A: Tap the lower left clock (showing 12:00 AM and 05 12)

Level 24
Q: Remove the key from donkey?
A: Drag the word “key” from the word “donkey”

Level 25
Q: Calculate: -0–1+2-+5++1=?
A: -1

Level 26
Q: Make one hundred less than 1.
A: Drag the full stop from the end of the question and place it before the 100.

Level 27
Q: The river Thames is in which state?
A: Liquid

Level 28
Q: Quickly find what you see in the middle of the sea?
A: Drag the “e” from the “sea” word and put it in the middle of the screen.

Level 29
Q: The word candy can be spelled using 2 letters. How?
A: Drag the letters “c” and “y” from “candy”.

Level 30
Q: Which is the most lively part of Russia?
A: Tap the blue button.

Level 31
Q: Different animals, different KGS on counter.
A: 27

Level 32
Q: Again try to make one hundred less than 1.
A: Tap and hold the 1 in 100 until it fades.

Level 33
Q: First tap the red balloon, then the green and twice the blue heart.
A: Do as instructed.

Level 34
Q: Break the egg
A: Flip the device to break it.

Level 35
Q: The kiwi is sleeping. Try waking her up.
A: Place your finger on the top right of the screen (where the IQ counter is) and drag towards the kiwi. You have to start dragging from the outside of your device for this to work. Drag the moon over the sun and you’re done.

Level 36
Q: Try to remove the man’s hay.
A: Blow in your device’s microphone.

Level 37
Q: Which symbol when used gives 5+5+5=550
A: /

Level 38
Q: What is the next in the sequence SENT___
A: Sentett

Level 39
Q: Prove X=V
A: Tap and hold the lower part of the X until it disappears.

Level 40
Q: How many legs does the elephant have?
A: 5

Level 41
Q: I work 24×7, 7 days a week & 365 days a year with no break, no leave & yet I don’t get paid. Who am I?
A: Mother

Level 42
Q: Just pick 3 strawberries
A: Tap the left strawberry three times.

Level 43
Q: Which of the figures below can be formed by rotating the figure above?
A: The one to the right.

Level 44
Q: I am very heavy forward, backward I am not.
A: Drag the letters from the word “not” to create the word “ton”.

Level 45
Q: Kill the mosquito
A: Hit the mosquito 3 times.

Level 46
Q: Remove one match stick, so that we can form just 3 squares.
A: Pull away one of the match sticks in the middle.

Level 47
Q: Who is silent in parliament?
A: Drag away the letter “a” in the world “parliament”.

Level 48
Q: It’s time to move to the next level. So proceed.
A: Swipe the page from right to left.

Level 49
Q: Open the box.
A: Turn the device anti clockwise to open the box.

Level 50
Q: A delicious pizza with a crust thickness “a” and radius “Z”. What is the volume of the Pizza?
A: Draw letters from the last “pizza”. Draw them on the equation in the following order: Pi*z*z*a.

Level 51
Q: How can you put three cows into nine stables?
A: Drag the words “Three cows” into the letter boxes.

Level 52
Q: Hide the dark cloud.
A: Simply tap your finger and hold it over the cloud.

Level 53
Q: Go back to the previous question
A: Swipe two fingers down to go back to the previous question.

Level 54
Q: Great! Now move on to the next level.
A: Swipe two fingers upwards on the screen twice to move on.

Level 55
Q: What is the minimum number of lines required to divide the crescent moon into 6 parts?
A: 2

Level 56
Q: I am something which has roads but no cars, rivers but no water, hills but no trees, places but no houses. Who am I?
A: Map

Level 57
Q: Can you find the mistake?
A: Tap the letters “SU” to the right on the calendar.

Level 58
Q: Make the frog jump
A: Drag the stick over the bushes behind the frog and it will hop away from the snake.

Level 59
Q: Lock the fish in the frame.
A: Drag the picture frame and put it over the fish.

Level 60
Q: Complete the game by charging the battery.
A: Charge your device.

Level 61
Q: What occurs once in a day & in a year, but never in a week?
A: A (the letter A)

Level 62
Q: The smoking alarm is buzzing. Help!
A: Rub your device’s display over the smoke to stop the alarm.

Level 63
Q: Tap the smallest fish.
A: Tap the word fish in the sentence.

Level 64
Q: Which of them is hot?
A: Tap the girl.

Level 65
Q: Tap which is near to us?
A: Tap the question mark.