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Vault! (Nitrome) Cheats, Tips & Hints to Get a High Score

Nitrome’s Vault! is an endless pole vaulting/platforn game that has little to do with the actual track and field event. It’s a casual title available for iOS and Android devices alike, and you shall be vaulting amid a variety of obstacles, which include “cascading cliffs, huge bouncy springs, and those infuriating red balls.” Another feature, according to Nitrome, is the game’s “classic intuitive physics.” As is the case with these games, your only objective is to beat high scores – it could be yours, it could be your friends’, or it could be the scores on the Game Center and Google Play leaderboards. So with that having been established, we shall now be sharing you some Vault! cheats, tips and tricks to help you pole vault your way to a new high score.

1. It All Depends On How Long You Hold Your Finger Down

The primary mechanic here, in a nutshell, is that the distance of your vault is determined by how long your finger is held down on your phone or tablet’s display. Once you let go of the display, the pole will disappear and you’ll be hurtling down after completing your vault. If you want to make a short jump, then hold your finger down for a short period of time at the beginning of the vault. Or you can hold it down until halfway through the vault for a considerably longer vault. This would be longer than the jump you can make if you hold your finger down the whole time.

2. How To Properly Put The Pole Down

Your pole can be planted on different types of surfaces. In fact, you can plant it on the sidewalls, but if you do this, expect the pole to slip off. Instead, what you would want to do is to drop, or plant it on the left or right side of the pit, depending on where you should land. That, in turn, will be determined by the next platform ahead of you.

3. How To Overcome The Red Balls

The two red balls adjacent to each other are arguably Vault!’s most difficult obstacle to vault over. But there is a way to beat this obstacle – wait until the last second, hit your display to vault, and hold your finger down until the vault has ended.

4. Spend Your Coins On Restarts

The game does allow you to gather coins, and you should go out and gather them as long as you see them. As of this writing, Nitrome hasn’t introduced any new characters, nor has it introduced any power-ups – don’t expect the latter due to the nature of the game. For now, you can only use your coins for restarts, which would allow you to redo a stage in case you fail. Only purchase a restart if you’re close to beating out your old high score or that of your friends.

5. Watch Ad Videos If You Fail

Alternately, you can also watch advertisement videos after failing a stage. However, you’re limited to one video per stage, and once you fail a second time, you’ll need to pony up 50 coins for the usual restart.