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Block Craft 3D Cheats: 6 Killer Tips & Hints You Need to Know

Block Craft 3D, created by Fun Games for Free, is a city building simulator that, if you consider the title, is very similar in concept to the popular Minecraft. And it doesn’t take much to figure that out – apart from the similar name, this game allows you to create anything you wish as you build your own village. You get to ensure your people’s happiness and fill your open world with your own creations. You’re essentially playing God her, but as you’ll find out soon enough, this can be quite a daunting task. But with our list of Block Craft 3D cheats, tips and hints, we’ll help you in building your world and making the most out of your gaming experience.

1. Focus On Building Coin-Earning Structures

block craft 3d tips

In the early parts of the game, many players tend to run out of coins when creating something that earns experience points. To avoid this, you want to focus on creating structures that earn coins, usually houses or workshops. If the “coins” section turns green after you’ve constructed a building, it’s one that will earn you coins, so keep this in mind when making your first few buildings in Block Craft 3D.

2. Create XP-Earning Buildings As Well

Still, you also want to focus on creating buildings that will earn you experience points, at the same time you’re creating those that will help you earn money. As you keep constructing those XP-earning buildings, you’ll unlock more new buildings.

3. Get Rid Of Old Buildings To Make Way For New, Improved Ones

block craft 3d hints

You always have the option to undo what you’ve done, so to say – if you need some room for new, more productive buildings, you have the choice to get rid of old ones. You can also create buildings in such a way that they’re adjacent to each other, as that’s going to save you some valuable space.

4. Ascend To A Higher Area

Looking for a way to reach a higher area? It’s easy to do this, as all you have to do is build blocks below your feet, jump so you can land on them (individually per block), and leap onto the higher area. These platforming blocks can always be deleted at another time.

5. Build Faster, Here’s How

Aside from the platforming technique we told you about, you can also expedite building by tapping with another finger (while constructing a building) to quickly turn the ghost blocks into actual ones.

6. Access Those Tougher Parts Of A New Building

block craft 3d guide

This is another thing that could get frustrating for newer players, but not if you follow this easy technique. Enter the building and tap, and even if the outline is visible through a solid block, tap on the outline so that it could fill in. That applies if you’re close enough to the outline. If you’re not close enough, then jump towards it, and platform towards the outline if you’re still a bit too far back to reach it.


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